What is Hawaiian Airlines’ Pet Policy?

Patrick MacFarland Patrick MacFarland · Updated March 8, 2024

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Hawaiian Airlines is one of the most pet-friendly airlines. Hawaiian Airlines pet policy allows qualifying pets to ride in the cabin, they also allow pets in the cargo hold. If you’re going to be transporting a pet to, from or within Hawaii, what do you need to know about their policy?

The one downside to Hawaiian Airlines is that it only flies to and from the Hawaiian islands to various destinations on the continental United States. For example, you won’t be able to fly from Los Angeles to New York on the airline. However, if you need to transport a pet to, from or around the Hawaiian islands, consider booking through the airline. Here’s what to expect when you transport a pet with the airline.

Hawaiian Airlines Pet Transportation Fees

  • The fees for traveling within Hawaii are quite low — $60 one way in the cargo hold.
  • If you’re flying to North America, it costs $225 one way in the cargo hold.
  • When it comes to the main cabin, the cost is $35 per pet within Hawaii and $125 if traveling to North America.

Carry-On Pets

Only small dogs and cats are able to travel in the main cabin. All other permitted pets are required to ride in the cargo area.

  • You can pay for the one-way fee at the special services check-in counter.
  • Your pet should be in a soft-sided or hard-sided carrier that is ventilated.
  • There is a first-come, first service policy on pets in the main cabin, so call well in advance to secure a spot.

Kennel Requirements

  • Your pet needs to fit comfortably in the carrier.
  • That means the animal should be able to turn around without touching the sides or sticking out from the sides.
  • The carrier must fit underneath the seat in front of you.
  • It must be leak proof and have ventilated openings on at least three sides.
  • Maximum dimensions: 16” long x 10” wide x 9.5” high.
  • Your pet must remain inside of the carrier at all times.

Cargo Pets

If you have a large pet, then it’ll have to go in the cargo hold.

  • Only hard sided kennels are allowed in the cargo area.
  • Call the Hawaiian Airlines customer service center well in advance to book your space.
  • When you are about to check in, you need to drop off your pet at the cargo location.
  • Arrive four to six hours before your flight is scheduled to take off.

Restrictions and Requirements

  • Only birds, dogs and cats are permitted in the cargo area.
  • The hard-sided carrier must be large enough that your pet can stand up and move around at all times.
  • It must be leak and escape proof.
  • You are required to attach food and water bowls to the carrier.
  • Maximum dimensions: 36” long x 25” wide x 28” high.
  • The pet and kennel weight should not exceed 70 pounds.
  • You must obtain a health certificate that states that the animal is medically fit to travel via air.