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Hundreds of active drivers use CitizenShipper to find live shipments in their area. 9,500 drivers completed more then 84,000 shipments so far.

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Here are some of our previous shipments:

Hundreds of active drivers use CitizenShipper to find live shipments in their area.

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PJS Transport Services

Won 77+ shipments so far

I like how I receive SMS messages every time a new shipment is listed on the site that matches my shipping preferences. I have a lot of repeat customers, and I’ve been able to grow my business and do really well.

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Bertha Ovalle

Won 110+ shipments so far

And BAM just got my 3rd shipment. So easy. Just like they said it's not the lowest bidder that wins the bid.

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Precious Cargo Pet Transportation

Won 5+ shipments so far

We really like the fact that we’re emailed every time a new shipment matches our preferred routes and it helps us quickly find shipments that we’re interested in bidding on.

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Simple sign-up

It’s easy to join CitizenShipper’s community of transporters. Just choose your preferred type of shipment and enter your contact info — we’ll handle the rest.

Instant notifications

Whenever a suitable shipment is listed in your area, we send you a notification. You can message customers directly to discuss payment options or arrange delivery dates.

Bid on their business

If you meet a customer’s listed requirements, you can start bidding on transport. Submit a quote for their shipment and see how it stacks up against your competitors.

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Screening for safety:

Green check markTransporters are background-checked against felonies and DUI
Green check markTransporter addresses and contact information are verified for extra security
Green check markOnly those who complete the screening process are certified by CitizenShipper
Green check markEach transporter is constantly rated and reviewed by customers

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Be your own boss, accept only the jobs that suit you, and charge what you feel is reasonable.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does CitizenShipper work, exactly?

CitizenShipper’s online marketplace grants you instant access to the shipments listed by our customers. We notify you instantly of all the shipments we think you might be interested in, allowing you to quote a price to the customer. By winning bids and completing shipments, you earn positive feedback and improve your reputation.

What kind of qualifications do I need?

To start off, you’ll need a driver’s license and vehicle insurance. You’ll also need to pass a thorough background check before you start bidding on shipments. (We screen for past convictions, DUIs, blacklists, and more).

Beyond that, whatever else you bring to the table is a bonus. You could be a professional transporter registered with the DOT, or a casual animal-lover trying to make it as a pet driver. Customers favor experience and professionalism above all, so you’ll want to highlight that which sets you apart.

How do I get paid for delivering a shipment?

When you bid on a shipment and win, you arrange the terms of payment with the customer. CitizenShipper does not mediate this transaction — the customer pays our fee separately. Your payment is typically made on delivery, but you can also request money up front, in whole or in part. You’re free to use any payment gateway you want, but we recommend accepting credit cards and PayPal.

How much does CitizenShipper charge?

CitizenShipper is a subscription-based platform, offering a three-month free trial period plus a 30-day money-back guarantee. We don’t want to burden you with fees before you get the hang of things and start turning a profit.

Once the trial period is up, the subscription fee is $29.99 per month. We feel this is a modest sum compared to the hundreds, even thousands of dollars that successful transporters make each month.

There are no activation or cancellation costs associated with the service. You can pause, resume, or cancel your subscription at any time.

How can I tell if there are shipments in my area?

Once you sign up, go into your dashboard and click “routes”. There you can set which states, cities, or regions you want to cover. When shipments are listed in the areas specified, we’ll send you a notification by text or email. Hundreds of listings go up each week, so if you’re in a populated area, you should be able to find plenty of shipments.

For additional information, please visit our Help Center. You can always drop us an email at

Also check out our blog for advice on becoming a professional transporter, living on the road, relaxing after a long trip, and more.

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