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8 Best Motorcycle Shipping Companies in 2020 | Citizenshipper

Demand for motorcycle shipping in America has more than doubled this decade. The number of registered motorcycles in the US approaches 10 million and the number of motorcycle shipping companies has increased at a similar rate to respond to the growing market.

If you’ve started looking into shipping your motorcycle, you’ll know you have many options: from small independent businesses through online marketplaces to high-profile professional auto haulers. It’s a buyer’s market and the savvy motorcycle owner is guaranteed to find superb deals without skimping on safety or expertise if they have time to research different motorcycle shipping companies.

That’s a lot of research and not everyone has time. So we’ve taken a look at what companies are on the market and put our findings in one guide. showing you the best motorcycle shipping companies available and what makes them superior. Read on to establish the best choice for your budget, schedule, location and make & model.

Safe, Affordable Motorcycle Shipping

Here are (in our view) the top eight motorcycle shipping companies of 2022.

8. Motorcycles Transport Services

Motorcycles Transport Services is a textbook, by-the-numbers motorcycle transport company. Its service has no added benefits but no hidden costs. You can rely on the company’s history and insight into the business, and the shipper who takes on the job is likely to bring a fair amount of relevant experience.

MTS is best for motorcycle owners in a hurry. One phone call is enough to receive a quote with all the necessary costs included. State all the essential info you have about the job timeframe, make and model, whether the motorcycle is coming or going to an individual or a dealership and you will receive a quote quickly. There’s not much room for price negotiation, but the user on a schedule may not appreciate that extra back-and-forth anyway. Different payment methods and end-to-end care for the condition of your bike are offered as well.

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  • Speed and ease of quote-giving
  • Specialists in motorcycle transport


  • Needs all information upfront before a contract can be signed
  • Not much room for price negotiations

7. King of the Road

King of the Road offers door-to-door shipping services across the nation, from motorcycles to motorboats. It’s an officially bonded and insured vehicle transport brokerage firm. It can also transport other types of vehicles. Its service offers no size restriction, so if you need a 1,433 pound, 11-foot long Leonhardt Gunbus 410 shipped coast to coast, you’re in luck. King Of The Road also ships overseas.


  • Ships overseas
  • No up-front charges — you won’t pay until the job’s done
  • No size restrictions


  • Quotes are only an estimate and aren’t guaranteed

6. Sherpa Auto Transport

Like King Of The Road, Sherpa Auto Transport specializes in transporting vehicles of all types. It’s renowned for excellent customer service, pricing is transparent, and the company is licensed, bonded and insured. You can choose between enclosed and open-air shipping (the former being more expensive.) If cost is your concern, Sherpa offers the Price Lock Promise. This guarantee ensures you’ll pay the exact amount agreed in the quote, with no chance of additional costs due to delays or accidents.

The Clean Car Guarantee offers customers a $20 reimbursement to cover the cost of a carwash in the seven days after delivery. Repeat customers are eligible for a discount. In short, Sherpa is a good option if you value a transparent company you can speak to frequently and are anxious about incurring extra costs.


  • Price Lock Promise
  • Clean Car Guarantee
  • Highly-rated customer service


  • No real-time shipment tracking available

5. AmeriFreight

While not a motorcycle-shipping specialist, AmeriFreight is a big contender on the market in part because it’s highly rated by the Better Business Bureau. One reason it earns its solid A+ BBB rating is its price match guarantee. Another is that it’s very selective about which carriers it uses — though it has access to up to 100,000 drivers, it only uses the top 5%. There are versatile pricing options including one that offers a full-guaranteed estimate for next-day shipping.

  • The Economy Rate Saver takes a few weeks for you to be matched with a carrier, though it offers the lowest prices. Sometimes your final price will be higher than the initial quote.
  • The First Class Rate gives you a guaranteed price but is only available if you can ship your bike in 24 hours or less.
  • The Priority Preferred Rate is usually comparable to other motorcycle shipping companies’ rates. It won’t be as inexpensive as the Economy Rate Saver and won’t be guaranteed like the First Class Rate. How this payment tier works is AmeriFreight allows the carriers to bid on your shipping job and you’ll pay the lowest bid.

AmeriFreight vows to match any other BBB-rated company’s price for a similar job available from a retailer within 25 miles of the AmeriFreight location. The company also offers additional insurance through the Allied Fidelity Total Assurance (AFta) program. For between $50-$100, the plan offers $2000 gap coverage towards your deductible and gives you 48 hours to report any damage to your bike after it arrives at the destination.


  • Extensive coverage (3-step insurance plan)
  • Price match and refund guarantee
  • A+ BBB ranking


  • Not many customer reviews
  • Few premium service options

4. Motorcycle Shippers

Motorcycle Shippers offers many options depending on how tight your schedule is and whether you’d prefer valuation coverage. Getting a quote from Motorcycle Shippers is easy: their website offers a simple tool that will provide a quote instantly. Convenience, then, is Motorcycle Shippers’ trump card.

There are obvious benefits to a vehicle transportation service specializing in the exact vehicle you want to transport. You have peace of mind they can handle any motorcycle and are familiar with the quirks and idiosyncrasies of different makes and models. However, there are some restrictions on the size of the bike as they use covered trailers. Motorcycle Shippers are a good service if you need an express delivery from a specialist, and your motorcycle isn’t too big.


  • VIP Express Premium shipping available for urgent shipments
  • Instant quotes
  • $7,000 of additional valuation coverage
  • Email address not needed to receive a quote


  • No price-matching
  • No real-time shipper tracking
  • Will not ship motorcycles over 108” x 46”

3. Haul Bikes

Like Motorcycle Shippers, Haul Bikes’ one and only specialty is shipping motorcycles. They know the bike-hauling business well and use customized equipment that specifically designed for transporting motorcycles. Unfortunately because it uses enclosed carriers for transportation, there is a limit to the size of the bikes it’ll transport, which is about about 58″ tall.

The company hires certified motorcycle professionals as drivers, adding even more peace of mind for motorcycle owners. These drivers have more expertise than the average hauler, resulting in Haul Bikes having very few damage claims. Even though the company has an excellent safety record, it offers insurance of up to $15,000, which is included in the quoted price.


  • All drivers are licensed bikers
  • Uses enclosed trailers
  • Straightforward costs and delivery dates
  • Offers insurance up to $15,000


  • Presently they do NOT pick up or deliver to Key West, Washington DC or the five boroughs of New York City (Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island) – nor gated communities anywhere.
  • No motorcycles taller than 58” are allowed
  • Transit time can be longer

2. Montway Auto Transport

If you’ve shipped a motorcycle in the past, Montway Auto Transport is probably a name you’ve heard before. The company ships all kinds of vehicles nationwide, so if you are concerned about shipping to or from a hard-to-reach location, Montway has your back. Plus, it only ships motorcycles in enclosed carriers, which protects the bike from the elements, road debris and theft. Despite only offering enclosed transport, Montway’s prices are in line with most other motorcycle shipping companies. Its carriers are GPS-enabled and all carriers in its network are vetted


  • Price not affected by the size of the motorcycle
  • Uses enclosed trailers
  • Works with carriers that are GPS-enabled


  • No guaranteed quotes

1. CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper is different from other motorcycle transportation companies, giving customers the power and freedom to browse free quotes on its shipping dashboard. On its competitive shipping marketplace you can view driver profiles, read reviews from thousands of previous customers and chat with transporters using CitizenShipper.

It’s extremely easy to post the details of your shipment like the type of motorcycle, the destination and origin, and any time constraints. The listing process takes just a few minutes, you’ll get bids on your motorcycle shipping job after a few more minutes and it’s free to view your quotes. Because many of its transporters are already heading in the direction you need to ship your bike, you’ll get much lower prices compared with traditional companies.

To give you even more peace of mind, CitizenShipper has an internal messaging system. Using this system you can speak directly with the motorcycle carriers and be sure he or she can meet your expectations and get more information on his or her experience and credentials. Post a shipment on the marketplace today and see how much you’ll save!


  • Easy to post a listing
  • Cost-effective compared with traditional shipping companies
  • No size restrictions
  • Contact directly with the transporter


  • Not specialized in motorcycle transportation

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