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At CitizenShipper, we pride ourselves on transparency and the value of our customer's voices. Every review, whether it's a praise or a constructive critique, is shared here.

As you navigate through the experiences of those who've used our services for transporting pets, motorcycles, or furniture, you'll gain a genuine insight into our commitment, safety standards, and dedication.

Your trust drives us, and these reviews, from all shades of feedback, exemplify our promise to serve you.

Most Recent Reviews From Our Customers

Won by Superior Transport LLC for $785.00
60 lbs Pitt/Mastiff from Olympia, WA to Virginia Beach, VA (3009 mi)

My animals were well cared for. He made sure to return them in condition. I would use him again.

Won by Kim Lyles for $500.00
120 lbs French mastiff from Stephentown, NY to Spring Hill, FL (1255 mi)

Kim did a great job bringing Brutus to us I would recommend her for anyone who needs a pet transported

Won by HonesTranspo LLC for $650.00
31 lbs Mixed Breed from Tucson, AZ to Skokie, IL (1755 mi)

Nathan was amazing! We had been trying to find the right partner to bring my sons fur babe home from Arizona; I knew when I started messaging with Hones Transpo LLC that we had found the right partner. Nathan was prompt, professional, and courteous for the duration of the trip. We received pictures along the entire trip! I cannot recommend Hones Transpo LLC enough if you are in need of someone trusted to transport your fur babes. Thank you, Nathan for bringing Stella home safely!

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Won by Tail to Taxi for $380.00
60 lbs Labrador Retriever from Scottsboro, AL to Waterford, VA (627 mi)

Would highly recommended! Quickly booked with Bria. Her rate was very reasonable and she delivered our pet from AL to VA on time. Would use her again in a minute!

Won by ttgreco aka Tricia Greco for $2500.00
22 lbs Cat from Bainbridge Island, WA to Kyle, TX (2149 mi)

We are beyond satisfied with the service we got. Our two cats were driven in our car from Seattle to Austin and we were getting updates and pictures along the way. You can book service with Patricia with no concerns and complete confidence that you’re fur babies will arrive safely where you need them to.

Won by K and K Enterprise for $1175.00
44 lbs Belgian Malinois from Lake Dallas, TX to Williston, ND (1319 mi)

Kevin and Karen did an outstanding job transporting my 5mo Belgian Malinois service dog Bear! They communicated very well, were prompt and on time and literally drove 24 hours straight from TX to ND! Wow that’s huge! Followed every request and detail I had to a T. Kept me updated with progress and pictures the entire way. They went above and beyond by a long shot! If you are wondering who to trust, pick K & K Enterprise!!!

Won by TeeRexDelivery, LLC for $650.00
16 lbs Dachshund from Corning, AR to Nashville, TN (268 mi)

They were wonderful went above and beyond to get us our puppy.

Won by HappyPetz transport LLC for $275.00
82 lbs Labrador Retriever from DFW Airport, TX to San Antonio, TX (315 mi)

Absolutely wonderful! Communicated from day 1 all the way to delivery. Very knowledgeable on what was needed at the airport which definitely eased my mind. Afforadable and my dogs loved her as well. Highly recommend.

Won by Emerald's Fur Baby Transport for $520.00
30 lbs Dachshund mix from Sturgis, SD to Great Falls, MT (509 mi)

Excellent & Empathetic customer service and delivery of my aunt's beloved dog, Sweet Pea. Just like the name, this company is a true gem! Esmeralda was so efficient, timely and so caring to our Sweet Pea in getting her back to her mommy from South Dakota to Montana. Thank you Esmeralda for loving Sweet Pea, for keeping her safe, and for updating me through it all. May God continue to bless you and your business.

Won by Gentle-Pet Transfer for $300.00
4 lbs Puppy from Concord, MI to Carnot-Moon, PA (304 mi)

I was worried about how I would pick up my new puppy from MI to PA. She is only 8 weeks old, newly separated from her family, on a long car ride for the first time, and only had first set of shots. I was unable to make the drive both ways myself. Tim was terrific. He called several times before the trip to reassure me and sent pictures and map status along the way. He called the breeder before making the trip to discuss feeding. And he really has a way with animals. Lily arrived totally settled and happy! Highly, highly recommend!

Won by Alba E Castellanos for $650.00
16 lbs Bernedoodle from Shipshewana, IN to Larchmont, NY (688 mi)

Communication is key and they did a great job!

Won by K and K Enterprise for $1300.00
10 lbs Dalmatian from Billings, MT to Atlanta, GA (1818 mi)

Kevin and Karen were super nice and friendly. They took care of my puppy like their own. They are professional and reassuring. It was such a pleasure meet them!

Won by Daniel James for $3950.00
1 Bedroom Apartment from Memphis, TN to Winooski, VT (1273 mi)

I was disappointed in my experience with both CitizenShipper and Daniel as a service provider. I cannot discourage use of his services enough. I was referred to CitizenShipper through a family member who runs an estate sale company, who utilized another Shipper to safely transport furniture to me a few years ago. So, I was optimistic about having another trustworthy and satisfactory experience. Daniel; however, did not fulfill the terms originally agreed upon. In my original listing, written, and verbal communication with Daniel, I reiterated and emphasized the importance of my antique furniture and explicitly stated that his professional attention to the shipment of these items was the entire reason to utilize his services. He agreed to, "Carefully package, protect, load, unload and protect during transport furniture items, artwork, and boxes from TN to VT.” Daniel grossly misrepresented his services, limitations, and professionalism. He is a slight and older man who arrived with his girlfriend/partner (half his size and physically incapable of helping him properly move large items) and only a 150 lbs. folding hand dolly. As other reviewers have noted, I also received the line that “his original helper was unavailable”. There was a notable absence of blankets and packing materials in his trailer, with only 5 or 6 dirty moving blankets on board. I offered to purchase additional packing materials immediately upon seeing the trailer and he dismissed the offer, though he accepted the use of 2 new moving blankets I purchased for such contingencies. He also dismissed my concerns and queries about the quality of packing and loading of my furniture in TN, going so far as to brush off and disregard the damage I witnessed not 6 inches from my face as he slid a glass door from a credenza bookshelf, gouging the supporting pillar. It is no exaggeration to say that every single piece of the 9 wood furniture items shipped to VT arrived with damage, varying from minor to total destruction of a veneer. When I first noted my concerns during our offloading, in a non-confrontational and inquisitive way, Daniel immediately yelled back defensively and insisted he had no idea what I was talking about. The incredulous and disrespectful response regarding his accountability was surprising. And the thinly implied threat he made upon his departure is troubling. When he completed moving all items into my apartment, I asked him to re-share his preferred payment method link with me so that I could pay him the balance due, per the terms of our agreement. I was eager for him to leave, because his mood darkened after I highlighted the damage. As I walked him out, he said glibly, "Oh don't worry, I trust you'll pay me because I know where you live... I'm not worried at all, because I know where you live". Throughout this transaction, I was professional and courteous to Daniel, even going so far as to offer a gesture of chocolate cupcakes from the local best bakery to acknowledge his birthday. I have extensive experience managing and de-escalating mental health crises and hope you can appreciate this lense when I say that Daniel's handling of professional confrontation was unsettling and should raise a red flag for anyone he may potentially transact with. While I am physically larger than Daniel, I must emphasize that I was uncomfortable with his behavior during unloading. I live modestly and frugally; I've never even owned so much as a new car. I've worked hard in order to procure these treasured, and in some cases, one-of-a-kind items in various conditions ranging from good to mint. i.e a refinished cedar chest completed with a friend, now split on two sides. Most concerning was the impact on the two Danish credenzas, which were in pristine condition; including one finished with a one-of-kind shelf. These now have damage across all surfaces, including gouges, chips, and a moisture-damaged footprint! I understand the risks and nature of common damages in moving, having done cross-country hauls 4 times in the last 15 years. The degree of damage incurred this round is the worst I've ever experienced and is a direct result of Daniel's lack of attention and proper preparation of these items for shipping. Daniel is uninsured (a risk I was aware of) and CitizenShipper has offered unsupportive communication nor recompense or recourse. Without meaningful consequences for Shippers, it certainly diminishes the trustworthiness of the platform. Just do your best and avoid this particular Shipper.

Won by Elliott Pet Transport for $450.00
14 lbs Cat from Pensacola, FL to Miami Beach, FL (671 mi)

The service provided was excellent The driver arrived on time and our cats were delivered in excellent condition. The company arranged payment to suit our specific needs. I would highly recommend Elliot Transport to anyone.