For Breeders - For Shippers - Pet Health - Pets - 13 May

Health Clearances for Responsible Breeding

When a prospective buyer is in the market for a puppy, they want to purchase a dog that will have a long, healthy life. There’s no way to guarantee every puppy in every litter is 100% free from health problems, but responsible b […]

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For Shippers - 25 April

8 Simple Pet First Aid Tips

We love our pets like family members — the thought of our animals suffering because we’re unprepared to treat them is most pet owners’ worst nightmare. Pet health emergencies are often unexpected so being prepared for any pe […]

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Company Updates - For Drivers - News & Updates - 22 March

CitizenShipper Partners with Swyft Filings

At CitizenShipper we’re always making an effort to improve the user experience for our driver community. With our new partnership with the world’s leading business formation platform, Swyft Filings, you now can quickly and aff […]

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For Shippers - Pet Health - Pets - 16 March

Product Roundup: 12 Dog Toys That’ll Save Your Shoes

You just spent $30 on that new “indestructible” dog toy. Your dog approves, of course — but within minutes a light dusting of stuffing covers your living room. Even worse? Your dog turns up his nose and ignores your $30 gift […]

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Screen any potential puppy buyer before selling.

For Breeders - For Shippers - Pet Safety - Pets - 10 March

How Breeders Screen Puppy Buyers

Being a responsible breeder isn’t just about raising puppies the right way. Knowing how to screen a potential puppy buyer is an important skill that the best breeders can learn from experience and research. […]

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For Shippers - Pets - 04 March

10 Do’s and Dont’s for Shipping Your Pet

There are many logistical hurdles to overcome when it comes to planning a long-distance move. Between packing up your belongings, cleaning up the old house and trying to stay on schedule, it’s easy to overlook one major aspect o […]

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Use pet apps to help raise your litter.

For Breeders - For Shippers - Pet Health - Pet Safety - Pet Shipping - Pets - 25 February

5 Best Pet Apps For Breeders To Check Out

There’s so much work that goes into raising a litter of puppies — from the moment a dam is pregnant all the way up to delivering the dogs to their forever homes. Luckily, technology has come a long way over the last decade to […]

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Know how to file taxes as an independent contractor.

For Drivers - 18 February

Tax Filing Guide for Drivers

Whether you’ve been a transporter for years or you’re just getting started, you’ve probably wondered how to file taxes as an independent contractor. Non-traditional employment has become very popular since the pandemic began […]

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