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Your cat is so much more than four legs and a tail — they’re members of your family and best friends for life. We’re proud to be the nation’s top-rated and leading service for cat transportation.

Our unique process matches you with a fleet of pre-screened drivers with prior experience at transporting cats, with strong emphasis on your pet's comfort and safety.

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Joshua shipped ZhonyaMurfreesboro, TNFairfax, VArating656 mi$375.00
Debbie shipped PopitCarleton, MICrystal Lake, ILrating319 mi$325.00
Talina Lee shipped ZukoPontiac, MILas Vegas, NVrating2018 mi$740.00
Catherine Gonzales shipped HunterSan Antonio, TXOklahoma City, OKrating461 mi$400.00
Shane shipped DaisyLouisburg, NCAbington, MArating692 mi$300.00
Joseph shipped MayberryLas Vegas, NVNew York, NYrating2535 mi$1,700.00
Vincent Kugel shipped CharlieNorth Ridgeville, OHPort Orange, FLrating1003 mi$950.00

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What determines the cost of American Curl shipping

Here's what you need to know about safely transporting your American Curl.

Mode of transportation

ratingGround travel

Cost $$$

Time ⏱⏱

ratingAir travel

Cost $$$

Time ⏱⏱⏱

Ground and air travel have different associated costs. Flying is typically the fastest option, but also the most expensive and taxing on your pet.

Travel distance

The further you need to transport your pet, the more it'll cost. If you're using ground transportation, you'll have to factor in fuel costs, lodging, meals on the road and wear-and-tear on your vehicle. These costs are applicable whether you drive the pet yourself or you hire a transporter through CitizenShipper. Airlines charge more for longer plane rides as well. This is due to the cost of fuel and the need compensate pilots and flight attendants.

Pet size

Smaller pets are easier – and less expensive – to transport. If you’re flying your American Curl, they’ll need to travel in the cargo hold if they’re over 20 pounds. You’ll also need to buy a USDA-approved crate, which can cost around $200. With ground transport, it’s easier for drivers to accommodate small pets.

Health clearance and travel equipment

The first step to transporting your American Curl is ensuring they’re healthy enough to travel. Most species require a vet-issued health certificate to cross state lines. This will cost $50 to $300. You’ll likely need to purchase some equipment too – such as a crate and travel supplies.

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Transporting Your American Curl: Feline Friends on the Move

Breed Characteristics

American Curl cats, renowned for their unique curled ears and friendly disposition, make wonderful travelling companions. Their curiosity and adaptability mean they're generally more open to new experiences, including transportation. However, their distinct ear shape requires gentle handling and protection to prevent discomfort or damage during travel. Understanding the peculiarities of their personality and physical characteristics can significantly influence their transportation experience, making it necessary to choose a travel solution that caters to their specific needs.

Size and Care Requirements

The American Curl is a medium-sized cat breed, with their weight typically ranging between 5 to 10 pounds. Their semi-long to long coat may require regular grooming to prevent matting, especially before a trip, to ensure their comfort. Special consideration should be given to their curled ears, which should be checked and gently cleaned to prevent infection. For transport, ensuring their carrier is spacious enough for them to stand and turn around comfortably is crucial for their well-being during the journey.

Health and Safety Protocols

Prior to transportation, it's paramount that an American Curl undergoes a thorough health check to ensure they're fit for travel. This includes up-to-date vaccinations and a prevention routine for fleas and ticks. Implementing safety measures, such as using a well-ventilated, secure carrier, is essential to avoid stress and potential harm. Additionally, it's advisable to acclimatize your cat to their carrier well in advance of the trip to minimize anxiety.

How to prepare your American Curl for transport

At CitizenShipper, we pride ourselves on making pet transportation a breeze. However, there are things you can do ahead of time to make your best friend’s trip safer and more comfortable.

Man with cat

Talk to your veterinarian

Your pet’s safety is number one – that’s why checking in with your vet before finalizing any travel plans is essential.

Can’t make it to the vet’s office in time? Conveniently video chat with a qualified veterinarian at FirstVet – one of our amazing partners.

Here are the questions you’ll want to ask your vet:

  • Is my pet healthy enough for transport?
  • Is my pet up to date on their vaccines?
  • Is my pet’s microchip still in place and scannable?

Medical Records and Vaccinations

For the safe transport of your American Curl, maintaining an updated record of their medical history, including all vaccinations, is essential. Core vaccinations against rabies, feline calicivirus, feline viral rhinotracheitis, and panleukopenia are critical. These documents may be required by transport services, so having them readily available will streamline the travel preparation process.

Identification and Security

Ensuring your American Curl is easily identifiable during travel is key to their security. Tags with contact information, along with microchipping, provide layers of identification should they become separated from you. Additionally, the use of a safe and escape-proof carrier is necessary to prevent your pet from getting lost or injured.

Man with cat
Man with dog

Travel Comforts for American Curl

To make your American Curl's travel experience as comfortable as possible, include familiar items in their carrier, such as a favored blanket or toy. These items can provide a sense of security in unfamiliar environments. Moreover, ensuring the carrier is well-ventilated and placed in a stable, quiet part of the vehicle will help reduce stress during the journey.

Essential pet transport travel supplies include:

  • Food, bowls and fresh water
  • Collars and leashes
  • Waste bags
  • Medication
  • First-aid supplies
  • Any travel documents
  • A secure, USDA-approved travel crate

Traveling to a new place is exciting but stressful for your pet. Pack their favorite toys, a bed or a comfy blanket to help them enjoy their journey. Familiar items remind them of home and will soothe their anxiety.

Customized Travel Advice for American Curl Cats

Stress Reduction Strategies

Reducing stress for your American Curl during travel can be achieved with careful planning. Introducing your cat to the carrier and short trips ahead of time can lessen anxiety. Use of pheromone sprays in the carrier can also mimic the comfort of familiar scents, providing a calming effect. Keeping a routine as close to their normal schedule as possible, including play and interaction times, is beneficial too.

Feeding and Litter Box Solutions

When travelling, maintaining feeding routines is crucial, but feeding should be light to prevent motion sickness. Planning for litter box use involves either portable litter solutions or scheduled stops on longer journeys. Hydration is also key, so ensuring access to water, possibly through secure and spill-proof containers, will keep your American Curl hydrated and comfortable.

Climate and Comfort

Ensuring a comfortable travel climate for your American Curl considers factors such as the car's temperature and sun exposure. Their coats, though varying in length, provide insulation, yet direct sun or high temperatures can cause overheating. Adjusting air conditioning or providing shade in the vehicle can help maintain an optimal, comfortable temperature range.

After the Journey: Settling In Your American Curl

Acclimating to New Spaces

Once at the destination, gradually introducing your American Curl to their new surroundings can ease the transition. Begin with a quiet, small area with their familiar items, and slowly expand their accessible space. This method allows them to adjust at their own pace, reducing stress and promoting a sense of security.

Post-Travel Health Check

Following travel, monitoring your American Curl’s health is critical. Look for signs of stress or discomfort, including changes in eating, litter box usage, or behavior. Early detection of any issues allows for prompt response, ensuring your cat’s health and happiness post-journey.

Maintaining Well-being

Keeping routines consistent in your American Curl's new environment supports their overall well-being. This includes maintaining a steady schedule for feeding, grooming, play, and rest. Such consistency helps anchor them, providing comfort and stability amidst change, and ensuring a smooth transition to their new home.

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