Meet the team: Jennifer Buchanan

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated: March 8, 2023 / Published: August 12, 2019

A mother, manager and a huge animal lover – the first blog in this series features an interview with Jennifer Buchanan, our longest present team member in charge of keeping all of our customers and transporters satisfied.

Jen and Bear
Jen and Bear

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your experience?

I am the Senior Customer Relations Manager for CitizenShipper, and have been with the company for seven years now. I have two amazing kiddos, ages 3 and 7 months, who keep me on my toes at all times! I love living near the ocean for impromptu beach days and reading when I have free time. (With two little ones, it’s not often! Haha!) I originally attended college for an education degree, with a minor in business, but I’m very happy with the direction my career has taken and wouldn’t change a thing.

How have you discovered CitizenShipper and what made you join the team?

I originally answered an ad on Indeed for a virtual receptionist position for CitizenShipper back in 2012 and met with Richard, the CEO. It was a perfect fit! The belief in the product and genuine excitement I could see in Richard was one of the main reasons I was interested in joining the team. It seemed like a good opportunity to be a part of something great from the ground floor, so to speak.

Which of the company use cases and goals best align with your personal values?

I believe the main goals of Citizenshipper – to ensure customer satisfaction by going above and beyond – are among the values I take to heart and really believe in. When customers come to us with a need or concern, I always want to help out to the best of my ability because I understand where they are coming from and genuinely care and want to help. This is true in my personal life as well, with friends, family, and the like, so it comes as second nature when working at Citizenshipper.

Which part of your work are you most excited about?

I thoroughly enjoy speaking with customers, whether it be drivers or shippers, hearing about their experiences, anecdotes of travels, etc. I also take real pride when we can help out in situations that have been difficult for the customers, and provide them with a quick and successful solution. We have been instrumental in several cases where we have been able to help with pet rescues, adoptions, and even what started out as bad circumstances that were turned around by us being able to connect the shippers with caring, quality drivers.

What does the future of CitizenShipper look like from your perspective?

I would honestly say, the sky is the limit for Citizenshipper. In my seven years with the company, I have seen so much growth and improvement in our ability to connect shippers and drivers. We have added to our team with some wonderful people who are also instrumental in the growth and productivity of our site, as well as always adding to the growing numbers of shippers and drivers we are able to connect with and help. There’s nothing but great and exciting things coming in the future of Citizenshipper!

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  1. Hi,
    We are fairly new to citizenshipper. We have used different load boards over the last 14 years but Jennifer is SO WONDERFUL! WE HAVE SINCE JUST BEEN USING OUR PERSONAL CUSTOMERS AS WELL AS CITIZENSHIPPER. WE WILL NEVER USEVANYONE AGAIN!

  2. Two years ago, I noticed that you completely fabricated quotes from me for your article “Pet transport guidelines for CitizenShipper drivers.” You used my name (Cory Bilicko) without my permission. You completely made up information about me. (I’ve never been any kind of cat expert or cat transporter, as your article falsely claimed.) You even fabricated a quote that you actually attributed to me.

    Just now, I returned to the article to see if the problem had been corrected. However, instead of it being corrected, you merely substituted my last name with the name Jennings. You went from publishing one lie to yet another lie.

    What kind of publication/website is this that just carelessly publishes anything it wants and uses people’s names without their permission?

    As a former journalist and newspaper editor, I am completely appalled and plan to investigate this further.

  3. My dog was supposed to get to me within 2 days and it’s been 6 days now! With no end in sight. The driver has been nothing but rude and condescending. Customer service? Doesn’t exist within this company, not sure how this can even be called a company. What a joke.

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