Motorcycle Shipping to Sturgis Rally 2021

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Custom motorcycles at Sturgis motorcycle Rally

Custom motorcycles at Sturgis motorcycle Rally

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is one of the most popular and exciting motorcycle rallies in the US. The rally is usually held in the first few weeks of August in Sturgis, South Dakota. It has a tradition of over 80 years long, with around half a million people attending each year. If you are thinking about attending you need to know how to get your bike there. Read on as we explain a couple of ways you can ship your motorcycle to Sturgis.

Do It Yourself

Of course, the first way to get your motorcycle to Sturgis is to ride it there yourself. If you don’t live far away from Sturgis, then the gas price might be the only thing you need to consider when thinking about your budget. However, if you are more than a day’s drive away from Sturgis, you will need to count the price of the night stay in your budget.

You can also opt for buying or renting a motorcycle camper trailer. In this case, you need to find a campground along the way to Sturgis, and you can also camp near Sturgis during the days you attend the rally.

Safe, Affordable Motorcycle Shipping

Hiring a Motorcycle Shipping Company

As the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is such a popular rally, you must not wait until the last moment to search for a motorcycle shipping company to get your bike there. In order to find a high-quality shipper, it’s advised to take your time, do research and carefully evaluate the pros and cons of each shipping service. 

Cost of Motorcycle Shipping to Sturgis

The cost you will pay for shipping your motorcycle to Sturgis will depend on several factors. Distance, of course, being one of them. Additionally, the make, model, and weight of your bike will influence the price of the shipping. Similarly, the type of trailer you choose will further determine the cost of shipping. Using an open-air trailer means that your motorcycle will be shipped strapped onto a trailer that is opened. This can expose your bike to small damages from road debris, and in case of an overnight stop – your bike is more susceptible to theft. However, for shipping that lasts for a day, this kind of shipping is preferable, as it is cheaper than the enclosed trailer shipping.

You should consider enclosed trailer shipping if you are hauling your bike long-distance, that is to say, if the shipping will take more than a day. Your motorcycle will be in a completely enclosed environment, meaning that it will be protected from possible scratches and small damages from road debris and weather conditions. This is also a favored type of trailer for luxury or vintage bikes. This kind of protection comes at a greater cost.

Motorcycle Shipping to Sturgis with CitizenShipper

Another shipping option is to use the marketplace CitizenShipper. CitizenShipper connects expert carriers with customers who have shipping needs. Choosing CitizenShipper means choosing choice. You’ll get to choose which type of trailer for your bike you prefer – open-air or enclosed trailer, where and when your bike is dropped off, you can even request which route you’d prefer your carrier to take. Simply post your shipping details on the site including your bike’s make, model, year, pickup and delivery address, and delivery date flexibility. From there you will receive personalized quotes from professional carriers who can fulfill your request. 

You can make your decision on which shipper to use based on your budget, and you can also make your decision based on the reliability of the transporter. Check the reviews of our customers at Trustpilot. Opt for shipping your motorcycle to Sturgis with CitizenShipper and rest assured that this will be your right decision!

Things to Consider Before Heading to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Custom motorcycles at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, USA

A motorcycle rally is an incredibly exciting event, with lots of noise, unexpected adventures, and lots of people and bikes. No matter if you plan to go to just have a look or exhibit your bike or race your bike make sure you have all your motorcycle’s paperwork up to date before you arrive. This includes insurance, license, and any other special permits you may have. Additionally, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a really high-quality locking system for your bike. All those beautiful bikes in one place may tempt thieves. 

The rally isn’t just about bikes though. performers such as Kid Rock, bands like Nickelback, and legends like ZZ Top have carried out unforgettable concerts at the rally. Make sure that you check this year’s lineup so you don’t miss your favorite band. Take this into consideration while you plan for the days you want to spend in Sturgis, as well as the dates when you want your motorcycle shipped there.

Apart from going to the rides and races, you can also see motorcycles as an art exhibit. You’ll be able to check out collections of custom motorcycles from many of the world’s famous builders, as well as the photographs of the bikes which will take you on a history trip.  Visit the charity events, where you can hang out with popular builders. Make sure you know all the dates and timetables of events upfront so that you do not miss one you would really enjoy.

Check the weather forecast before you hit the road to Sturgis. It’s usually pleasantly warm in Sturgis during August, and it is the best time of the year to visit the city. However, summer storms can creep up quickly, with heavy rain, wind, and even hail! Sometimes, this can make the nights colder, so prepare some warmer clothes, and make sure that your motorcycle camp trailer can take heavy rain and hail hitting on its top.

Have a great trip to Sturgis!

Updated September 17, 2021

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