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Your cat is so much more than four legs and a tail — they’re members of your family and best friends for life. We’re proud to be the nation’s top-rated and leading service for cat transportation.

Our unique process matches you with a fleet of pre-screened drivers with prior experience at transporting cats, with strong emphasis on your pet's comfort and safety.

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Brandon L shipped TommyWilliamsburg, VAWorcester, MArating556 mi$400.00
Sarah shipped AngelFinksburg, MDWrentham, MArating410 mi$250.00
Lynn Marvin shipped KittyBuffalo, NYLindenhurst, NYrating416 mi$300.00
Katie shipped AdamPensacola Beach, FLKey Largo, FLrating742 mi$300.00
Darien Hubert shipped AngusFinksburg, MDWarner, NHrating463 mi$446.00
Xinyue Bian shipped MomoNew York, NYBoston, MArating211 mi$375.00
Darien Hubert shipped ArcherSunapee, NHFinksburg, MDrating464 mi$499.00
Dylan shipped ArcherSunapee, NHFinksburg, MDrating464 mi$450.00
Alexandra shipped HeroRedding, CTVirginia Beach, VArating428 mi$450.00

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What determines the cost of Devon Rex shipping

Here's what you need to know about safely transporting your Devon Rex.

Mode of transportation

ratingGround travel

Cost $$$

Time ⏱⏱

ratingAir travel

Cost $$$

Time ⏱⏱⏱

Ground and air travel have different associated costs. Flying is typically the fastest option, but also the most expensive and taxing on your pet.

Travel distance

The further you need to transport your pet, the more it'll cost. If you're using ground transportation, you'll have to factor in fuel costs, lodging, meals on the road and wear-and-tear on your vehicle. These costs are applicable whether you drive the pet yourself or you hire a transporter through CitizenShipper. Airlines charge more for longer plane rides as well. This is due to the cost of fuel and the need compensate pilots and flight attendants.

Pet size

Smaller pets are easier – and less expensive – to transport. If you’re flying your Devon Rex, they’ll need to travel in the cargo hold if they’re over 20 pounds. You’ll also need to buy a USDA-approved crate, which can cost around $200. With ground transport, it’s easier for drivers to accommodate small pets.

Health clearance and travel equipment

The first step to transporting your Devon Rex is ensuring they’re healthy enough to travel. Most species require a vet-issued health certificate to cross state lines. This will cost $50 to $300. You’ll likely need to purchase some equipment too – such as a crate and travel supplies.

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Transporting Your Devon Rex: Feline Friends on the Move

Breed Characteristics

The Devon Rex, with its pixie-like appearance and wavy coat, possesses a playful and loyal demeanor that adds an extra layer of consideration during transportation. These intelligent cats are known for their strong bond with humans, often exhibiting behaviors more akin to dogs than their feline counterparts. Their sensitivity to environmental changes and their need for warm, cozy spots due to their thin coats should be carefully considered to ensure their comfort and security during travel.

Moreover, the Devon Rex's curiosity and high energy levels mean they might find the confines of travel carriers stressful if not properly introduced to them in advance. Familiarizing your Devon Rex with the carrier through positive reinforcement strategies ahead of time can mitigate stress and ensure a smoother transportation experience.

Size and Care Requirements

Devon Rex cats are generally small to medium in size, with an average weight of 5 to 10 pounds. Their slender bodies and unique coat require specific attention to maintain their health and comfort. When transporting these cats, it’s essential to ensure the travel carrier is spacious enough for them to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. The carrier should also be well-ventilated and secure.

Given their short, wavy fur, Devon Rex cats can get cold easily, making it crucial to maintain a warm environment during transport, especially in cooler climates. Their coat also requires less grooming than other breeds, but regular cleaning of their large ears is necessary to prevent build-up and potential infections that could cause discomfort during travel.

Health and Safety Protocols

Before embarking on a journey with your Devon Rex, a thorough health check by a veterinarian is recommended to ensure they are fit for travel. Health and safety protocols for transporting Devon Rex cats include up-to-date vaccinations, particularly rabies, and a general health certificate issued close to the departure date. It’s also vital to address any health concerns specific to the breed, such as their susceptibility to hereditary myopathy, to prevent complications during transit.

Ensuring your Devon Rex is equipped with a secure and comfortable carrier is crucial. The carrier should be escape-proof and stable, minimizing disruptions that could stress or injure your cat during the transport. Moreover, carriers should be labeled with emergency contact information and covered with a light blanket to create a calming environment.

How to prepare your Devon Rex for transport

At CitizenShipper, we pride ourselves on making pet transportation a breeze. However, there are things you can do ahead of time to make your best friend’s trip safer and more comfortable.

Man with cat

Talk to your veterinarian

Your pet’s safety is number one – that’s why checking in with your vet before finalizing any travel plans is essential.

Can’t make it to the vet’s office in time? Conveniently video chat with a qualified veterinarian at FirstVet – one of our amazing partners.

Here are the questions you’ll want to ask your vet:

  • Is my pet healthy enough for transport?
  • Is my pet up to date on their vaccines?
  • Is my pet’s microchip still in place and scannable?

Medical Records and Vaccinations

All medical records, including documentation of up-to-date vaccinations, should be compiled and kept accessible during transportation. Essential vaccines for Devon Rex cats include those against feline herpesvirus, calicivirus, and panleukopenia. It's also important to include records of any special medical needs or treatments your Devon Rex requires, ensuring they can be properly catered to during transit.

Preparation also entails ensuring your cat is treated for fleas, ticks, and worms, as these pests can cause significant discomfort and health issues during and after transport. A signed health certificate from your veterinarian, dated within 10 days of travel, may also be required, showcasing that your Devon Rex is fit to travel.

Identification and Security

Proper identification is paramount for the safety of your Devon Rex during transit. A collar with ID tags containing your contact information, and the cat's name is essential. Additionally, microchipping your Devon Rex offers an extra layer of security, ensuring that if they get lost, they can be easily identified and returned to you.

The transport carrier should also have clear, durable identification detailing your contact information, the receiving party's details (if applicable), and any immediate health needs of your cat. This can prevent mishandling and assist in their care during the journey.

Man with cat
Man with dog

Travel Comforts for Devon Rex

To ensure a stress-free journey for your Devon Rex, it's crucial to include comforts that remind them of home. Familiar items such as their favorite bedding, toys, and even a piece of your clothing can help soothe and reassure your cat during transport. Restraint systems within the carrier, such as a harness or secured bedding, can prevent injury from sudden movements.

Additionally, consider the acoustic environment of the travel carrier. Soft, calming music or a familiar audio recording can significantly reduce travel anxiety for your Devon Rex, making the journey more pleasant for them.

Essential pet transport travel supplies include:

  • Food, bowls and fresh water
  • Collars and leashes
  • Waste bags
  • Medication
  • First-aid supplies
  • Any travel documents
  • A secure, USDA-approved travel crate

Traveling to a new place is exciting but stressful for your pet. Pack their favorite toys, a bed or a comfy blanket to help them enjoy their journey. Familiar items remind them of home and will soothe their anxiety.

Customized Travel Advice for Devon Rex Cats

Stress Reduction Strategies

Reducing stress for Devon Rex cats during transit involves creating a familiar and secure environment. Prior to travel, gradually acclimatize your cat to their carrier by encouraging them to spend time inside it with positive reinforcements like treats and affection. On the day of travel, using pheromone sprays or diffusers can also help soothe your cat, mimicking the smell of feline facial pheromones to create a sense of safety and familiarity.

Ensure the travel environment is quiet and calm as much as possible, avoiding loud noises or sudden movements. Stopping for regular breaks during long drives can also allow your Devon Rex to stretch and relieve itself, reducing discomfort and stress.

Feeding and Litter Box Solutions

When traveling, it's advisable to maintain your Devon Rex's regular feeding schedule as closely as possible. However, to prevent motion sickness, feed them a light meal a few hours before departure. Always have fresh water available, and consider using spill-proof containers to prevent messes. For longer trips, portable litter boxes are essential, enabling your Devon Rex to relieve themselves comfortably.

Plan for breaks and offer meals and water during these times to minimize disruption and mess within the carrier. Using familiar bowls or containers can also help your cat adjust to eating and drinking while in transit.

Climate and Comfort

Maintaining a comfortable travel environment for your Devon Rex is crucial, especially considering their thin coat and intolerance to cold. Ensure the carrier is well insulated and kept away from direct sunlight or drafts. Climate control within the vehicle, when available, should be set to a comfortable, consistent temperature.

Soft, warm bedding inside the carrier can also help regulate your Devon Rex's body temperature, providing them with a cozy spot to snuggle during the journey. Avoid overheating by monitoring the temperature regularly and adjusting the environment as needed.

After the Journey: Settling In Your Devon Rex

Acclimating to New Spaces

After reaching your destination, give your Devon Rex time to adjust to their new surroundings at their own pace. Set up a quiet, secure area with their carrier, litter box, food, and water nearby. Familiar items from home will help reassure them during this transition. Gradually expand their accessible area as they become more comfortable, monitoring their behavior for signs of stress or discomfort.

Patience and gentle encouragement can significantly ease this phase, helping your Devon Rex to settle in smoothly after the journey.

Post-Travel Health Check

Monitoring the health of your Devon Rex after travel is essential. Observe them closely for signs of stress, dehydration, appetite changes, or other health concerns. A post-travel veterinary check-up is advisable to ensure they haven't contracted any illnesses or suffered from undue stress during the journey.

Keep a close eye on their behavior and physical condition in the days following travel, ready to contact a veterinarian if any issues arise. Early detection and intervention can prevent minor problems from escalating.

Maintaining Well-being

To promote the overall well-being of your Devon Rex in their new environment, strive to maintain their routine as much as possible, including feeding, play, and cuddle times. Consistency in their schedule and environment can greatly aid in reducing anxiety and ensuring a smooth transition.

Ensure that your cat continues to receive ample attention and affection to reinforce their sense of security and belonging. Regular engagement and interactive play can help keep your Devon Rex stimulated and content, nurturing their adjustment to the new settings.

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