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Heavy Equipment Shipping with CitizenShipper

Shipping heavy equipment certainly presents a new dimension of complexity in transportation. One has to put into consideration a lot of details, among them the haulers to use in the shipment due to the size and weight of the equipment. At CitizenShipper, there are specialized heavy equipment movers signed up as transportation providers.

By connecting with drivers on our trusted network, we provide you with a cost-effective means to move your heavy equipment nationwide. For a customer, it is a single process to get connected. All you need to do is post a shipment on our site, and once you have filled the form, drivers can start bidding for the shipment. You will receive an email which gives you the bids, and you can review them choosing a driver you feel is best qualified.

Heavy equipment shipping is a complex process and therefore you need to consider a few things for the whole process to be a success. This includes:

  • Verify that the transportation provider has appropriate insurance.
  • Ensure you choose a reputable driver from the reviews on the individual profiles and the history of transportation provider.
  • Give accurate details to enable appropriate preparation for transportation and selection of any equipment needed for hauling. Be sure to measure and present the correct measurements and weight.
  • Prepare the equipment properly for pick-up and transportation. You should also ensure that the necessary precautions are considered and in case of anything to look after giving prior information to the driver.

CitizenShipper has specialized and dedicated drivers to help in heavy equipment shipping. List a shipment today, and find a driver for your heavy equipment shipping.

Recent shipments
Recent shipment

Tractor from Perris

Perris, CA-Gold Beach, OR

Won by Trice transports for $898

Recent shipment

Tractor from Vernon

Vernon, CT-Lake Wales, FL

Won by Giga International Co Ltd for $1200

Recent shipment

Any Heavy Item from North Vernon

North Vernon, IN-Fort Worth, TX

Won by Scott W for $350

Recent shipment

Any Heavy Item from Anderson

Anderson, SC-Fenelton, PA

Won by Nationwide Transport Services, LLC for $1800

Recent shipment

Any Heavy Item from Montello

Montello, WI-Sparta, WI

Won by Ryan M for $450

Recent shipment

Tractor from Cross River

Cross River, NY-Windham, NY

Won by Nationwide Transport Services, LLC for $400

Recent shipment

Shipment from Sacramento

Sacramento, CA-Redding, CA

Won by TIMOTHY 9 for $200

Recent shipment

Any Heavy Item from Carson City

Carson City, NV-Mariposa, CA

Won by CK Private Transport Service for $750

Recent shipment

Shipment from Washington

Washington, DC-Seminole, FL

Won by Rich W for $1365

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Most rated drivers

Justinas A

91 months

41 shipments


111 months

15 shipments

Giga International Co Ltd

59 months

42 shipments

A&F Consulting, LLC

85 months

4 shipments

Kevin D

97 months

10 shipments

Brian H

104 months

11 shipments

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