Pet Transportation Protection Plans

For Shippers - Pet Health - Pet Safety - Pet Shipping - Pets - 21 December 2021

Understanding Pet Transportation Protection Plans

You’ve taken your time. Checked all the boxes. You’ve done everything you can to choose a pet transporter you trust and with whom you feel comfortable. But still, there may be a twinge of anxiety in handing over your belov […]

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cargo containeres

Cheap Shipping - For Shippers - Vehicle Shipping - 20 December 2021

Car Transport Company Choices

What to Look for in a Car Transport Company You need a car transport company if you just purchased a vehicle from out of your area. Whether you bought a luxury car or an affordable one, it’s best to choose the best car shipp […]

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white german shepherd in an open crate

For Shippers - Pet Shipping - 15 December 2021

Dogs in the Air – Fly with Your BFF?

Are you planning on flying somewhere for vacation? Are you considering bringing your dog along with you? Or are you planning to get a new puppy or dog from outside your area and have it flown home to where you live? Transporting y […]

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golden retriever puppy

For Shippers - Pets - 14 December 2021

Due Diligence with Breeders

Registered dog breeders are required by law to provide new owners with information on the breed, training tips, grooming needs, and how much exercise the puppy needs to be happy and healthy. Make sure you ask the following questio […]

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Three dogs on a couch

For Shippers - Pets - 13 December 2021

What to Get for a New Puppy

New Puppy Checklist Americans love dogs. In a recent survey, 51 percent of people said their preferred pet was a dog — that’s more than the rest of the animal types combined. It’s no wonder they’re called man’s b […]

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tan puppy lying down

For Shippers - Pet Safety - Pet Shipping - 07 December 2021

Safely Purchase a Puppy Online: How-To

Are you thinking about adding a puppy to your home? Puppies can be an adorable, loving addition to your family. In the age of technology, buying a puppy online is becoming more popular. While this makes it much easier to find the […]

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motorcycle and rider

For Shippers - Motorcycle Shipping - 06 December 2021

Buying and Shipping a Motorcycle

The US has seen a boom in motorcycle sales in 2021, with an increase of over 37.2 percent more bikes sold than the same period in 2020. The internet has significantly changed the shopping habits of motorcycle enthusiasts and made […]

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Transport Your Motorcycle with the Best Transporter

For Shippers - Motorcycle Shipping - 30 November 2021

Transport Your Motorcycle with the Best Transporter

Moto Shipping: Not a Sport Did you know that motorcycles are about twice as fuel-efficient as cars? This is just one of the reasons why younger generations are becoming interested in owning a motorcycle—but the joy of riding is […]

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shipping a puppy

For Shippers - Pet Shipping - 29 November 2021

Air Travel for Your Puppy: Is It OK?

There are many things to consider when you’re getting a puppy. Will you be getting one from the shelter? A rescue organization? A breeder? If it’s the latter, you’ll want to make sure that the breeder is ethical and reputabl […]

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basket of kittens

For Shippers - Pet Safety - Pet Shipping - 23 November 2021

Safer than Giving Cats Pills: Transporting

Transporting your cat doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether traveling to a new far-off location, getting a cat from a distant breeder or relocating to a new state, here’s everything you need to know to transport your cat or ki […]

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