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At CitizenShipper, we pride ourselves on transparency and the value of our customer's voices. Every review, whether it's a praise or a constructive critique, is shared here.

As you navigate through the experiences of those who've used our services for transporting pets, motorcycles, or furniture, you'll gain a genuine insight into our commitment, safety standards, and dedication.

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Pets and Animals from Chapel Hill, NC to Port Jefferson Station, NY (558 mi)

For starters, when booking onto a site I was very unfamiliar with, I’m glad I came across Mabel. I appreciated her honesty and communication from start to finish. I appreciated her guiding me through the process of the fees with citizenshipper and explaining how everything would work out financially through text/voice call. I had added both my pet’s breeder and Mabel into a groupchat and the communication was absolutely amazing. I was super anxious at first with the process of 2 strangers taking care of my future baby but by the end of the process I truly couldn’t have asked for a better transporter. She was great at communicating with ETAs, as well as updates on my baby. The driver had mentioned she had issues with her tire and for being a solo transporter doing multiple clients was impressive. Reading the past reviews, I don’t think some understand the dedication and energy it takes to drive all these crazy hours from different states, which I give props to. Mabel sent me updates every so often with my baby and made sure he was hydrated and fed. When came time to the drop off, she was so sweet to still checked in after to ask how they’ve been. I will most definitely be referring Mabel to people as well as using her in the future regarding new pets. Love love love her and even tipped her for the service because all I cared about was communication, understanding my concerns and genuinely listening as well as bringing my baby home safe. Thank you Mabel!! 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻

35 lbs Mixed Breed from Houston, TX to Davidson, NC (1068 mi)

As a first-time user of a pet transportation service, I chose Cosmo's Pet Transport to transport my dog to my daughter, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Geraldine and her team kept us constantly updated with videos, messages, and their GPS location which greatly eased my daughter's mind. Their love for animals was evident and comforting. The journey was smooth, and my daughter's dog arrived safely and in high spirits. I am thoroughly impressed by their professionalism and the genuine care they showed. I highly recommend Cosmo's Dog Rescue & Pet Transport for anyone needing pet transportation; they truly make the experience worry-free and joyful. A heartfelt thank you for such an excellent service!

Won by KLAR for $600.00
3 lbs Bolognese from Lockesburg, AR to Asheboro, NC (957 mi)

I really appreciate Kelly and her willingness to drive all through the night to bring us our new puppy, safe and sound. Tracking app was really nice to have during the trip. Would book again.

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85 lbs Bernese Mountain Dog from Princeton, NJ to Austin, TX (1715 mi)

STAY AWAY. This person is not only incapable of good and timely service, she also is extremely rude and lacking in self-awareness. My dog was picked up past the agreed date and then delivered way past the 3-5 day window stated. There are multiple drivers and it seems that they are traveling in tandem, but do not give you GPS to know where they are (supposedly part of their premium service) or why. They probably overbook and then chalk up delays to bad weather. If you have any complaint, Ashlynn will accuse you of being a narcissist and then start acting like you are the one providing her a service. This person should not be entrusted with any valuable service, let alone people's pets. In the end, when I ventilated my frustrations and told her how horrible of an experience it had been to deal with her, she texted "now that you have your dog you start running your mouth", among other things. The service may be cheaper but it is definitely not worth it. Do not book!

Won by RKfast transport for $100.00
Scooters from Spring, TX to Magnolia, TX (5 mi)

Professional, fast, courteous, and reasonably priced. Will use again.

10 lbs Heeler from Middletown, OH to Durango, CO (1486 mi)

This was not the best experience. My brand new puppy was on the road for 5 days. Puppy was supposed to have been picked up on a Friday. Didn't actually get picked up until Sunday. Shipping from Middletown, OH to Durango, CO. Then changed to Albuquerque, NM. She did discount our rate for that. However, she was going to be in Albuquerque Thursday and changed the times more than once. Then Thursday turned into Friday. We ended up driving to Tucumcari, NM just so we could pick up our puppy. We honestly felt like we needed to go rescue him at this point. To top everything off, he has a UTI. He was so thirsty when we got him, he couldn't get enough water. I looked into this a bit further. These transporters will limit water consumption so the dog/puppy wont potty much on the trip. This causes dehydration, which turns into a bladder infection/UTI. we have the expense of hotel, more gas to travel to rescue him, & an awesome vet bill to help him with his infection. I wish we would have never used this service.

25 lbs French Bulldog from Miami, FL to Roanoke, VA (899 mi)

5 stars! Would definitely reccomend and use again. Was very transparent with updates , pictures, and gps tracking the entire time. Can’t go wrong using them!!!

70 lbs Dalmatian from Los Banos, CA to Johnston, RI (3116 mi)

Horrible communication. . Was supposed to pick up my dog days ago and she just kept pushing it off. I made it very clear my dog can be aggressive and offered the muzzle when she picked him up from my family’s house, she declined it then got hurt and sent my dog to the pound and blamed us. She could’ve declined my posting and got someone else but instead she took the payment and ripped me off.

Won by Pet Tasker for $2850.00
17 lbs Cat from Olivehurst, CA to Minot, ND (1535 mi)

My cats made it safely to my new house. From California to North Dakota. They kept me updated throughout the trip and helped my mom bring them in and get them settled.

Won by Precious Cargo for $878.00
26 lbs Whippet from Bourne, MA to Ashland City, TN (1186 mi)

He handled everything perfectly and on time. He let me know where he was and how the dogs were doing during travel. Really a great service he provided. Thank you again!

Won by WagsandWheels, LLC for $400.00
31 lbs Mini Bernedoodle from Gallatin, TN to Randolph, NJ (855 mi)

Extremely satisfied. Reliable, knowledgeable, and exuded a genuine love for dogs. They kept in touch the entire trip with texts and pictures. Note: They offered their GPS and because the idea of using a transport company and booking it all happened in a matter of minutes, with little time for due diligence, I had an AirTag on my pup’s collar because these days trust has to be earned…suffice to say they have earned it. I highly recommend Tiffany!

Won by MPTransport for $795.00
15 lbs French Bulldog from Cape Coral, FL to Tomball, TX (1149 mi)

MPTRANSPORT did an amazing job from communication to updates to working with my needs which were somewhat emergent… I was never left not knowing what was going on as updates and locations were always provided to include pictures of the little fur baby or her trip from Florida to Texas… I could not have chosen a better team to transport a little for a baby to my grandkids… My future, if I ever need anything transported, I would definitely be reaching out to them again… Unfortunately, I can only get five stars, because I would have loved to of given 10… Give them a call get in touch with them you will not be disappointed at all

Won by Christina Ferraro for $600.00
60 lbs Cat from New York, NY to Boston, MA (211 mi)

Christina and her husband were amazing. Patience and professional. Some minor glitches in the evening, which they worked with - no fuss or stress. Maybe on my end. I would use Christina again. I trust her and her husband to get the job done.

Won by Bubbies Transports for $400.00
77 lbs Portuguese Water Dog from Chardon, OH to Williamsburg, MI (430 mi)

Picked up a rescued Portuguese water dog on Friday evening and transported it to Traverse City Michigan by Saturday morning. Dog arrived safely and has found new forever home. The couple were very friendly and very caring of the dog. If you occasion arises again to transport a rescued animal, some distance, I will surely recommend this couple to do the job. Thank you.

Won by Spicy Girl’s Freight for $650.00
60 lbs Basset Hound from Las Cruces, NM to Holden, MO (1041 mi)

HIGHLY recommend . She was awesome to work with. I loved how she kept me updated the whole time. Every mile. And sending me pictures of LULU the basset bound the whole time. Thank you. Will definitely use the service again.