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Your cat is so much more than four legs and a tail — they’re members of your family and best friends for life. We’re proud to be the nation’s top-rated and leading service for cat transportation.

Our unique process matches you with a fleet of pre-screened drivers with prior experience at transporting cats, with strong emphasis on your pet's comfort and safety.

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Betsy Goldstein shipped UnknownBaton Rouge, LAHouston, TXrating269 mi$500.00
Vanessa shipped No NameAtlanta, GAManhattan, KSrating915 mi$550.00
Chi-Lin Pendergrast shipped ShuppetShady Hills, FLNewport Beach, CArating2462 mi$575.00
Alexander Kennedy shipped BobSwanton, VTForest Grove, ORrating3023 mi$1,300.00
David Medeiros shipped Spec And AhsokaOakland, CAHouston, TXrating1920 mi$1,050.00
Mswix98 shipped CassellaRaleigh, NCBradenton, FLrating697 mi$395.00
Anastasiya Amineva shipped PercyRoseburg, ORBellevue, WArating363 mi$350.00
Jean Mastrogiacomo shipped GwynneRoseburg, ORLos Gatos, CArating495 mi$300.00

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What determines the cost of Siberian shipping

Here's what you need to know about safely transporting your Siberian.

Mode of transportation

ratingGround travel

Cost $$$

Time ⏱⏱

ratingAir travel

Cost $$$

Time ⏱⏱⏱

Ground and air travel have different associated costs. Flying is typically the fastest option, but also the most expensive and taxing on your pet.

Travel distance

The further you need to transport your pet, the more it'll cost. If you're using ground transportation, you'll have to factor in fuel costs, lodging, meals on the road and wear-and-tear on your vehicle. These costs are applicable whether you drive the pet yourself or you hire a transporter through CitizenShipper. Airlines charge more for longer plane rides as well. This is due to the cost of fuel and the need compensate pilots and flight attendants.

Pet size

Smaller pets are easier – and less expensive – to transport. If you’re flying your Siberian, they’ll need to travel in the cargo hold if they’re over 20 pounds. You’ll also need to buy a USDA-approved crate, which can cost around $200. With ground transport, it’s easier for drivers to accommodate small pets.

Health clearance and travel equipment

The first step to transporting your Siberian is ensuring they’re healthy enough to travel. Most species require a vet-issued health certificate to cross state lines. This will cost $50 to $300. You’ll likely need to purchase some equipment too – such as a crate and travel supplies.

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Transporting Your Siberian Cat: Feline Friends on the Move

Breed Characteristics

The Siberian Cat, with its majestic appearance and playful personality, deserves special attention when it comes to transportation. As an inherently social and robust breed, these cats typically adapt well to new environments and changes in their routine, which can be an advantage during travel. However, their curious nature might urge them to explore their surroundings, making it crucial to ensure a secure and escape-proof environment during transit.

Another notable characteristic is their vocal communication; Siberian Cats are known to express their needs and discomforts vocally, which can be useful for the transporter to assess the cat's well-being throughout the journey. Understanding these breed-specific traits will significantly enhance the transportation experience for both the cat and the carrier.

Size and Care Requirements

Siberian Cats are a medium to large breed, with males often weighing between 15 to 20 pounds, while females are slightly smaller. This necessitates spacious travel carriers that allow them to stand, turn, and stretch comfortably. Considering their lush, triple-layer coat, Siberian Cats require a well-ventilated environment to stay cool, particularly during warmer seasons.

Additionally, regular grooming is essential for Siberian Cats not only for their comfort but also to prevent hair matting during the journey. Their playful and energetic demeanor implies a need for entertainment, so including familiar toys in their travel kit can keep them occupied and reduce stress.

Health and Safety Protocols

Before embarking on a journey with a Siberian Cat, it is crucial to ensure they are in good health. A vet check-up to certify fitness for travel is advised, alongside an update on all necessary vaccinations. It's also vital to consider the breed's predisposition to certain health issues, such as heart conditions or hip dysplasia, and communicate any concerns to the transportation professional.

Safety during transportation can be significantly enhanced by using a sturdy and secure carrier that’s suitable for the cat's size. Adequate ventilation, access to water, and a comfortable, non-slip surface within the carrier are essential safeguards for a stress-free journey.

How to prepare your Siberian for transport

At CitizenShipper, we pride ourselves on making pet transportation a breeze. However, there are things you can do ahead of time to make your best friend’s trip safer and more comfortable.

Man with cat

Talk to your veterinarian

Your pet’s safety is number one – that’s why checking in with your vet before finalizing any travel plans is essential.

Can’t make it to the vet’s office in time? Conveniently video chat with a qualified veterinarian at FirstVet – one of our amazing partners.

Here are the questions you’ll want to ask your vet:

  • Is my pet healthy enough for transport?
  • Is my pet up to date on their vaccines?
  • Is my pet’s microchip still in place and scannable?

Medical Records and Vaccinations

Comprehensive medical documentation is paramount when transporting your Siberian Cat. Ensure that your cat is up-to-date with vaccinations, particularly against rabies and feline specific diseases. Keeping a copy of their medical records readily available during travel can provide vital information in the event of an emergency.

Also, consider preventive treatments for fleas, ticks, and worms ahead of travel. Such measures not only contribute to your cat's health but also protect other animals and people they may come into contact with.

Identification and Security

A secure means of identification is critical for your Siberian Cat’s safe transport. Microchipping, alongside a well-fitted collar with an ID tag, serves as an efficient way to ensure your cat can be identified and returned to you in any unexpected situation. Important details on the ID tag should include the cat's name and your contact information.

Additionally, familiarizing your cat with the carrier well in advance of the journey can minimize stress and prevent escape attempts, enhancing their overall security during transport.

Man with cat
Man with dog

Travel Comforts for Siberian Cat

To ensure your Siberian Cat’s comfort during their journey, prepare a travel kit that includes items familiar to them. This might consist of a favorite toy, a blanket, or a piece of your clothing to offer reassurance through familiar scents. Provision for fresh water and light, easily digestible meals can also help in keeping them hydrated and comfortable without overfeeding.

Furthermore, considering their plush coat, ensure that the travel environment remains adequately cool to prevent overheating. A well-ventilated carrier with moisture-absorbent bedding will contribute significantly to their comfort.

Essential pet transport travel supplies include:

  • Food, bowls and fresh water
  • Collars and leashes
  • Waste bags
  • Medication
  • First-aid supplies
  • Any travel documents
  • A secure, USDA-approved travel crate

Traveling to a new place is exciting but stressful for your pet. Pack their favorite toys, a bed or a comfy blanket to help them enjoy their journey. Familiar items remind them of home and will soothe their anxiety.

Customized Travel Advice for Siberian Cats

Stress Reduction Strategies

Reducing stress is key to a positive travel experience for your Siberian Cat. Familiarization exercises with the carrier and short, safe car rides can help them adjust to the notion of travel. Pheromone sprays and calming blankets are effective tools in creating a soothing environment within their carrier.

Quiet and calm interactions before and during the journey also serve to reassure them. Avoiding loud noises and sudden movements will help in keeping their stress levels low.

Feeding and Litter Box Solutions

Adhere to your Siberian Cat’s usual feeding schedule as closely as possible, opting for light meals before the journey to reduce the risk of motion sickness. Hydration can be maintained through regular water breaks rather than leaving a water bowl inside the carrier, which can spill and cause discomfort.

Portable litter boxes are essential for long trips, enabling you to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for your cat. Familiarizing your cat with the portable litter box before the journey can ease their transition.

Climate and Comfort

Maintaining a comfortable environment is essential, especially considering the Siberian Cat's dense fur. Ensure the vehicle is well-ventilated and kept at a cool, steady temperature. Avoid direct sunlight on the carrier and consider using window shades to prevent overheating.

Soft, absorbent bedding in the carrier will add to their comfort, especially on longer journeys. Adjusting the vehicle's climate controls and checking on your cat regularly can help ensure they remain comfortable throughout the trip.

After the Journey: Settling In Your Siberian Cat

Acclimating to New Spaces

Once at your destination, give your Siberian Cat time to adjust to their new surroundings. Begin by confining them to a small, quiet area with their favorite items present. Gradually introduce them to larger areas of their new home as they show signs of comfort and curiosity.

Patience and gentle encouragement will help ease their transition, ensuring they feel safe and secure in their new environment.

Post-Travel Health Check

Observe your Siberian Cat closely after travel for any signs of stress or illness, such as changes in appetite, behavior, or litter box usage. Consult a veterinarian if any concerns arise to ensure any travel-related issues are addressed promptly.

Continuing with their regular grooming routine and providing plenty of love and attention will also help reassure your cat, promoting a swift adjustment period.

Maintaining Well-being

Keeping a consistent routine in their new environment is crucial for the well-being of your Siberian Cat. This includes regular feeding times, play sessions, and grooming routines. Familiar scents and items from their previous home can also contribute to their sense of security.

Introducing new routines gradually and maintaining a calm, positive atmosphere will support your Siberian Cat's overall well-being and happiness in their new setting.

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