How Do I Transport My Pups During the New COVID-19 Restrictions?

Cagri Sarigoz Cagri Sarigoz · Updated: March 8, 2023 / Published: September 9, 2021

A woman and a puppy sitting together on the ground

A woman and a puppy sitting together on the ground

Planning to travel with your pups?

Global COVID-19 cases are now at 112.86 million, with more than 28.39 million coming from the United States. Meanwhile, death records in the U.S. show that there are more than 500,000 lives lost due to the pandemic.

Thanks to scientific advancements, life in the U.S. is gradually going back to normal. However, there are still limitations to transportation, especially with pets.

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Transportation Options For Pets

CDC has reduced restrictions for transportation this year. This prompted domestic travel in the U.S. to pick up as states began to cut down on certain travel restrictions.

For instance, there’s now no need to test negative before and after travel for vaccinated travelers. There is also no need for fully vaccinated travelers to undergo quarantine. Yet, wearing facemasks in public places, such as transportation hubs, is highly advised.

Despite these conditions, breeders still face troubles in transporting domestic pets. For one, suspension for importing dogs from high-risk countries for dog rabies started on July 14, 2021.

Transportation options are also limited, making it more difficult to travel with pets. Let’s take a look at some shipping options available for your pups.

Can I Transport My Pup in Ships?

Even before the pandemic, there are only a few cruise lines that allow pets on board. Those that do allow pets can only be on a cruise that’s crossing oceans.

Some lines allow pets in private cabins. Yet, most prefer to confine pets in kennels under the supervision of dog assistants. Today, the likelihood of transporting your dog by ship is slim.

Should I Opt For Air Travel To Transport My Pups?

To date, there are only a few airlines that transport pets as cargo but with certain restrictions. American Airlines, for instance, only allows healthy dogs less than 100 pounds and at least eight weeks old. Specific breeds such as pit bulls and boxers are also not allowed.

Along with Alaskan Airlines, both companies permit travel only on direct flights. Furthermore, airlines only permit pet travel if the temperature at both the origin and destination place is between 45℉ and 85℉. Otherwise, you’ll have to postpone or look for other options.

Meanwhile, Delta, United, and Southwest Airlines are accepting pets in passenger cabins. However, this is only if they’re in an approved carrier that can fit under a seat.

For Southwest Airlines, pets aren’t allowed on an international flight. And there is a limit of six pets allowed under domestic flights.

Also, air flight options come with a hefty price, with Delta charging as high as $125 per pet. It’s also worthy to note that your dog should check into the flight three hours, instead of two, before the scheduled departure time.

Tips on Air Travel with Pets

For air travel, research the travel guidelines required by your destination. This is especially true when you’re looking to fly over a different country. Some countries still follow strict protocols on who and what can enter their territory.

Educate yourself with the procedures required for pets in foreign countries. Its standard for pets to undergo quarantine. The amount of time required for pet quarantine depends on the country, so do your research.

We also recommend planning your trip at least six months before your chosen schedule. This is to make room for change as flights tend to change all the time. Be flexible on your moving dates, as you and your pup could likely encounter flight changes.

What Are My Options For Ground Transportation?

As mentioned above, restrictions on air travel constantly change, especially with the rise of Delta-variant. As a result, there’s an increase in flight cancellations and changes. This makes shipping pets by air tricky.

A better option is to invest in ground transportation. It may be tempting to use public transportation services such as trains, but this is not the best choice.

Not only will you risk your health but your dog’s, too. It’s proven that pets such as cats and dogs can get infected with the virus.

Shipping them in public transportation services exposes them to a crowd. This, in turn, heightens their risk of getting infected. Further, some states restrict pets inside public transportation hubs.

Instead, opt to drive towards the breeder’s shop or home using private vehicles. Make sure to comply with the health protocol required in your dog breeder’s location as a precaution.

If you lack time, you can always call for a relative, a close friend, or a colleague to help. If no one is available, get help from a licensed pet transporter.

Registered pet transporters guarantee your pup’s safety. This allows you to rest assured that your dog is well-taken care of on the road.

How Do I Find the Best Transporter For My Pups?

Looking for help in finding the best and most trustworthy transporter for your pups? Consider using a shipping marketplace. These are online platforms that you can use to reach out to transportation service providers.

CitizenShipper, for instance, allows customers to list their transportation needs. This includes what they’re shipping, where it’s from, and its destination.

Afterward, the company will send out the listed shipment to all transporters in their network. What’s special about CitizenShipper is that their network includes transporters who happen to be passing by the customer’s destination.

It’s expected that customers will receive quotations from transporters within minutes. Thus, customers will have the freedom to choose among the transporters.

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