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At CitizenShipper, we pride ourselves on transparency and the value of our customer's voices. Every review, whether it's a praise or a constructive critique, is shared here.

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Most Recent Reviews From Our Customers

Won by Fancy Paws Pet Transport for $700.00
3 lbs Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Tacoma, WA to Fort Calhoun, NE (1661 mi)

First time doing this and I was so happy. Very reasonable in price and very personable. Jordan would text me daily with updates and pictures along with the family we got her from. Never felt so comfortable. Would go back to Jordan 100 times

Won by Tammy Weaver for $1200.00
11 lbs Cat from Casa Grande, AZ to Crestview, FL (1691 mi)

Tammy was absolutely wonderful and got my cat home safely and quickly! I highly recommend if you’re looking for someone who will love and care for your pet as much as you do. Thanks again Tammy!

Won by ARETE PET TRANSPORT for $500.00
45 lbs Australian Shepherd from Murrieta, CA to Kilmichael, MS (1929 mi)

They brought my Aussie that was rescued from a Kill shelter in San Bernardino CA over 1,900 miles delivered right to my doorstep. It took about 36 hours for them to make the trip. They sent frequent video and text message updates. And their fee was less than 1/3 of what some of the drivers here on Citizen Shipper were offering me. There were a few who offered a fee just a little higher that Arete but in the end Arete offered the best price and in my opinion they provided the best service I could have asked for!

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Won by Matthew Zitterkob for $650.00
90 lbs Burmese mountain dog from Coeur d'Alene, ID to Whitesboro, TX (1878 mi)

Overall good service. Was disappointed with the lack of communication

Won by Maykel Mondeja for $900.00
30 lbs Basset Hound from Pollock, LA to Dixmont, ME (1836 mi)

It was a good experience, June arrived safe and sound!

Won by Jazzys Pet Care LLC for $200.00
80 lbs Belgian Malinois from Loxahatchee, FL to Orlando, FL (167 mi)

Great Service all around highly recommend for all your pet needs thanks again jaja

10 lbs Cowboy corgi from Mansfield, AR to Woodruff, PA (1023 mi)

Very satisfied, kept us up to date on the travel time and eta, sent us pics and videos of our new baby

Won by Roll-A-Pet,llc Roeglin for $800.00
60 lbs Cat from Oceanside, CA to Fort Wayne, IN (2213 mi)

Dena, I’m writing this review because I want you to know the agony you’ve caused us. I had you scheduled to transport my 2 cats from San Diego to Fort Wayne, Indiana on 4/4/24. I paid Citizenshipper their money and had faith that you would uphold your end. I kept in touch with you a few times just to confirm. I texted you on 3/7/24 to ask if I could change the pick up day and you said it would be okay. I texted you again on 3/27/24 to confirm that you would be picking the cats up on 4/4/24. You said everything was good to go. We left San Diego on 4/1/24, with the cats staying with the boarder. On 4/4/24, they day you were supposed to pick up my cats and transport them to Fort Wayne, IN, you proceeded to tell me that you couldn’t do it. You said you were in the hospital, and you were trying to find someone else to take your place. I have a heart, and sympathize with what you were going through, however you didn’t even contact me to let me know what was going on. You also said you lost your phone. My question is, if you were trying to find a replacement, why couldn’t you contact me? Alina, the boarder said she texted you the day before you were supposed to pick up the cats, and you didn’t say anything to her about having to back out. Yes, you said you could pick them up on April 19th. I would have had to pay the boarder a lot more money, as well as pay you. Plus, I couldn’t trust that you would pick them up after what you did. I want you to know the heartache you have caused us. The boarder couldn’t keep the cats, so I had to have her take them to the Humane Society to hopefully get a new home. I got a call from them today, saying that they were having trouble with both cats hissing and swiping at the staff. I was told that if they continue doing that, they would have to put them down. They are only 4 years old. The cats did not behave like that with the boarder, nor have they ever behaved like that with us. This has been heartbreaking because I have no way of getting my cats here. We don’t have the money to hire another transporter.

Won by M&A pets transportation LLC for $1600.00
53 lbs Australian Shepherd from Miami, FL to Ballwin, MO (1239 mi)

We rescued a pet from Puerto Rico and needed someone to pick her up and deliver her to St. Louis, Missouri where she is going to get training and find her forever home. We had someone cancel on us last minute and posted the job on Citizen Shipper hoping someone could help. We got responded to right away and they were able to pick our rescue Dora up at Miami airport the next morning! It was such a smooth process and we were super worried because of her being a rescue and us not necessarily knowing how it was going to go. We were so happy with the service and we can’t recommend them enough!!

Won by K9 Rides for $450.00
35 lbs Australian Cattle Dog from Rio Rancho, NM to Fresno, CA (919 mi)

Good communication. The dog was very nervous and they did a great job with her.

Won by OmerTekler for $2200.00
75 lbs Goldendoodle from Stamford, CT to Austin, TX (1786 mi)

Omer and his brother are awesome. Our dog has special needs (he has multiple seizures per day and requires lots of meds), so this was not an easy transport. However, Omer and his brother did a fantastic job taking care of him. Throughout the trip they sent videos of our dog and even recorded themselves administering pills each time with timestamps so we could know he was on track with his medicine schedule. If you have a large dog, Omer’s car is perfect - he has a large minivan with the center seats removed so your dog has a large, comfortable space to relax throughout the trip. (Pics on his profile) I can’t recommend Omer and his brother enough. His communication and attentiveness made us feel comfortable knowing that our dog, who has lots of unique requirements when transporting, was in great hands. I would 100% work with Omer and his brother again and I suggest you do the same. (Especially if your dog is large and has unique car requirements).

Won by Platinum Pet Transport for $1800.00
46 lbs Beagle from Shelburne, NH to Rio Rancho, NM (2348 mi)

From start to finish this was such a great experience. Annie transported my fur babies, I received updates throughout the day of how my dogs were doing. Annie was very attentive to my dog’s needs and very loving and caring. I felt confident about my dog’s safety and the comfort of their trip. Safety and comfort are a high priority with Annie, and you can see this with the setup in her vehicle. Annie’s services put me and my dogs both at ease as it was less stress for us all. I can’t say enough about how great the services were. Thank you Annie! The girls loved Annie, we hope she comes visit them someday!

All other items from Wurtsboro, NY to Nelliston, NY (151 mi)

Marie did a great job grabbing a very large and heavy fish tank and secured everything nicely no issues with the shipment thanks again

Won by Lois Rapanotti for $300.00
10 lbs German Shepherd Dog from Chesapeake, VA to Evington, VA (205 mi)

Lois did a fantastic job transporting my new puppy to me! She was prompt and kept me posted every step of the way!! Highly recommend!

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