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For Customers - For Drivers - Interviews - Meet the Team - 29 November 2019

Meet the Team: Robert Cohen

Next up in our ongoing series of staff interviews is Robert Cohen, our onboarding manager. Drivers who’ve signed up recently might recognize this native of Portland, Oregon if they ran into him on the street! Robert’s the man beh […]

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Richard Obousy

For Drivers - Interviews - Meet the Team - 13 October 2019

Meet the Team: Richard Obousy

After introducing you to our customer support representatives, we’re switching things up to bring you our founder and CEO, Richard Obousy! […]

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For Drivers - Interviews - Meet the Team - 12 September 2019

Meet the team: Matthew Coleman

Continuing our series of CitizenShipper staff interviews, we bring you Matthew Coleman, a customer support representative, bucket list champion, and one of our most recent additions to the team. Tell us a little bit about yourself […]

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Jen and Bear

For Drivers - Interviews - Meet the Team - 12 August 2019

Meet the team: Jennifer Buchanan

A mother, manager and a huge animal lover – the first blog in our series features an interview with Jennifer Buchanan, our longest present team member in charge of keeping all of our customers and transporters satisfied. […]

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