What is Door-to-Door Car Transportation? How to Prepare your car for it? | CitizenShipper

  Door-to-door car transportation service means that your car will be picked up right in front of your door (or very close to it), and delivered to the door of its destination. This is quite unlike terminal-to-terminal car shipping service, where you need to deliver your car to a terminal, from where your car is

Smooth movers: How to find a moving company that won’t let you down

Moving is stressful enough without worrying that the company that you hired on whim is reckless and/or unreliable. A good moving company is one that sets your mind at ease and has the experience to foresee any pitfalls before they happen, and gain a good understanding of what they’re moving before the day it happens.

How to pack a bike for Shipping ? Packing Tips | Citizenshipper

If you have planned a vacation in the saddle, or need to shift your two-wheeler to a mechanic, velodrome or off-road race track, you’ll have started thinking about how to ship it. The good news is you’re not alone. Bikes have been packed and shipped since they were invented, meaning there are packages and cases

What to look for when hiring the right movers?

Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences of adult life, especially if it’s your first time. The decisions and considerations, the inflexible schedules, and the money in play can make you feel like you’re juggling bowling balls. The last thing you need is a moving company that lets you down. Everything needs

How to Unload a Bike Off of a Pickup Truck | Citizenshipper

For advice on loading your motorcycle onto a pickup truck, take a look at our sister guide. Getting your bike onto a pickup truck is only half the battle. There’s another, equally vital step between you and the saddle, and that’s safely unloading your bike from the back of your truck. Two-wheel enthusiasts have a tendency

How to determine freight class during Shipping? | Citizenshipper

Sometimes freight classes can seem arbitrary. You might assume the class of an item of freight would be based on weight and size, and nothing more. That might make things simpler, but it isn’t strictly the case. When determining freight class, a whole lot of other factors are taken into account along with weight and