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In America, demand for motorcycle shipping has more than doubled this decade. The number of registered motorcycles in the US approaches 10 million. To respond to a growing market, the number of motorcycle shipping companies has increased at a similar rate.

If you’ve started looking into shipping your motorcycle, you’ll know you are spoilt for choice: from small independent businesses through online marketplaces to high-profile auto haulers. That makes it a buyer’s market, and the canny motorcycle owner is guaranteed to find amazing deals, without skimping on safety or expertise, if they have time to dig for them.

That’s a lot of research and not everyone has time. So we’ve taken a look at what’s on offer and put our findings in one guide, showing you the best motorcycle shipping services available and why. Read on to establish the best choice for your budget, schedule, location and make & model.

Here are (in our view) the top five motorcycle shipping companies of 2020, in order.

8. Motorcycles Transport Services

Motorcycles Transport Services is a textbook, by-the-numbers specialized motorcycle transport company. Their service is clean, no frills – no added benefits but no hidden costs. Because of its specialism, you can rely on their acumen in the biz, and the shipper who takes on the job is likely to bring a fair bit of relevant experience to it. 

MTS will most benefit motorcycle owners in a hurry. One phone call (888-838-2933) is enough to receive a quote with all the necessary costs included. State all the basic info you have about the job – timeframe, make & model, whether the motorcycle is coming or going to an individual or a dealership – and a quote will be given to you quickly. Not much room for price negotiation, but the user on a schedule may not appreciate that extra back-and-forth anyway. Different payment methods and end-to-end care for the condition for your bike are offered as well.


  • Speed and ease of quote-giving
  • Specialists in motorcycle transport


  • Needs all information upfront before a contract can be signed

7. King of the road

King of the road offers door-to-door shipping services across the nation, from motorcycles to motorboats. They are officially a bonded and insured vehicle transport brokerage firm. If you need other vehicles shipped besides your bike, King of the road are a good bet, although there may be additional fees. 

There is no size restriction, so if you need the 1,433 pound, 11-foot long Leonhardt Gunbus 410 shipped coast to coast, you’re in luck. King of the road also ship overseas, and they have a few discounts you can explore on their website, (although at time of writing their website is down for renovation.)


  • Ships overseas
  • Discounts available


  • Extra fees for faulty motorcycles

6. Sherpa

Like King of the road, Sherpa ‘specializes’ in transporting vehicles of all types. They are renowned for excellent customer service – something some vehicle owners value greatly. Their pricing is transparent and the company is licensed, bonded and insured.

For each shipment, you can choose between enclosed and open-air shipping (the former being more expensive.) If price is your concern, Sherpa offers the Price Lock Promise: this ensures you will pay the exact amount agreed in the quote, with no chance of additional costs due to delays or accidents.

Their Clean Car Guarantee extends to motorcycles too, and allows customers to pay an extra $20 to, you guessed it, clear their vehicle after delivery. Repeat customers are eligible for a discount, so if you expect to be shipping your motorcycle more than once, Sherpa is a smart choice.

In short, Sherpa is a decent option if you value a transparent company you can speak to frequently, and/or are anxious about incurring extra costs.


  • Ships overseas
  • Different packages available to customers
  • Good customer service


  • No real-time shipment tracking available

5. Montway

Montway is a name you’ve most likely heard before. They ship all kinds of vehicles nationwide, so if you are concerned about shipping to or from a hard-to-reach location, Montway has your back. Without discounts, their high profile and cornership of a large chunk of the vehicle shipping market allows them to charge quite a sum. However, there are plenty of discounts on offer if you do a little digging. Students, seniors and members of the military are all eligible. 

Montway’s size means they offer a full-time service year-round, and they use enclosed trailers for motorcycles as well as other vehicles. Montway is a good choice for motorcycle owners who live in out-of-the-way places for whom budget is not a priority, or fall into a category that receives discounts. All in all, a reliable and well-established shipper.


  • Price not affected by size of motorcycle
  • Offers discounts
  • Uses enclosed trailers
  • No upfront payment required


  • Relatively high shipping costs, without discounts
  • Not a motorcycle specialist

4. Motorcycle Shippers

Does what it says on the tin! Motorcycle Shippers offers many options depending on how tight your schedule is and whether you’d prefer valuation coverage. Getting a quote from Motorcycle Shippers is possibly the easiest process on this list: their website offers a simple tool that will provide a quote instantly. Convenience, then, is Motorcycle Shippers’ trump card.

There are obvious benefits to a vehicle transportation service that specialises in the exact vehicle you want to transport. You can have peace of mind they can handle any motorcycle and are familiar with the quirks and idiosyncrasies of different makes and models. However, there are some restrictions on size of bike, although they do use covered trailers. Swings and roundabouts, but at the end of the day, MS are a good service if you need an express delivery from a specialist, and your motorcycle isn’t too big.


  • VIP Express Premium shipping available for urgent shipments
  • Instant quotes
  • $7,000 of additional valuation coverage
  • Email address not needed to receive a quote


  • No price-matching
  • No real-time shipper tracking
  • Will not ship motorcycles over 108” x 46”.

3. Haul Bikes

Haul Bikes haul bikes, and they have the best equipment to match their specialty. They know the bike-hauling biz well, but their service does not extend to accessories of furniture you might want to be transported alongside your ride. But their shipping methods are tailored to accommodate any motorcycle-shipping scenario.

If you’ve heard of Haul Bikes, you may know that their shippers are themselves motorcycle pros. That means Haul Bikes can guarantee amazing expertise for each bike, no matter its make and model. They can boast a service that provides utmost care, resulting in few low-damage claims.

If you’re a motorcycle pro yourself, you may want your motorcycle delivered to Daytona or any other national motorcycle event. Haul Bikes caters to owners who want their bikes there on the day, so you don’t have to make the ride yourself and arrive with a tired bike in need of a tune-up.

Though not as widely available as a company like Montway, Haul Bikes’ advantage comes from their above-par expertise.


  • All drivers are licensed bikers
  • Uses enclosed trailers
  • Straightforward costs and delivery dates
  • Offers insurance up to $15,000


  • Presently they do NOT pick up or deliver to Key West, DC or the five boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island – nor gated communities anywhere.
  • No motorcycles taller than 58” are allowed
  • Transit time can be longer

2. AmeriFreight

While not a motorcycle-shipping specialist, AmeriFreight does boast an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a refund-guarantee. That makes them a big contender in the market.

One reason it earns its high BBB rating is its price match guarantee. AmeriFreight vows to l match the price of any other BBB rated company for a similar job. For price if not for anything else, AmeriFreight is your best choice. There are also many discounts on top of that, but to research them you’ll have to contend with AmeriFreight’s website… possibly the biggest sore spot for an otherwise modern and respected company.

The AF Total Assurance Plan does promise to cover pebbles dinging the bodywork of your bike while in transit, and other issues your bike insurer normally won’t cover.

In summary, a cost-effective solution to motorcycle transportation, if you don’t mind picking up the phone instead of booking online.


  • Extensive coverage (3-step insurance plan)
  • Price match and refund guarantee
  • A+ BBB ranking


  • Outdated and vague website
  • Few premium service options

1. CitizenShipper

What sets CitizenShipper apart from other motorcycle-shipping firms is the ease and freedom they give to customers. Free to pick and choose the right driver. Free to browse quotes and select the perfect option that suits your schedule and budget. With hundreds of drivers on the books, vying for your shipment, you have the rare chance to select the perfect one. Covering the entire US, CitizenShipper’s vetted and trusted drivers are among the most experienced motorcycle haulers in the country.

For all their experience, your wallet doesn’t have to suffer as a result. A competitive online marketplace puts you in the saddle. Competition drives down quotes without sacrificing quality of service.

What’s more, the ease of posting the details of your shipment – type of car, destination, origin – takes less than five minutes. And you’re assured a number of experienced, certified drivers giving you quotes. You can contact each of them if you like, and ask for their experience or credentials. Mostly they will be exhibited on the driver’s profile.

And that’s it! Within minutes you’ll be receiving quotes from some of the safest and most reliable transporters in the industry. Simply post your shipment and let the market do the rest.


  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • No size restrictions
  • Contact directly with transporter


  • Not specialized

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