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A CitizenShipper is sitting in a car with a husky dog, engaged as a Pet Transporter.

Driver Interviews » For Drivers · Updated January 16, 2024

Driver Interview: Bertha O’s Never-Ending Vacation

This month on driver interviews, we bring you Bertha Ovalle, an early retiree enjoying the snowbird lifestyle. Based in Texas, she travels the northern states in the summer, the southern in winter, reuniting pets with their owners along the way. Find animal-loving drivers like Bertha on CitizenShipper’s dog transportation marketplace.

A typical furry passenger on pet transporter Janet's route.

Driver Interviews » For Customers · Updated January 05, 2024

On the Road to Rescue: The Heartwarming Journey of Janet Smolko

Discover the unique experiences, challenges, and successes of CitizenShipper driver Janet Smolko as she transports rescued animals to safety. Learn about her insights, vehicle choice, and personal growth.

A man is holding a parrot.

Animal Transport » For Drivers · Updated February 23, 2024

Know the Requirements: USDA Announces New AWA Standards for Birds

In February 2023, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced new standards to the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). These new standards provide guidelines for birds not bred for use in research; birds were previously not covered at all under the AWA.

A woman demonstrating Pet Relocation Services by affectionately kissing her dog near a red car.

Animal Transport » For Drivers · Updated December 12, 2023

Pet Transport Jobs Available For You To Apply Now!

If you love being around animals and exploring every corner of the United States, a career as a pet transport professional may be perfect for you! There are many ways to break into the pet transport industry, but the easiest and most lucrative is joining the CitizenShipper marketplace. Unlike other animal transportation gigs, you’ll be

A woman stands next to a black horse, possibly in an animal transport job.

Air Nannies » Animal Transport · Updated October 03, 2023

Animal Transport Jobs Hiring Now In The United States

Now that you’ve done your research on animal transporting and feel like you have all the right equipment — you’re wondering to yourself, “What’s the next step?” While you can start applying for a position with traditional animal transportation companies, you may find yourself frustrated by how difficult it can be to break into these

Use these tips for increasing the income of your hotshot trucking business.

For Drivers » Hot Shot · Updated August 21, 2023

Double the Profits of Your Hotshot Trucking Business with 5 Simple Steps!

So you’ve been working as a hotshot truck driver for some time now and you’re ready to take your business to the next level. You have the communication and driving skills, plus the motivation and work ethic to get it done. Unfortunately, you’re at a loss — what tricks and techniques can you use to

Key, successful, animal transporter

Animal Transport » For Drivers · Updated August 15, 2023

What Soft Skills Are Key to Becoming a Successful Animal Transporter?

In the realm of animal transportation, while technical knowledge and industry expertise are important, it’s often the soft skills that determine the difference between a good transporter and a great one. Becoming a successful animal transporter isn’t just about understanding logistics and safety protocols, it’s about forging connections, both with animals and their owners. Here,

Thriving as an Air Nanny: Air Nanny Success Secrets

Animal Transport » For Drivers · Updated August 28, 2023

Thriving as an Air Nanny: Air Nanny Success Secrets

The air nanny profession is rapidly gaining traction as more and more pet owners seek safe and caring transport solutions for their beloved animals. But like any career, it’s not just about getting into the industry; it’s about thriving in it. Here are the air nanny success secrets that can set an aspiring air nanny