ATVs Shipping Out – The Right Way

jesika jesika · Updated: March 8, 2023 / Published: November 12, 2021

2 ATVs on the ground

Riding back roads and off-road is a thrill, especially when you’re on an ATV. If you need to transport your ATV for travel or to a new home, you’ll want to find the best, safest, and most cost-effective method.

Most motorcycle shipping companies also cater to shipping ATVs. Here are the most important things to consider when you’re looking for the ideal service and the best way to ship your ATV.

Shipping a New or Used ATV

Depending on whether you’re looking to ship your brand-new ATV from the shop itself or your ATV has been used by you previously, the shipping methods can vary. The place you’ve bought your ATV from may also have a relationship with a transportation service they recommend.

Ship Your Car, SUV, or Any Vehicle

When you’re buying an ATV from another state due to price or availability, ask beforehand if the shop provides any transportation services for out-of-state. If they don’t, you should find out in advance whether they can coordinate with the shipping service you want to deliver the ATV to your chosen destination.

Buying an ATV and having it shipped can be a time-consuming process, but you can usually have it done within a day when you’re using the ideal shipping company.

Since every ATV is unique, your used ATV will require particular thought and consideration when you want to ship it. Not all companies can legally ship ATVs out of state or internationally, so keep that in mind as well.

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How to Ship An ATV

The process to ship an ATV begins when you’ve decided to either buy one out of state or transport the one you already have. It would be best if you started to look for ATV shipping companies almost immediately after that.

The tax and license on an ATV from out-of-state vary depending on where you’re buying the ATV from and where it’s being shipped off to. You can use an online tax calculator to find out the charges you will have to pay when you’re shipping the ATV

It’s necessary to have the ownership papers and any other essential documentation available to you to ensure a smooth shipping experience. You may also have to register your ATV in the state you’re transporting it to, which can incur additional charges. Keep all of this in mind before you ship your ATV.

International or Domestic Shipping

Shipping your ATV to another state vs. shipping it internationally is a very different thing. Domestic shipping not only costs less, but you don’t have to pay any extra charges other than the required taxes and registration fees.

However, when your ATV needs to be shipped internationally, it must follow the safety and packaging guidelines of the destination country. In addition, if there are any vehicle tax charges in the destination country for imported motor vehicles, you have to pay that as well.

You must find out beforehand what charges you will have to pay when your ATV reaches its destination country. You may also have to provide extra documentation verifying the safety of the ATV, so make sure the manufacturer is accepted in the country to which you are shipping.

Different Shipping Options

Many shipping companies provide their customers with different shipping options with varying packaging and travel times. Depending on when you’re booking the ATV shipping service, the number of shipping options can vary as well.

Since states do not allow ATVs to be driven on roads, the only way to transport your ATV to its destination is by sea, air, or over the road. While traveling by road is ideal when you’re going for short distances, it might take a long time for your ATV to reach its destination  if you’re transporting it across a significant distance.

Not all areas have sea or water routes available, so even if you choose to ship your ATV and opt to get it by water, it may not reach your doorstep. You will have to opt for road transport once the ATV comes to the final port.

If you’re booking well ahead of time, you can choose how your ATV is shipped and by when you should expect it. Many companies will transport ATVs in an enclosed carrier to prevent any damage, but an open carrier might also be suitable depending on your ATV model.

Choosing the Ideal ATV Shipping Company

Many shipping companies are available; however, not all of them are licensed and allowed to ship ATVs. When you’re looking for the perfect ATV shipping company for your needs, ensure that you’re choosing one that is registered with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles and FMCSA.

Many companies strap your ATV to a pallet or solid foundation to prevent any damage through movement. Companies also use a forklift to lift and deposit the vehicle. However, many choose to roll it on and have no security for the ATV available.

Companies like CitizenShipper allow you to choose from different transporters and find one that best fits your budget and situation. Seek out a professional company that verifies all transporters and has good customer reviews.

Insurance and Other Costs

When you’re transporting your ATV to its next destination, having insurance can help put your mind at rest about your valuable asset. While not all transport companies provide insurance, you can pay more to get it or look for a shipper who provides it with their service.

You may also have to pay extra costs to get your vehicle delivered right to your doorstep instead of at a common drop-off point. Ensure that there are no hidden charges or taxes that you may be liable to pay later.

Compare prices for extra details like insulation or insurance from different companies so you can make an intelligent choice when it comes to choosing the right place for your ATV transportation.

Need To Ship Your ATV? We’re Here to Help

Transporting an ATV is no easy feat, and you need experts to help you get it done. At CitizenShipper, the transporters have been verified and working in the industry for years, giving them a wide range of knowledge and expertise. When you’re looking for the ideal shipping company, choose our platform to get transparent pricing while ensuring safety for the ATV.

We provide a Booking Assurance Guarantee to ensure that you’re not left stranded at the last minute. Get a transportation quote for the ATV ahead of time so you can start planning by visiting our website.