Quality Characteristics of Professional Experienced Drivers

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Professional experienced drivers are more than just individuals that can move the vehicle from one point to another. Experienced drivers do more than just hold the steering wheel. They have experience in transporting costly equipment, supplies, goods and merchandise while maintaining a schedule for delivery.

Individuals that are seeking the best professional driver often look for the same basic characteristics that include reliability, independence, courtesy, skills in managing stress, alertness, honesty and a proven driving record


Successful experienced drivers fulfill their obligations while on the job. They offer reliable service and can provide a variety of solutions to the many challenges of transporting cargo.


An experienced driving position is not a 9-to-5 office job, but requires a high level of independence out on the road making deliveries. Their independence involves the skills necessary to solve a variety of issues that might include harsh traffic conditions, challenges with mechanics, and even issues involving the cargo.


Even though an experienced driver will spend most of their time behind the wheel, they need to be extremely good at handling people. They will interact with a variety of individuals including customers, employers, dockworkers, staff, and other drivers every day.

Skills in Managing Stress

Successful drivers are usually those that have the ability to manage their stress. They often deal with major setbacks, scheduling issues, bad weather, and the pressures of dealing with being far away from home throughout the week, month or year.


Driving on the road is all about staying alert, to handle the traffic, the road conditions, and all the other vehicles. Many of the challenges involved in driving require every sense, not just the driver’s vision.


Professional driving is a serious occupation that requires ongoing honesty in handling all the regulations and laws revolving around cargo transport. They will deliver their goods safely, legally, and completely, to ensure that the job is performed right.

Proven Driving Record

Experienced drivers maintain a proven driving record. This provides current or future employers along with every customer the assurance of knowing that the driver is managing the cargo and equipment properly and correctly. A driver that has an excellent record will be cheaper to fully insure which will hold down the cost of operating the vehicle to a minimum.

By remaining dedicated to the job, experienced drivers can maintain a successful career in the transport industry.

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