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Elderly couple smiling in a kitchen, the man sitting in a wheelchair and the woman next to him on their Journey to Happiness, both holding a small dog.

For Customers » Pets · Updated July 09, 2024

Top 25 Best Dog Breeds for Every Lifestyle

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, there’s a lot of things to think over. Getting a dog isn’t like buying a random toy at the supermarket — you have to consider how this living animal will fit into your lifestyle. The best dog breeds for every lifestyle depend on factors like activity level, whether

A man and woman stand next to a white SUV, gently cradling a small puppy wrapped in a colorful blanket. Trees and a road are in the background.

For Customers » Pet Shipping · Updated July 09, 2024

Getting Reliable Puppy Transport Service in the USA

You’ve just found the perfect puppy for your family. Sweet and cuddly, it’s exactly the breed that you were looking for and comes from a highly-recommended, reputable breeder. The problem? The breeder (and your puppy) are hundreds or even thousands of miles away, and you’re not up for the task of transporting it back yourself.

A small, grey and tan puppy stands in a vehicle with a pet carrier in the background, showcasing one of the many pet transportation alternatives to traditional pet relocation. A hand is visible near the puppy.

For Customers » Pets · Updated July 11, 2024

Top 50 Best Dog Names for Your New Puppy

You’ve probably already researched getting a new puppy. The addition of a new member to the family is something to be cherished. There are so many emotions that are going on through your brain — excitement, nervousness, glee and even sometimes anxiety. As the process of getting a new puppy starts to unfold, the day

Two dogs in separate travel crates at a military pet transport event, with a water bowl and accessories nearby.

For Customers » Pet Shipping · Updated July 08, 2024

Traveling with Your Dog: The Ultimate Guide

There are many scenarios where you may be thinking about traveling with your dog. Maybe you’re going on vacation and don’t want to leave your dog alone.

A person gently cradles the face of a black and brown dog as it lays inside a pet carrier.

Pet Shipping · Updated July 03, 2024

Best Dog Travel Crates & Kennels: Top Choices for Your Canine

So you’re moving to another state or city because you got a new job. You’ve researched everything in the dog transport process and have streamlined your choices. You’ve narrowed the options in how you’re going to transport your dog to its final destination. The next step you want to research is dog travel crates and

A white dog in an animal shelter cage.

For Customers » Pet Shipping · Updated July 03, 2024

How Much Does Dog Transportation Cost?

If you’re a pet owner moving to another city or state, you’re probably considering some form of dog transportation. The cost of dog transportation is a major concern, especially because moving is a time during which money may be tight. How much does dog transportation cost, and what factors go into the price?

Two herding breed dogs sitting in a grassy field, one black and one tan, both looking upwards with open mouths.

For Customers · Updated July 02, 2024

The 10 Best Dog Breeds for Protection

Are you thinking of getting a dog? Do you feel the need to get a dog who can be a watchful protector? The best dog breeds for protection are specifically bred to keep families and property secure, making you feel safe..

A small dog, one of the future of flying’s cutest pets, is standing on an airplane seat wearing a jacket. It holds a boarding pass in its mouth next to the airplane window, ready for travel.

Pet Shipping · Updated July 01, 2024

What Does the Future of Flying with Pets Look Like?

Pets have been jet-setting since Kiddo the cat accidentally crossed the Atlantic by airship in 1910. Bringing a pet aboard a modern aircraft is quite a bit more complicated, though. Pet owners looking to fly with their medium- to large-sized dogs are typically faced with a risky prospect. Multiple incidents in recent years have resulted

Two dogs, one white with brown patches and one black with brown markings, stand in a wooden kennel behind a wire fence. Both look to the left with their mouths slightly open, embodying the tranquility of pet lodging for military moves.

For Customers » Military Moves · Updated July 01, 2024

Temporary Shelters, Foster Programs & Pet Lodging for Military Moves

When you receive PCS orders, your life is uprooted and often you have to move to another state. When you’re in the process of finding a new home, you may have trouble finding pet-friendly housing quickly. In those cases, your best option might be to find a temporary home for your furry friend. Let’s take

For Customers » Military Moves · Updated July 01, 2024

Managing a PCS with Pets: A Military Family’s Relocation Checklist

For families facing Permanent Change of Station orders, managing a military move can be stressful. There are many things you need to plan for when you’re moving to another state or even to another country. The process is usually even more complicated when you’re moving with pets.