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At CitizenShipper, we pride ourselves on transparency and the value of our customer's voices. Every review, whether it's a praise or a constructive critique, is shared here.

As you navigate through the experiences of those who've used our services for transporting pets, motorcycles, or furniture, you'll gain a genuine insight into our commitment, safety standards, and dedication.

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Most Recent Reviews From Our Customers

Won by Christy's Drives & Flights for $1400.00
21 lbs Doberman Pinscher from Madison, MS to Ward, MT (2038 mi)

Christy is proven to be a highly reliable and responsible escort for getting our puppy from MS to MT via airline. She kept us well informed and took very good care of our precious cargo. I will use Christy again in the future and recommend her to others.

Furniture from Delray Beach, FL to Bowling Green, KY (926 mi)

Do not book. Never picked up shipment. This provider took up front deposit and then did not show. Zero stars

15 lbs Cat from Los Angeles, CA to Los Angeles, CA (1 mi)

We had two dogs ready to go on an Air France flight from LAX to CDG to Lebanon before the strike canceled all AF flights this week. Mario came to our rescue and picked the pets at 4 am in the morning from a pet hotel near the airport and drove them to SFO. Dogs could then get on an Emirates flight that day while all travel documents were still valid. Looking forward to partnering with you Mario again in future. Thank you πŸ™

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Won by K9 Rides for $700.00
11 lbs Australian Cattle Dog from Brock, TX to Garner, NC (1282 mi)

We were extremely satisfied They were very professional and had great communication I highly recommend them and would definitely use them in the future

30 lbs Dachshund from Perry, FL to Franklin, TN (534 mi)

Great experience all the way around. He gave me hourly updates, sent me pictures and communcated. Even ensure he was giving my babies to the right person. Very friendly, highly recomennded.

Won by Royal Rides for $550.00
36 lbs Australian Shepherd from Austin, TX to Miami, FL (1342 mi)

Timely. Agreed to transport an additional piece of luggage for me, went through it without asking, questioned its contents, and either stole or threw away a few items. Kind of a bummer. But safely transported my pet.

90 lbs American pitbull terrier from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL (2368 mi)

Was a great experience. John gave me a video of my dog at least once a day and would always keep me in the loop of estimated arrival. If I ever need to transport an animal again I will use them!

Won by Furr-Babies-Ride for $350.00
5 lbs Pug from Cumberland, MD to Elizabeth City, NC (354 mi)

Do not use Furr-Babies-Ride/ Rodney Guin II. I was scammed. I booked a puppy transport on Citizen Shipper and hired Rodney Guin II with Furr-Babies-Ride to transport them from Cumberland MD to Elizabeth City NC between 5/19 - 5/21. It was a surprise for my Husband when he got back from a trip and they had to be delivered within that 3 day window. I booked this weeks in advance & spent $350, which more expensive than other bids because he had good ratings. His contract stated any job under $500 would need to be paid in full at the time of booking. The contract also stated that the job would be completed no later than 5/21. We had good communication up to the week of the delivery. Most of his messages he sent said that he was having difficulty getting a van or SUV to transport them. They were two 5 lb Pug mix puppies in a small carrier, so I'm not sure why he needed a van or SUV, as a car would work. This made me suspicious that this was a scam. On Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday before the delivery, I kept texting him asking the status of him getting a vehicle. Again, he indicated the difficulty in getting a vehicle. As of 6:25 pm on Thursday he stopped replying to my text messages. I tried again at 9:25 pm, with no response. On Friday afternoon, he finally replied stating he was still waiting to hear back about a vehicle. At 2:00 pm, I asked what if he didn't get a vehicle. He replied he hoped that he could get one. I asked if I should contact someone else to do the job'? He asked if I wanted to cancel his services and If so I needed to contact citizen shipper or he can. I replied saying no, that I really wanted him to do the job, but this last minute vehicle issue was stressing me out. Rodney replied that he understood my feelings & he doesn't normally have issues, but they were high in demand & he was sorry. I believe now this was all BS. I replied asking if we were still on for delivery. I then sent '??' at 9:00 pm with no response. I ended up posting the job again on Citizen Shipper at 4:00 am on Saturday morning as I didn't know if he going to cancel on me or not. He said if I canceled the job, per the contract that no money would be refunded as it was a deposit and non-refundable. I argued that the $350 was for the entire job, not a deposit and that I wanted him to complete the job, but it was HIS fault that he couldn't obtain a vehicle. After going back & fourth via text, he finally agreed to refund me. I contacted him several times & he stopped responding completely. I have yet to see a refund. I have screenshots of all our texts. So instead of paying $350, I ended up paying an additional $350 to someone else who delivered the puppies that same day. I also found out later that he lived in Texas. I told him that I didn't believe that he was planning to do the job & he was scamming me. That's a long drive from Maryland & North Carolina for $350 & it most likely cost that much to rent a van. He said it wasn't a scam. I contacted Citizen Shipper, but they offered no help in resolving the issue. They are only the middleman listing jobs. Any contracts were between the Shipper & Receiver. You may contact me with any questions or copies of my screenshots.

Won by Safe and sure transport for $650.00
75 lbs Golden Retriever from Buchanan, MI to Vancouver, WA (2233 mi)

Shipping was fast and at a reasonable price!

Won by Howells Pet Xpress for $300.00
60 lbs Aussiedoodle from South Bend, IN to Pittsburgh, PA (372 mi)

Liz!!! πŸ•β€πŸ¦ΊπŸ₯³ You guys are absolutely fabulous. EVERYONE was so friendly and helpful. I'm looking forward to writing a glowing recommendation. Your crew make us want to order more dogs LOL.

Won by ADL LOGISTICS LLC for $475.00
Cars and Light Trucks from Wade, ME to Biddeford, ME (307 mi)

ADL did not meet their deadline of 5 business days or 8 business days for that matter. They did return my deposit.

Won by PawPals Xpress for $225.00
5 lbs Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Douglasville, GA to Charleston, SC (330 mi)

Kenneth was great! He took pics along the way and was very understanding and punctual!

Won by Bubbies Transports for $750.00
50 lbs Mixed Breed from Chicago, IL to Prescott, AZ (1798 mi)

Easy to communicate and provided nice updates of how our pup was doing! Thank you Bubbies!

Won by Tarzana's Wild Transport Llc for $380.00
90 lbs German Shepherd from Canton, GA to Robbinsville Township, NJ (839 mi)

They were great and went out of there way to make sure our dog was comfy..

Won by Kim Humburg for $450.00
15 lbs Carolina Dog from Bloomington, IN to Denver, CO (1068 mi)

Kim was great. Very communicative and she took great care of my pet during the transport. I would recommend her to anyone looking to ship a pet!