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Your Guide to Secure Pet Shipping in Citrus Heights

Discover the gold standard in Citrus Heights for pet transport services, designed to provide your beloved pets with a secure and comfortable journey. With CitizenShipper, connect seamlessly with dedicated transporters eager to deliver a safe and personalized travel experience for your furry, feathery, or scaly friends. Get started today and feel the difference!

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Recent Citrus Heights pet transport deliveries from our marketplace

Citrus Heights, CA to Other Cities

American Bully named Stormy

American Bully Stormy

Citrus Heights, CA 95610 to Spring, TX


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Home Sweet Home Pet Delivery
Home Sweet Home Pet Delivery

5 of 5 stars

Pitbull mix named Bella

Pitbull mix Bella

Citrus Heights, CA 95610 to Statesville, NC


ship petsmi

Artemis Ark Transport/Shuttle Svcs, LLC.
Artemis Ark Transport/Shuttle Svcs, LLC.

5 of 5 stars

mutt named Fritz, Mac, And Oliver

mutt Fritz, Mac, And Oliver

Citrus Heights, CA 95610 to Utica, MI


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Demon Dawgs transports LLC
Demon Dawgs transports LLC

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Other Cities to Citrus Heights, CA

Great Dane/hound mix named Charolette

Great Dane/hound mix Charolette

Oklahoma City, OK to Citrus Heights, CA 95610


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God's Gift- Furry Lift
God's Gift- Furry Lift

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Peterbald named Mazay

Peterbald Mazay

San Diego, CA to Citrus Heights, CA 95621


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Jessica Ferreira
Jessica Ferreira

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Shih Tzu named Chester

Shih Tzu Chester

Wyncote, PA to Citrus Heights, CA 95610


ship pets2,771mi

Paws and Claws Cabin Flights LLC
Paws and Claws Cabin Flights LLC

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What do you need for pet shipping to or from Citrus Heights, CA?

pet shipping Citrus Heights, CA

Before you hire a Citrus Heights pet transport company, there are a few important steps. These tasks comply with local pet transportation law, ensure your dog or cat is healthy enough for the trip and arrives at its destination safely.

First, obtain a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection from a licensed and certified veterinarian in your city. This document must be issued within 10 days of pet travel.

Next, your pet needs a signed rabies vaccination health certificate. This must be issued within 30 days of the pet transport.

Some pet transportation companies in Citrus Heights, CA provide their own pet carriers. If they don’t, you’ll need to purchase one. The pet carrier you purchase should meet the following standards:

  • The animal should be able to stand, sit and turn around in the carrier.
  • The carrier needs adequate ventilation and a solid bottom in case of an accident. This will help your pet stay calm and not stress out.
  • The door must close securely.
  • The crate must have padded walls if you’re transporting puppies or kittens so they feel safe and comfortable.
  • If boarding a plane, ensure it meets airline pet carrier size requirements.

What determines the cost of pet shipping in Citrus Heights, California?

It’s hard to give an exact estimate of the cost of pet transportation because of the variables:


Method of Transport

First, you’ll decide between air or pet ground transportation. Small animals can be checked as carry-on luggage on flights, which is the least expensive option — keep in mind you’ll need to buy a ticket for your pet as well as yourself. Larger breeds must fly in the cargo area, which can cost as much as $1,000 or more depending on the pet shipping airline’s policy.

Save money on Citrus Heights pet transport service with the CitizenShipper marketplace. Drivers bid on your transportation listing, lowering costs. Once you receive bids, read reviews and communicate directly with them to find the perfect match.


Timing and Distance

Citrus Heights pet transport companies charge a per-mile rate for ground transport; the further the distance, the lower your pet transport cost per mile.

The timing of the transport matters. Because summer and holidays are the busiest times of the year, pet shipping companies in Citrus Heights, California charge a premium due to limited availability.


VIP Service

You can expect to pay extra for VIP service. Some transport companies in Citrus Heights, CA transport your pet alone in a pet taxi. Why is VIP service preferential?

  • VIP service maintains quarantine for young pets who aren’t fully vaccinated.

  • The transporter’s sole focus is your pet, ensuring it travels stress-free.

  • You won’t need to stress about the behavior of temperamental dogs or cats.

How to find the best pet transport service in Citrus Heights, California?

Of course you want to hire the best pet transport service to ship your pet to or from Citrus Heights, California. But what steps do you take to find the right Citrus Heights pet transport company?

There are many obstacles to pet shipping, whether it’s price, the age of your puppy or kitten, availability of transporters, business hours or a pet that can’t be transported via airplane.

  • It’s hard to estimate the cost of pet transportation because there are so many variables.

  • Look for driver profiles on CitizenShipper that include detailed information about past experience, special equipment and professional qualifications like USDA T Registration.

  • You can discuss every trip detail with transporters using CitizenShipper’s internal messaging system.

  • Cost is always a consideration, but sometimes the best pet transporters charge more for superior service — your pet’s comfort and your peace of mind are well worth it.

Our promise: safe and happy pets at every step

Your pets are so much more than four legs and a tail — they’re members of your family and best friends for life.

We’re proud to be the nation’s top-rated and leading service for pet transportation. Our unique process matches you with a fleet of pre-screened drivers that you have the luxury to choose from.

You’ll know exactly who’ll care for your beloved pet, whether it's a puppy, kitten or a full-grown cat or dog.


$1k Pet Protection Coverage

Up to $1,000 pet protection guarantee1 to give you peace of mind when booking.


24/7 access to TeleVet Care

Offered through our partner FirstVet for your peace of mind.


Booking Assurance Guaranteed

From quote to delivery, so you can select and ship with confidence2.


$1k Pet Protection Coverage

Background checks3, direct contact with drivers and thousands of customer reviews at your fingertips. Because your pet should only be in the best of hands.

We are committed to building a safe, caring environment for people and animals on the road

  • We carefully background check all drivers.

  • We verify transporter addresses and contact information for additional protection.

  • Photos of drivers and their vehicles help confirm who and what to expect.

  • Detailed customer reviews provide insight and transparency to your selection process.

Pet air transport from or to Citrus Heights, CA

The closest airport to Citrus Heights, California is Sacramento International Airport, (SMF). To get more information about air pet transport at Sacramento International Airport, (SMF), you can call Phone: +1 (916) 929-5411 or visit their website. Learn more about the pet policy at American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines before you book a flight. Other pet-friendly airlines include Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. If you can’t fly with your pet, consider booking a flight nanny to accompany your furry friend. Pet ground transportation is a safe and affordable alternative to air pet transport.

Discover Citrus Heights, CA

Welcome to Citrus Heights, California—a vibrant, pet-friendly community nestled in the heart of Sacramento County. Here, pet lovers will find an assortment of activities to enjoy with their furry friends. From scenic outdoor escapes to cozy spots perfect for a shared meal or play date, Citrus Heights offers an abundance of options for both residents and visitors shipping their pets to the area. Get ready to explore all the pet-friendly experiences this charming city has to offer!

The Great Outdoors

For the nature-loving pet and owner, Citrus Heights provides numerous outdoor areas to soak up California's beautiful climate. Rusch Community Park is a popular spot where you can take leisurely walks with your leashed pet, relishing the vast open spaces and the tranquil atmosphere. The park also hosts various community events where pet owners can socialize and enjoy the outdoors together. Additionally, Arcade Creek Park Preserve offers a more natural setting where the sounds of city life fade away, making it perfect for a peaceful day out with your four-legged companion.

Also within reach is the C-Bar-C Dog Park, where your pooch can frolic freely in a dedicated off-leash area. This well-maintained park features separate sections for large and small dogs, ensuring a safe environment for pets of all sizes to play. With ample space for dogs to run and agility equipment to test their skills, C-Bar-C is a must-visit for active pets and owners looking to engage in some outdoor fun.

Pet-friendly Places

Citrus Heights understands the joy of dining and shopping with your furry friends by your side. Many local eateries welcome pets on their outdoor patios, allowing both you and your companion to enjoy a meal together in California's pleasant weather. Spots like the Sunrise Cafe provide a comfortable seating area outside where pets can rest while their owners enjoy a delicious breakfast or brunch. Then, there's also the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, which not only allows dogs but also treats them with a special menu created just for them.

When it comes to shopping with your pet, Citrus Heights has you covered as well. Sunrise Mall is a pet-friendly shopping center that allows well-behaved pets to join their owners for a day of retail therapy. Several stores within the mall also offer pet-friendly entrances and some even provide water stations and treats to make your pet's shopping experience as welcoming as yours. After all, a trip through the latest fashion aisles or gadget shops is more enjoyable with your best friend by your side!

Exploring the City

Citrus Heights may be compact, but it's rich with attractions and local spots worth visiting. For those looking for a blend of history and community spirit, the Citrus Heights Historical Society offers insights into the area's past, and while pets may not be permitted inside, the surrounding gardens make for a serene walk. Additionally, Citrus Town Center is a hub of activity where local events often take place—many of which are pet-friendly. From farmers' markets to outdoor concerts, you and your pet can bask in the local culture together.

Moreover, Citrus Heights is conveniently located near Sacramento, granting access to even more pet-friendly adventures just a short drive away. Venture into the state capital and discover an array of city parks, riverside trails, and bustling marketplaces where pets are more than welcome to join in the excitement. Whether staying in town or exploring the greater area, Citrus Heights serves as the perfect starting point for pet owners shipping their companions in or venturing out to discover pet-accommodating experiences throughout the region.

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