Meet the team: Matthew Coleman

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated March 8, 2023
Laying, snow, dog.

Continuing our series of CitizenShipper staff interviews, we bring you Matthew Coleman, a customer support representative, bucket list champion, and one of our most recent additions to the team.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Matt. Your likes, dislikes, relationship with animals…?

I am a Customer Service Rep at CitizenShipper and have been with the company for three months now. I love exploring and crossing off bucket list activities. (Falling through a cloud and eating fire were my two most recent experiences.) I am slightly obsessed with personal development. When I am not chasing my next fear, you can find me either reading or writing my own material and goofing around with my nephews and nieces.

My family includes too many dogs to count, ranging from Chihuahuas to Great Danes and just about every size and color in between. I personally have a Jack Russell Terrier and a German Shorthaired Pointer who’ve just had puppies!

How did you come across CitizenShipper? What made you want to join the team?

I found CitizenShipper through a site called and met with Richard (CEO) and the team via video call. I loved the culture and atmosphere at CitizenShipper. After I learned more about what we actually do – getting fur babies to their owners – I was sold!

Which of the company’s goals best align with your personal values?

I think being personable and relatable is one of the biggest values I apply on and off the clock. I love animals and have a ton of my own. As a vegan, I strongly believe in animal rights to living a great life. So when emails or calls come in with pet-related issues, I fully empathize with our community. The last thing they want to hear is an automated response. So, I try to let them know an actual person is on the other side, doing everything they can to help them.

Which aspect of your work are you most excited about?

I love talking with new people everyday and helping them with their issues – one of the main roles of being in customer support. As crazy as it sounds, I enjoy solving problems, simplifying something that may not be understood, etc. It provides a sense of purpose knowing that someone’s day is going to be slightly better after talking with me, regardless of their situation.

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In you opinion, what does the future hold in store for CitizenShipper?

I truly believe that CitizenShipper is going to earn its spot alongside some of the giant peer-to peer companies today. We still have a lot of room to grow and a lot of improvement to make. Still, I am super excited to see how big of an impact we can make, and how many smiles we can put on our customers’ faces!

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  1. Matt, I can not leave my super 5 star rating for my driver because the only password I found in my papers will not work. I clicked on send me a code to
    reset with my email and have received nothing from you. Whats up ???

    PayPal shows you got your money.

    Regards, Charlie

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