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William H.
driver with CitizenShipper
I drove a Siberian Husky from San Antonio
to Houston and earned $450

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Hundreds of new shipments are added each week so we're confident that you'll find shipments in your area. Check out the map above to see some live shipments.
Some drivers on the site do this for a living, and have DOT (Department of Transportation Number), whereas others on the site are casual couriers who do not hold professional licenses. Provided you have a drivers license and insurance you are free to bid on shipments on our site.
CitizenShipper offers a 3 month free trial for you to test-drive the site and see if CitizenShipper is right for you. We want you to succeed on CitizenShipper and so we want to provide you with plenty of time to try us out. You can cancel at any time during those first 3 months.

After your 3 months, you move to our $24.99 per month subscription which helps us grow the site and bring you more shipments. We offer an additional 30-day money back guarantee on your first subscription payment, so you actually get 4 months risk-free. Many drivers are making hundreds, and often thousands of dollars a month from CitizenShipper so we believe that this small monthly subscription is well worth the investment.

There are no activation or cancellation costs, and you can cancel your subscription at any time either from their settings page, or by emailing our support team.
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