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      Shipping your furniture? Here's what you need to know.

      Furniture movers and furniture delivery service

      How to find furniture movers and a furniture delivery service


      Do it yourself


      Hire a furniture shipping company


      Research transportation options


      Use CitizenShipper


      What is the cheapest way to move furniture across the country?

      Person holding debit card after finding out the cheapest way to move furniture across country

      How much does shipping furniture cost?

      Many factors affect furniture shipping quotes. But exactly how much does shipping furniture cost? Use CitizenShipper to get furniture shipping quote to get an approximate price.

      Shipping furniture cost calculator

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          How to pick the right furniture shipping companies?

          How much does furniture shipping cost?


          How to prepare for your furniture delivery

          How to safely ship your television

          tv ready for transport
          Do you need to have a television shipped across the country? Transporting a TV presents some unique challenges, but with the right movers it shouldn’t be too difficult.

          Thousands of successful furniture shipments tell our story

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          Recommends Citizenshipper

          Easy to use mac's shipping is the best shipper

          Eleanor Preston


          Really appreciated the sheer AMOUNT of transporters on this site to choose from - they made the selection easy, and the communication a breeze. will be recommending to all my friends / family.

          Ali Flihan


          I really like Citizenshipper because they are amazing

          I really like CitizenShipper because i can ship anything by them and its easy to use. I shipped my Jetski from Kansas to Iowa. I would use them again and again for anything i want to ship.

          Charlene Carmel


          Love Citizenshipper! They do a fantastic job in weeding out great trustworthy drivers for your precious cargo. I have recommended them several times already. It's a very fast and efficient process. Thanks again!

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