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CitizenShipper matches you with caring and reliable, background-vetted pet transporters who will treat your cat like family. You’ll be kept in the driver’s seat the entire journey — and your beloved feline will enjoy all the creature comforts it deserves. You’ll have the freedom to read reviews and chat with drivers before booking. Match with trusted drivers in just minutes.

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Top-rated, industry-leading transport

Top-rated, industry-leading transport

CitizenShipper is the highest 5-star-rated transport marketplace in the world.

Booking Assurance Guarantee

Booking Assurance Guarantee

Rest easy with refund protection 1, driver replacement guarantee and dedicated support.

$1k Pet Protection Coverage

$1k Pet Protection Coverage

CitizenShipper is the first and only transport platform that covers every journey with a $1,000 Pet Protection Plan. Your pet’s safety and comfort are always #1.

Drivers you can trust

Drivers you can trust

Enjoy peace of mind with stringent background checks 2 , detailed profiles and direct contact with every driver.

Stellar customer support

Stellar customer support

Our team responds to questions 324% faster than the industry average!

For thousands of pet owners, CitizenShipper is the go-to source of reliable, affordable pet delivery services.

Stacey Kelch
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Great service allowing people to pick and choose the transport services they need that best suites their situation. Highly recommend Citizenshipper.
Holly Glidewell
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Very fast quotes! I've always had a great experience using citizenshipper transport service!
Shane J Dahlen
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We worked with Michael Combs for our shipment and he was SUPER helpful every step of the way, did a GREAT job for us, was VERY communicative, and even our customer that Michael delivered our shipment to commented on how great it was to work with Michael on his end of the transaction, as well. We would certainly recommend working with Michael and we will again, too, when we have another shipping need come up!
Mike Smith
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Fair pricing. Great number of opportunities. Very happy with the service.
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The Guide to Finding Safe and Secure Cat Transport

Do you have an upcoming need to transport a cat? Are you wondering how exactly you can safely transport your cat from one side of the country to the other? No matter why you need a transporter, moving a beloved cat can be an overwhelming experience. How does moving a pet work?

With many different options available, finding the right way to move your furry companion can be stressful. That's where CitizenShipper helps! Our marketplace features thousands of experienced providers of nationwide cat transportation services, ensuring your cat's comfort and safety.

Why You Should Hire a Reputable and Reliable Cat Shipping Service

When you arrange for cat shipping, the pet's safety and well-being should be your top priority. Pet relocation professionals know the ins and outs of the industry.

Compliance with Regulations and Documentation Requirements

States have regulations regarding vaccinations, health certificates and quarantine periods. Navigating through these requirements can be overwhelming, especially if you're not familiar with the process. 

Experience Navigating Long-Distance Travel

Animal shipping companies have extensive experience in handling the difficult aspects of long-distance travel. In other words, they've "been there, done that." This experience is critical for your feline to have a positive experience while in transit.

Specialized Equipment and Facilities for Safe Cat Shipping

A professional pet driver has specialized equipment and facilities designed specifically for comfort. Pet transport pros have knowledge and experience on providing adequate food, water, and bathroom breaks along the way.

Knowing Your Cat is in Experienced Hands

One of the most significant benefits of professional cat shipping is the peace of mind it brings. Knowing that your furry companion is in the hands of experienced professionals who prioritize their safety and well-being can alleviate a great deal of stress. Many cat transport companies offer real-time tracking systems, allowing you to monitor your pet during the trip. This added transparency provides an extra layer of reassurance.

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Recent Review

I am relocating from Houston to TN and needed transport 5 cats. I was very nervous and did a lot of research. Stacie was very personal and let me know she also had cats, which for me was a big plus when compared with the other services. So, I hired them and on Stacie often followed up, and texted and talked several times before pick up day. On the day, her and Candice came home at the scheduled time, helped load the cats but you could them both love animals and I felt instant relief from any concerns. We talked quiet a bit about each cat personality, so they could understand the likes and dislikes the TN they went. They drove the 14 hrs drive safely and delivered my babies safe and sound the same day! This was something very important to me to reduce their stress for an overnight stay. I received several updates texts throughout the trip. These ladies were wonderful to my babies and I was very Blessed in having found them - you can be confident your babies will have the best of the treatments- they are in good, loving, caring and responsible hands! I need transport 3 more in a couple months and will use them again. Thanks so much Stacie and Candice for transporting my babies!

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paw $1,000 Pet Protection Plan - Included with all pet transports

Understanding the Cost of Cat Transport: Quotes and Pricing

Shipping your beloved feline friend may seem like a daunting task. With a little research and understanding of the cost of cat transporters, you can have a smooth and hassle-free experience!

Factors That Influence the Cost of Cat Transport Services

Several factors come into play when determining the rate you'll pay for cat delivery. Here are some key aspects that influence pricing:

  • Distance to destination
  • Method of relocation
  • Additional offers
  • Seasonal demand

Requesting and Comparing Quotes from Multiple Cat Moving Services

To get the best value for money when transporting your furry companion, gather quotes from multiple providers and compare them before making a decision. Follow these steps to find the best cat transporter:

  • Research transporters
  • Contact multiple transporters
  • Compare quotes
  • Consider customer reviews

CitizenShipper streamlines this process. Instead of reaching out to multiple transporters, you just create a listing and the quotes come to you. Most listings on CitizenShipper receive bids within just a few minutes!

Balancing Affordability with Quality of Service

Choosing a cat transport provider involves finding a balance between affordability and ensuring your feline friend receives top-notch care. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

  • Evaluate experience and expertise
  • Check licensing and insurance
  • Seek recommendations

Get your cat on the road in three easy steps

Screenshot of a chat between a CitizenShipper customer and a driver

Ground Transport vs. Air Travel: What's the Right Route to Move a Cat?

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing how you'll be transporting your pet is the distance traveled.

  • For shorter distances, travel by ground is more suitable.
  • Why? It’s less expensive than buying a plane ticket for yourself and the cat (or hiring a flight nanny).
  • Additionally, it’s a more comfortable experience for cats because it provides a sense of familiarity and minimizes stress.
  • If you need to transport your cat over long distances across the country or across countries or continents, air travel may be more efficient.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Ground Transportation Options

Road Transport


  • Flexibility: You have greater control over scheduling and can plan stops according to your cat's needs.
  • Familiarity: Your cat remains in a familiar environment and can adjust better to the journey.


  • Longer travel time: Road trips can take longer, especially for cross-country trips.
  • Limited space: Depending on the type of vehicle, your cat may have less room to move around comfortably.

Rail Transport


  • Smooth ride: Trains offer a relatively stable and smooth ride, reducing the chances of motion sickness.
  • Reduced stress: The absence of frequent stops and traffic congestion can make rail transport less stressful for your cat.


  • Limited accessibility: Rail transport may not be available in all areas or may require additional transfers.
  • Lack of privacy: Your cat will be sharing the compartment with other passengers, which might cause anxiety.

Air Transportation Options


  • Speedy travel: Airplanes are much faster than ground vehicles, making it ideal for long-distance trips.
  • Professional handling: Cargo services are equipped to handle animal transportation with proper care and attention.


  • Stressful environment: The noise and unfamiliar surroundings at airports can cause distress to some cats.

The Best Cat Carriers for Ground and Air Travel

Airlines that accept cats on board have strict requirements for the carrier you use. Some of the requirements include:

  • A waterproof bottom
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Fits under the seat in front of you
  • Must be large enough for the cat to stand up and turn around

Select and ship with peace of mind

  • Stringent background checks4 .
  • USDA-certification and Driver ID verification.
  • Detailed profiles and customer reviews help you select with confidence.
  • Photos of drivers and their vehicles so you know who and what to expect.
  • Pet Protection Plans and 24/7 mobile access to veterinary care.
  • Drivers who have completed Pet First Aid certifications from the Red Cross.
  • Unmatched customer support for any questions or concerns along the way. We’re here for you 7 days a week!


Prepare Your Cat for Travel

The safety and comfort of your furry friend should be a top priority. One of the key steps in preparing your fuzz ball for travel is crate training — after all, it's difficult to include litter or a litter box in the crate. This process involves getting your cat comfortable with being inside its crate, which will be their designated space during transportation.

Another helpful technique is familiarization exercises:

  1. Take short car rides with your cat before embarking on a long journey.
  2. Start with brief trips around the block and gradually extend the duration over time.
  3. This will help reduce anxiety and motion sickness during longer journeys.

You also need to get a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). This document shows that a vet has certified your cat is healthy enough for travel.

Why CitizenShipper Is the Best Way to Transport a Cat

A convenient alternative for pet owners who need to ship a pet is a marketplace like CitizenShipper. We offer the services of a traditional transporter with many unique benefits.

Some perks of hiring a pet transporter through CitizenShipper include:

  • After you post a listing, multiple transport specialists provide quotes. 
  • Competition between the transporters results in lower prices.
  • You can communicate with transporters using an instant messaging system.
  • Every trip includes a Pet Protection Plan.

If you need to move a pet, let us remove the stress! Within minutes, you'll find safe and reliable transporters with the knowledge and expertise to move your pet. We're able to provide the best cat shipment options in the country — post a listing today!

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