24/7 shipping - Cheap Shipping - In The News - 26 February 2015

How to Ship Frozen Food

Need a frozen delicacy delivered but concerned it won’t stay ice-covered for the entire trip? Don’t despair. Suitable packaging and timing will help get your perishable frozen food to its destination before the thaw. Proper Pa […]

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Boat Shippping - For Shippers - Pet Shipping - Vehicle Shipping - 19 February 2015

How To Choose the Right Transporter at CitizenShipper

At CitizenShipper’s online marketplace, you can pick and choose from thousands of transporters. Some specialize in specific categories (pets, vehicles, boats, etc). Others can move just about any type of shipment you need. A […]

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24/7 shipping - Apartment Moves - Cheap Shipping - For Shippers - Furniture Shipping - Household Items - In The News - 18 February 2015

Choosing the Right Online Mover or Moving Company

Whether it’s across town or across the country, moving households is one of the biggest tasks you can undertake. Choosing an online mover to help you relocate from a house or apartment can not only save you money, but offer a pe […]

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24/7 shipping - Apartment Moves - For Shippers - Household Items - In The News - 16 February 2015

When, And How Much, To Tip An Online Driver

By Ron Watson, Jr. You’ve planned your move to the finest detail, but something has come up at the last moment that requires assistance from your driver. Your mover has gone through extraordinary weather to get your load deliver […]

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24/7 shipping - Boat Shippping - In The News - 13 February 2015

How To Ship a Standard Sized Boat

By Ron Watson, Jr. Are you considering shipping a small boat but uncertain about getting it to a distant location? Bass boats, skiffs, aluminum flat boats, canoes and similar craft are ideal cargo for online haulers. Shipping smal […]

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How To Ship a Powerboat or Other Standard Sized Craft

24/7 shipping - Boat Shippping - Cheap Shipping - In The News - Load Boards - 09 February 2015

How to Ship a Powerboat

By Ron Watson, Jr. Powerboats are among the largest, most valuable cargo that can be shipped over the road. If you’re looking at shipping a powerboat, it’s crucial to pick the right driver – especially their credentials, fee […]

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24/7 shipping - Cheap Shipping - hot shot delivery - In The News - Pets - 02 February 2015

David Zimmerman: CitizenShipper Newcomer Making Strides

Last December, David Zimmerman joined the ranks of CitizenShipper drivers, specializing in pet transport. In the next seven weeks, he completed eight shipments and recently stepped up to help deliver a puppy that was marooned in a […]

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24/7 shipping - hot shot delivery - In The News - Pets - 27 January 2015

How to Ship a Dog

Shipping your beloved canine can be a nerve-racking event, but proper planning as well as choosing the right driver will put your mind at ease. Properly shipping a dog should be seen as a two-step process – first, training your […]

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Courier Jobs - Hot Shot - In The News - Pets - 20 January 2015

Tips for Transporting Your Cat

Cats can be joyful pets – their companionship and loyalty know no bounds. When having them shipped, you want the best care possible for your furry friend. Many owners consider their cats as their “babies” and should be t […]

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