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Your Guide to Hassle-Free Pet Relocation in Castle Rock

Welcome to CitizenShipper’s Castle Rock pet transport services, where your pet’s safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our platform connects you with highly skilled transporters in Castle Rock, ensuring a smooth journey for your furry or feathered friends. Dive in to find a compassionate and reliable pet transport solution tailored to meet your needs.

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Australian Shepherd named Maverick

Australian Shepherd Maverick

Castle Rock, CO 80104 to Angola, IN


ship pets1,184mi

Ace Ventura Pet Transport
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Golden Doodle named Toby

Golden Doodle Toby

Castle Rock, CO 80104 to Palm Beach Gardens, FL


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Companion Ship
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Bernedoodlr named Puppy

Bernedoodlr Puppy

Castle Rock, CO 80109 to Durango, CO


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Sporting Dog Retrieval & Delivery
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Australian Cattle Dog named Marci

Australian Cattle Dog Marci

Everett, MA to Castle Rock, CO 80104


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Precious Cargo Unlimited, LLC
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Great Dane/Mastiff mix and a Yorkie named Phoenix & Coco

Great Dane/Mastiff mix and a Yorkie Phoenix & Coco

Grant-Valkaria, FL to Castle Rock, CO 80104


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Paradise Pets Travels
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Husky named Akira

Husky Akira

Kingsville Township, MO to Castle Rock, CO 80109


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MoJoes Pet Transport
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What do you need for pet shipping to or from Castle Rock, CO?

Before hiring a pet transport service in Castle Rock, OH, follow these essential steps. These actions ensure compliance with local pet transport laws, confirm your pet's health for the journey, and have your pets ready to arrive safely.

First, obtain a Veterinary Inspection Certificate from a licensed vet within 10 days of travel.

Next, secure a rabies vaccination certificate, issued within 30 days before the journey.

Some Castle Rock transport companies offer pet carriers; if not, you’ll need to buy one.

Ensure the carrier allows the pet to stand, sit, and turn around, provides ventilation, has a solid bottom and closes securely.

If you need to transport young pets, the carrier must have padded walls.

What determines the cost of pet shipping in Castle Rock, Colorado?

It’s hard to give an exact estimate of the cost of pet transportation because of the variables:


Method of Transport

First, you’ll decide between air or pet ground transportation. Small animals can be checked as carry-on luggage on flights, which is the least expensive option — keep in mind you’ll need to buy a ticket for your pet as well as yourself. Larger breeds must fly in the cargo area, which can cost as much as $1,000 or more depending on the pet shipping airline’s policy.

Save money on Castle Rock pet transport service with the CitizenShipper marketplace. Drivers bid on your transportation listing, lowering costs. Once you receive bids, read reviews and communicate directly with them to find the perfect match.


Timing and Distance

Castle Rock pet transport companies charge a per-mile rate for ground transport; the further the distance, the lower your pet transport cost per mile.

The timing of the transport matters. Because summer and holidays are the busiest times of the year, pet shipping companies in Castle Rock, Colorado charge a premium due to limited availability.


VIP Service

You can expect to pay extra for VIP service. Some transport companies in Castle Rock, CO transport your pet alone in a pet taxi. Why is VIP service preferential?

  • VIP service maintains quarantine for young pets who aren’t fully vaccinated.

  • The transporter’s sole focus is your pet, ensuring it travels stress-free.

  • You won’t need to stress about the behavior of temperamental dogs or cats.

How to find the best pet transport service in Castle Rock, Colorado?

Of course you want to hire the best pet transport service to ship your pet to or from Castle Rock, Colorado. But what steps do you take to find the right Castle Rock pet transport company?

There are many obstacles to pet shipping, whether it’s price, the age of your puppy or kitten, availability of transporters, business hours or a pet that can’t be transported via airplane.

  • It’s hard to estimate the cost of pet transportation because there are so many variables.

  • Look for driver profiles on CitizenShipper that include detailed information about past experience, special equipment and professional qualifications like USDA T Registration.

  • You can discuss every trip detail with transporters using CitizenShipper’s internal messaging system.

  • Cost is always a consideration, but sometimes the best pet transporters charge more for superior service — your pet’s comfort and your peace of mind are well worth it.

Our promise: safe and happy pets at every step

Your pets are so much more than four legs and a tail — they’re members of your family and best friends for life.

We’re proud to be the nation’s top-rated and leading service for pet transportation. Our unique process matches you with a fleet of pre-screened drivers that you have the luxury to choose from.

You’ll know exactly who’ll care for your beloved pet, whether it's a puppy, kitten or a full-grown cat or dog.


$1k Pet Protection Coverage

Up to $1,000 pet protection guarantee1 to give you peace of mind when booking.


24/7 access to TeleVet Care

Offered through our partner FirstVet for your peace of mind.


Booking Assurance Guaranteed

From quote to delivery, so you can select and ship with confidence2.


$1k Pet Protection Coverage

Background checks3, direct contact with drivers and thousands of customer reviews at your fingertips. Because your pet should only be in the best of hands.

We are committed to building a safe, caring environment for people and animals on the road

  • We carefully background check all drivers.

  • We verify transporter addresses and contact information for additional protection.

  • Photos of drivers and their vehicles help confirm who and what to expect.

  • Detailed customer reviews provide insight and transparency to your selection process.

Real User Reviews: Here's Why CitizenShipper is the #1 Choice for Pet Shipping!

Castle Rock, CO Pet Shipping Services

Dog Shipping

CitizenShipper understands the importance of your dog's comfort and safety during transportation. Our professional transporters are experienced in handling dogs of all breeds and sizes. We ensure your dog is well-cared for throughout the journey, with regular breaks for exercise and bathroom needs. Whether you're moving across town or the country, our dog shipping services make the process stress-free.

Cat Shipping

Cats require a calm and secure environment during travel. CitizenShipper’s cat shipping services are designed to minimize stress and provide a serene journey for your feline friend. Our transporters are skilled in handling cats and use comfortable carriers to ensure their well-being. From regular check-ins to ensuring a calm environment, we ensure your cat arrives at their destination happy and healthy.

Puppy Transportation

Transporting puppies demands extra care and attention. CitizenShipper offers tailored puppy transportation services to ensure the well-being of young dogs. Our experienced transporters make sure puppies are kept warm, fed, and comfortable throughout the journey. Whether you're welcoming a new puppy or sending one to a new family, our services guarantee a safe and nurturing trip.

Ground Pet Transport

CitizenShipper provides reliable ground pet transport services for pets of all kinds. Our network of professional drivers is committed to offering a safe and comfortable journey for your pets. Ground transport is ideal for pets that are not comfortable flying or for shorter distances. With regular updates and a focus on your pet’s well-being, we ensure a smooth ground transportation experience.

Air Nanny Pet Transport

For longer distances or international moves, our air nanny pet transport service offers a secure and stress-free travel option. Our experienced air nannies accompany your pet throughout the flight, ensuring they are comfortable and well-cared for from departure to arrival. With our air nanny service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet is in expert hands, receiving personalized care throughout their journey.

Choose CitizenShipper for all your pet shipping needs in Castle Rock and experience the highest standard of care and professionalism. Whether by ground or air, we are dedicated to making your pet’s travel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Discover Castle Rock, CO

Welcome to Castle Rock, Colorado, a picturesque town that epitomizes the heart and soul of the Rocky Mountain State. Nestled between Denver and Colorado Springs, Castle Rock offers an irresistible blend of small-town charm and natural beauty, making it a perfect stop for pet lovers and their furry companions. Whether you're just passing through or settling in, you'll find plenty of pet-friendly spaces and activities that promise an unforgettable experience for you and your pet. Journey with us as we explore the havens for hounds and sanctuaries for Siamese alike!

The Great Outdoors

If fresh mountain air and stunning landscapes are what you and your pet crave, then Castle Rock's outdoor offerings will not disappoint. 'Ruff' it out on the trails of Castlewood Canyon State Park, where you can explore the verdant surroundings and maybe even spot some local wildlife. The park's trails cater to all levels of hikers and their four-legged friends, ensuring a day's adventure is always within paw's reach. Keep in mind, to preserve the natural habitat, pets should be on a leash, and always remember to clean up after them.

For a more leisurely outdoor experience, visit the Rock Park which provides an accessible trail to the base of the town's namesake rock formation. It's an ideal setting for a dog-friendly hike with panoramic views that both you and your pet can admire. Not to mention, the numerous open spaces and dog parks such as Fairgrounds Regional Dog Park are perfect for those days when your pet needs to run free and socialize with other canines.

Pet-friendly Places

The bond between humans and their pets is invaluable, and in Castle Rock, there are countless opportunities to strengthen that connection. Downtown Castle Rock is brimming with pet-friendly patios and eateries, allowing you and your companion to dine and relax together. At the Outlets at Castle Rock, you can enjoy a day of shopping with your pet by your side. Many stores here welcome pets, making it a unique and accommodating experience for both you and your best friend.

Unwind at one of the town's numerous pet-friendly breweries like 105 West Brewing Company, where you can enjoy local craft beers in the company of your pet. Or perhaps, to spoil your furry friend, visit a specialty pet boutique like Chewy's Bonetique, where gourmet treats, stylish accessories, and more are available for the discerning pet and their owner.

Exploring the City

Castle Rock is not only great for outdoor adventures and shopping but also rich with attractions that reflect its history and culture. Take a stroll through the Historic Downtown and discover the charm of the old buildings, local shops, and the thriving arts scene. Many of these locales are pet-friendly, so you can immerse yourself in the town's heritage with your pet by your side. Annual events like the Castle Rock Starlighting Ceremony welcome pets to partake in the community's festivities and traditions.

For a dose of culture, check out the live performances at the Theatre of Dreams, or for a more laid-back experience, join the locals at a pet-friendly event at Festival Park. Whether it's a pop-up artisan market or an outdoor concert, Castle Rock ensures that there's always something exciting on the horizon for both you and your furry friend to enjoy together.

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