Driving your pet by yourself avoids needing to pay for a pet shipping service.

For Breeders - For Customers - Pet Shipping - Pets - 21 December 2022

How to Decide Which Pet Shipping Service Is Best For You?

The last time you decided to transport a pet, you did it yourself? We’ll wager that the process was overwhelming and stressful. You told yourself: “Never again!” Driving to another state or cross country alone is […]

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Do your research to find the best car transport service.

For Customers - Vehicle Shipping - 21 December 2022

How to Get The Best Car Transport Service

Moving can be stressful enough, but it can feel downright overwhelming when you have to ship a car across the country. Whether you’re in the military and you are being relocated or selling a rare or valuable car, getting the […]

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For Breeders - For Customers - For Drivers - 21 December 2022

The Role USDA Plays in Pet Travel

CitizenShipper is proud to be labeled the safest place to find a transporter for your pets. You don’t need any formal qualifications or specific experience to set up a business as a pet transporter — but a professional pet tra […]

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For Customers - Pet Shipping - Pets - 19 December 2022

How Do I Prepare for Cross-Country Dog Transport?

When you embark on an extended vacation or move to a new home across the country, you prepare as best as you can to minimize stress and ensure nothing gets forgotten. When you prepare for cross-country dog transport, it&#8217 […]

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For Breeders - For Customers - Pet Shipping - 19 December 2022

Best Ways to Ship an Animal Across the Country

Quick! What’s the best way to ship an animal across the country? Ok, pencils down. The answer isn’t actually that easy. See, you might think flying by plane is the easiest. It sure is the fastest, but there are a lot of re […]

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For Customers - Vehicle Shipping - 19 December 2022

Step-By-Step Guide to Shipping a Car Across the Country

It’s fairly common to move to another state nowadays. With jobs going remote or companies moving to other states to get tax breaks, people are finding themselves going to a cheaper place to live or moving to a state they’ve al […]

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For Customers - Horse Shipping - 15 December 2022

How to Access Nationwide Horse Transport

Are you looking for horse transportation companies to move your horse across the country? Whether it is a short trip or an extended journey, nationwide horse transport can be a daunting task. […]

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For Customers - Horse Shipping - 13 December 2022

Find the Best Horse Transportation Companies

The United States is home to more than 7 million horses on farms all across the country. These strong, magnificent creatures are a staple in many cultures, learning complex tricks for shows, participating in races, acting in iconi […]

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For Customers - Horse Shipping - 13 December 2022

An Alternative to Horse Trailer Rental

Horses are majestic creatures. They’re the quintessential animals that humans love to feature in movies, television shows and novels. They’re trusted, intelligent animals people rely on. When it comes to transporting horse […]

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