Best Motorcycle Trailers in 2024: A Top-Ten Rundown by CitizenShipper

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For a motorcycle owner, purchasing or renting a trailer is an unavoidable consideration. You can’t ride literally everywhere, no matter how much you might want to. You’ve probably wondered what the best motorcycle trailer is for your motorcycle transportation needs. The answer to that depends on a number of factors like cost, frequency of need, protection to the motorcycle, and utility. Here’s a broad overview of the best trailers on the market in 2024. 

What kind of trailer do I need?

Before making a purchase, it’s important to have a general idea of what you’re after. Here’s a rough breakdown of three types of motorcycle trailers:

  • Open trailers: The standard trailer type is just a wheeled platform hitched to your car. It can mount one or more bikes but offers little in the way of protection. Most of the examples listed below are open trailers.
  • Enclosed trailers: The high-end stuff is usually purchased by professional motorcycle haulers. For full protection against the weather and road debris, you’ll want the bike enclosed from all sides. These can set you back quite a bit more than the standard open trailer. However, if you find yourself moving multiple bikes quite often, they’re worth the investment. 
  • Hitch carriers: Way on the other side, there’s a budget option that can barely be called a trailer at all. Hitch-mounted carriers let you hook up your bike to the back of your car with minimal fuss saving you space and money.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider the load capacity that each trailer offers. Make sure that the bike(s) you plan on transporting fit well within the trailer’s weight limit!

Beyond that, the nitty-gritty of trailer purchase choices is usually a matter of personal preference. And you know what they say, there’s no accounting for taste! So let’s get right down to it — here are our top ten choices.

10 Best Motorcycle Trailers in 2024

1. Best trailer for a limited budget — TMS T-NS-MRC001 Carrier Hitch

As previously mentioned, hitch carriers aren’t exactly motorcycle trailers, but they do serve a similar purpose for those on a budget. This particular model is a heavy-duty rack with a state-of-the-art locking mechanism. Although it weighs only 48 lbs itself, it lets you move as much as 500 lbs! It includes a conveniently positioned loading ramp that allows loading from either side. Its price point is considerably lower than open or enclosed trailers of comparable quality.

Listed Load Capacity: 500 lbs

2. Best trailer for optimal bearing limits — Goplus 600 LBS Motorcycle Carrier

Speaking of hitch-mounted carriers, their weak spot is usually a limited load capacity. There are a few exceptions to be found in this category too. For example, this Goplus model allows you to mount even the heaviest of bikes. It comes with a loading ramp and a handy wheel lock feature. The one downside is that the carrier tends to wobble around when fully loaded, but if you stay within a reasonable speed limit, you should have no problem.

Listed Load Capacity: 600 lbs

3. Best motorcycle trailers for maintaining stability — MotoGroup Double Motorcycle Carrier

Stability can be a major concern for trailers on the lower end of the price range. You don’t want a fully burdened trailer wobbling all over the place while you’re on the road! That won’t be an issue with this tried-and-true MotoGroup model. Its double aluminum racks allow you to mount two bikes at once (none weighing more than 400 lbs, though). Its main selling point is a triple-screw anti-wobble set. Reportedly, this improves the trailer’s stability to match that of much more expensive models.

Listed Load Capacity: 600 lbs

4. Best motorcycle trailer for modular towing — VersaHaul VH-55 DM

If you’re still unsure whether you’d prefer to hitch or tow your bike, why not go with the option that offers the best of both worlds? The VH-55 is a double-rail carrier that can be adjusted in a number of ways to suit your needs. You can choose the distance between the rails and the bumper, and the height of the hitch as well. The tie-down points require minimal adjustment if the bike is switched from a hitching to a towing setup. However, the lack of a loading ramp can be considered a major downside.

Listed Load Capacity: 600 lbs (500 lbs per rail)

5. Best motorcycle trailer for moving multiple bikes on the cheap — TowSmart Three Rail Trailer

Keeping it simple, this heavy-duty open trailer features a set of three integrated wheel chocks. It’s a one-man job to load up to three motorcycles in parallel and unload them too. The trailer’s steel frame is robust but remarkably light, and the deck covering is diamond tread plate. The rails are detachable, allowing you to convert this motorcycle trailer into a general-purpose utility trailer.

Listed Load Capacity: 2,000 lbs

6. Best motorcycle trailer for ease of storage — Kendon Go! Series Dual Rail Ride-Up Folding Motorcycle Trailer

One trailer characteristic that often ends up overlooked is how much space it occupies. Why buy the biggest trailer out there if you don’t have room in the garage or the yard for it? Foldable trailers are the answer to this dilemma! Kendon Folding Trailers’ Go! Series Dual Rail Ride-Up Folding Motorcycle Trailer model folds from a maximum length of over 10 feet down to a compact 27″ x 70″ footprint – about as big as a medium-size motorcycle according to Rider Magazine’s review. Once the trailer is folded, it can be tipped vertically and placed on casters that make it easy to roll into a garage or shed. If you don’t have enough storage space for a trailer or don’t need to move your bikes often, consider saving money with a free shipping quote from a motorcycle transportation service. 

Listed Load Capacity: 2,000 lbs

7. Best motorcycle trailer for ease of assembly — Stinger Extra Long Folding Trailer XL 112

Most of the trailer models we’re presenting here require “some assembly.” In some cases, this implies hours, if not days of hard work on your part. Not everyone can commit that kind of time and effort! This model is an exception. The Stinger Extra Long Folding Trailer XL 112 is, as the name suggests, quite long. It lets you move choppers and cruisers with ease. It’s reportedly very easy to assemble, fold, and unfold. When fully folded, it takes up just a little over four feet in length!

Listed Load Capacity: 3,180 lbs

8. Best motorcycle trailer for tie-down security — Featherlite 1694

We’ve written extensively about the importance of properly securing a motorcycle for transport. If looking for extra safety, the number of available eyelets is among the qualities you’ll want in a trailer. This Featherlite model provides six dedicated rings and eight stake pockets, while the sidebars offer additional tie-down spots. The floor is made of aluminum and the detachable sides also serve as ramps. The trailer is remarkably stable, and if the bike is tied down properly, the chance of it slipping free is minimal.

Listed Load Capacity: n/a

9. Best motorcycle trailer for affordable protection on the road — Carry-On 6 x 14 Enclosed Cargo Trailer

If shipping an antique or luxury motorcycle, your top priority may be protecting it from weather or debris. To minimize the chance of scratches or dents, you’ll need an enclosed trailer. This Carry-On model is an affordable one, listed as a cargo trailer but fully capable of fitting a motorcycle. It’s 14 ft. long and 6 ft. wide, with plywood flooring and high-bearing tires. It features a ramp door for the bike and a side door for you. Best of all, it’s reasonably priced as enclosed trailers go.

Listed Load Capacity: 2,000 lbs

10. Best motorcycle trailer for an unlimited budget — ATC Quest Aluminum Trailer

If you’re going all-out and money is no issue, there are luxury trailers that’ll suit your every need. You can get the best protection, the most space, the finest fixtures… it’s just a matter of prioritizing your needs. The top-bracket enclosed trailers, like the ATC Quest Aluminum Trailer here, allow you to pick and choose what’s included. Highly customizable, they are able to meet almost any demand. Of course, the price will fluctuate as you add or remove features. If you need an enclosed trailer and are willing to spend big because you frequently transport your bikes, consider becoming a part-time transportation service driver and get a return on your investment. 

So there you have it, our top ten suggestions for motorcycle trailer purchase. We hope you find these useful in making your final decision on either buying or renting a trailer.

Stay safe, and happy shipping!

Originally Published July 26, 2020.

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  1. I need a open trailer that can 1 or 2 motorcycles only. It must be able to carry 1600 lbs and the trailer must be light weight. Highest quality and money is not a issue.
    PS. I had trouble towing a U -Haul motorcycle trailer because they are very heavy, so it needs to be light weight and strong.

    1. Stinger Trailer Twin Cruiser! Amazing Trailer. Super lightweight, and folding.
      Two Harley Touring bikes with ZERO issues!

  2. Try looking at Ironhorse trailers out of Tennessee i just bought one for my 2017 harley triglide

  3. The Ironhorse Trailer is an enclosed motorcycle trailer that has differing options for size based upon your particular need.

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