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      Introduction to car shipping

      Car shipping a classic car on a flatbed trailer

      How much does car shipping cost?

      After reviewing your car transport options, you’re probably asking yourself “so how much is it to ship a car?” or “Is shipping a car expensive?” There are a few factors that determine the amount you’ll pay to ship your car:

      car shipping cost

      Car shipping cost calculator vs car shipping quotes.

      Instead of getting an estimate of how much car shipping will cost with a car shipping cost calculator, you can get an exact quote for how much shipping your car will cost. Fill in the form and get quotes from reliable transporters.

      Car shipping calculator - Calculating the cost to ship a car for a car shipping quote

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          How to get the cheapest auto transport

          There are ways to get a favorable price on the transport of cars. Finding the best lowest car shipping quotes may take a little extra legwork, but in the end getting a great price is well worth the effort.

          cheapest auto transport

          Choosing the best car transport service

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          Delivery time

          Preparing for your car delivery

          • Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle. Most car delivery services don’t allow you to put luggage or other items in the car during transport.

          • Clean the interior of the car and wash the exterior.

          • Check the tire pressure.

          • Disable the car alarm.

          • Don’t fill the gas tank because it adds weight. However, there should be around a quarter tank of gas in the car.

          • Evaluate your car for any leaks; if you have any, try to fix them. If they can’t be fixed, be sure to make a note and tell the transporter.

          • Take pictures of your car before pick up — if there’s any damage during the trip you’ll need these photos to prove fault.

          Car delivery - Car movers handover keys after shipping a car

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          Charlette Small


          Recommends Citizenshipper

          Easy to use mac's shipping is the best shipper

          Eleanor Preston


          Really appreciated the sheer AMOUNT of transporters on this site to choose from - they made the selection easy, and the communication a breeze. will be recommending to all my friends / family.

          Ali Flihan


          I really like Citizenshipper because they are amazing

          I really like CitizenShipper because i can ship anything by them and its easy to use. I shipped my Jetski from Kansas to Iowa. I would use them again and again for anything i want to ship.

          Charlene Carmel


          Love Citizenshipper! They do a fantastic job in weeding out great trustworthy drivers for your precious cargo. I have recommended them several times already. It's a very fast and efficient process. Thanks again!

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