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How to ship large and heavy items

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Choosing a transporter that will ship large items


How to ship big boxes

Two people loading cardboard boxes into a van.
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Important things to know before shipping large items

Delivery worker with a hand truck loaded with boxes next to a van.

How to ship large items across the country?

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Cheap ways to ship large packages

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How much does shipping large items cost?

CitizenShipper's large item shipping is the easiest way to estimate your shipping costs accurately. Get started by entering the details of your shipment. Then, select your shipping destination and choose the type of shipping you need. You will begin receiving quotes from reliable transporters. For more accurate pricing, please contact the shipping company directly. The shipping company will provide an exact estimate of your shipping costs based on their specific shipping policies and procedures. Get started today and find out how much it will cost to ship your large item!

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Charlette Small


Recommends Citizenshipper

Easy to use mac's shipping is the best shipper

Eleanor Preston


Really appreciated the sheer AMOUNT of transporters on this site to choose from - they made the selection easy, and the communication a breeze. will be recommending to all my friends / family.

Ali Flihan


I really like Citizenshipper because they are amazing

I really like CitizenShipper because i can ship anything by them and its easy to use. I shipped my Jetski from Kansas to Iowa. I would use them again and again for anything i want to ship.

Charlene Carmel


Love Citizenshipper! They do a fantastic job in weeding out great trustworthy drivers for your precious cargo. I have recommended them several times already. It's a very fast and efficient process. Thanks again!

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