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At CitizenShipper, we pride ourselves on transparency and the value of our customer's voices. Every review, whether it's a praise or a constructive critique, is shared here.

As you navigate through the experiences of those who've used our services for transporting pets, motorcycles, or furniture, you'll gain a genuine insight into our commitment, safety standards, and dedication.

Your trust drives us, and these reviews, from all shades of feedback, exemplify our promise to serve you.

Most Recent Reviews From Our Customers

11 lbs Cat from San Francisco, CA to Las Vegas, NV (578 mi)

Excellent, highly recommend this service.

Won by Roll-A-Pet,llc Roeglin for $1000.00
65 lbs German Shepherd Dog from Anaheim, CA to Gardendale, AL (2034 mi)

Dena was amazing. Super communicative and friendly. Transported our family dog in a timely manner and a lot sooner than I thought. She took great care of our dog during the travels. I loved receiving updates and knowing the dog was doing well. Thanks so much! I highly recommend her services!

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31 lbs Cocker Spaniel from Dalhart, TX to St Paul, MN (958 mi)

We are so thankful we found Door to Door! Our pup returned home safely and we got updates along the way. So appreciative of the accommodations they made as well. Thank you again!

Won by Dynatrex Transport for $335.00
80 lbs American Bulldog from San Francisco, CA to St. Louis, MO (2057 mi)

It‘s not stick what we deal and feeling scaner issue and uncomfortable

Won by On The Go Rescues for $700.00
60 lbs Goldendoodle from Jacksonville, FL to Clio, MI (1064 mi)

At first I was very hesitant about shipping my dog across country. But shortly after getting off the phone with Matt I was much more comfortable with the process. When I met Matt at pick up he was very comfortable with dogs and a genuine passion for dogs as a whole. He took extra measures with making sure my pup would be comfortable with the long car ride. And When ever I asked for an update he did not wait more than 10 minutes to respond with an update. This is a very caring business with your pups best interest in mind at all times. I would recommend his services to anyone!

7 lbs Cat from Oxon Hill, MD to Mooresville, NC (381 mi)

Zachary is an excellent guy. Unfortunately we were unable to complete the delivery due to car troubles. But he was very communicative and very understanding to some last minute changes I had made, and he immediately refunded me the money i sent as a deposit.

Won by Megan Anderson for $750.00
15 lbs Lagotto Romagnolo from Victor, ID to Vero Beach, FL (2422 mi)

Wonderful to deal with and very knowledgeable. Kept us updated and sent photos of our dog throughout the process. Would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Won by T.Milton Investments L.L.C for $600.00
24 lbs Goldendoodle from Big Lake, MN to Annapolis, MD (1172 mi)

Thom was absolutely AMAZING!! He communicated beautifully! I have never done this type of transportation for any of my dogs before and this happened to be for my brand new puppy!! Before I even chose Thom, I asked a million questions and he happily and honestly answered them all. He wanted me to feel 100% comfortable!! After the honest and thorough communication before choosing my driver, I knew he was the one!! Once I chose Thom, he sent me updates before Barney (my puppy) was picked up and through the whole trip from Minnesota to Maryland! On top of the text updates, he sent photos along the way as well! Barney was in the BEST of hands and I highly recommend him to anyone!!! Thank you Thom for making this new experience a pleasure. I sure will be using Thom again and recommending him to anyone in need of this service! : )

Won by Wiggle Butts Transport LLC for $2500.00
70 lbs German Shepherd Dog from Wimauma, FL to Denver, CO (1874 mi)

She is really good to animals and a really nice person. She took good care of my German shepherd and brought along our stuff in a uhaul box. She was very fair on the price and delivered quality work. I highly recommend anyone to book Erica with wiggle butts. Thanks again

Won by Kameisha Reid for $1800.00
75 lbs Husky lab mixes. from Sherman, NY to Glendale, AZ (2149 mi)

I contracted this carrier on citizenshipper for private transportation of my two dogs and one cat and what I received was a nightmare. The drivers who arrived were not the same person I had interacted with during negotiations and there were other animals in the vehicle at the time of pickup. They also did not inform me until pickup with my animals in the car that they would not take a credit card. This was not discussed previously as required by citizenshipper. As they hadn’t said to the contrary, I mistakenly assumed it would be accepted. Red flags popping up all over but being the naive millennial that I am, I tried to ignore them and see the good. Giving the benefit of the doubt, a mistake I will not make again, I let them depart with these drivers who proceeded to make stops far and away from the private trip destination I had contracted, hundreds of miles away. This in conjunction with dangerous speeds l, as noted by their GPS tracking service, speeds in excess of even the most liberal limits in any of the 50 states, as well as infrequent stops for the animals to stretch or go to the bathroom, was very concerning. Upon arrival my animals were noted as behaving like they had not eaten appropriately and as if they had been deprived of water, not to mention a massive uptick in anxious behavior on the part of the dogs, who have previously crisscrossed the USA by car and plane numerous times. Per citizenshipper's policies and our own concerns with broken agreements/promises/platform policy violations, we were going to avoid rendering payment until such time as citizenshipper could conclude its investigation and such conduct on our part is dictated by the platform itself. We ended up rendering initial payment because the driver refused to leave the driveway until such time as payment was rendered, and demanded my parents give them the animals back otherwise. We did file a dispute with the payment carrier stating that we would like a hold until citizenshipper can advise how to proceed. The driver, upon notification of this development proceeded to return to my parents house after 10pm, bang on the door until someone opened, and harassed them for money despite them not being the ones who contracted the service. When told they would need to wait for citizenshipper’s advisement, they demanded my parents give them back my animals and they would not leave without them or money. The drivers eventually departed but said they'd be back and expected their money or my animals. Words cannot begin to encompass the sheer magnitude of unprofessionalism exhibited by this group of people who are definitely not kameisha. If you want your animals transported safely and expeditiously, they'd be safer with Jeffrey Dahmer. 2 stars because at least my animals arrived alive. If you do decide to use this service, have a vet on speed dial.

Won by HappyPetz transport LLC for $600.00
6 lbs Cat from Houston, TX to Albuquerque, NM (821 mi)

Great price, great service. Provided updates asking the way.

Won by Avalon Express Transport for $500.00
25 lbs Cardigan Welsh Corgi from Torrington, WY to Fort Stockton, TX (906 mi)

I was well informed daily on my puppy which also included videos and pictures while they took the time to do daily walks. Very pleased and highly recommend Crystal and her husband. Safe travels.

Won by A-Plus Pet Delivery for $525.00
30 lbs Chihuahua from Lake Havasu City, AZ to Lawrence, KS (1281 mi)

Such a great experience! He checked in regularly and sent photo updates. I was so happy to have my baby back. Thank you so much again! 💙

Won by ScOObY- DoO PaDDy WaG ViP for $750.00
109 lbs Labrador Retriever from Orange Park, FL to Edison, NJ (930 mi)

Jason was amazing. he took care of the pup. Pup was suffocating due to the choke chain. he kept her out of the crate in the middle row and drove so that she was comfortable. definitely recommend him for your pet services.