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Three horses are being transported in a horse trailer.

If horse transportation is on your to-do list, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed. After all, transporting a horse isn’t exactly like driving your pet to the vet. It’s a big commitment that requires careful planning, lots of preparation and, of course, horse transporters who know what they’re doing.

Fortunately, finding horse transportation near you doesn’t have to be a headache. With CitizenShipper, you can easily connect with horse transporters in your area with the experience and expertise to handle horse transportation.

Read on to learn more about horse transportation, how to prepare for it and how CitizenShipper can help you find horse transporters.

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What is Horse Transportation?

Horse transportation involves safely transporting a horse from one location to another, typically from a horse owner’s home or farm to a horse show, horse race or another horse-related event. It’s a specialized service that requires horse transporters with the right skills, experience and equipment.

When done correctly, horse transportation ensures the horse arrives at its destination safely and on time. It also minimizes stress on the horse and prevents injuries to horses and humans alike.

Why Do People Need Horse Transportation?

As horse owners know, horse transportation isn’t something you do just for fun. In most cases, horse owners need horse transporters to pick up and drop off horses for horse shows or horse races, emergency horse vet visits, horse rescues and even horse relocation from one homeowner to another.

Other reasons horse owners need horse transportation include:

  • Horse retirement
  • Horse rescue and rehabilitation
  • Horse auctions
  • Horse sales
  • Horse adoption services

How to Prepare for Transporting a Horse

Once you’ve decided horse transportation is the right solution for your horse, there are some crucial steps you need to take to ensure the horse arrives safely at its destination.

#1. Have the horse checked by a vet

Before transporting your horse, it’s important to have it examined and cleared by a vet. This can help identify any underlying medical issues that could make horse transportation more difficult or even dangerous.

#2. Avoid dusty bedding and hay

When horse transportation is on the horizon, opting for bedding and hay that are dust-free and as clean as possible is critical. Dusty bedding and hay can cause respiratory problems, which could make horse transportation more stressful for the horse. So, avoid the dust and opt for clean, dust-free horse bedding and hay.

#3. Weigh your horse carefully

Between horse transportation, horse food and other supplies, horse owners can quickly rack up weight when transporting horses. It’s important to weigh your horse and check the truck and trailer to ensure it’s within safe weight limits. Research has also shown that horses can lose up to 5% of their body weight when traveling. Be sure to weigh your horse before and after transporting it so you can monitor its weight for any significant changes.

#4. Keep your horse hydrated

Hydration is vital during horse transportation. Horses can lose a lot of water when traveling, so ensure your horse has access to plenty of fresh water throughout the trip and provide electrolytes if needed.

#5. Take breaks during travel

Long trips can be taxing on horses, so be sure to take regular breaks. This can reduce the horse’s stress levels, which can help it recover faster once it reaches its destination.

How Can I Find Horse Transport Near Me?

Finding horse transport can be a daunting task. IIt can be challenging to track down horse transporters in your area who are experienced and have the right equipment to transport your horse safely.

That’s where CitizenShipper comes in! With our platform, you can connect with experienced horse transporters near you in just a few clicks. And since horse transporters compete for your business, you can save money using CitizenShipper.

On top of that, we offer up to a $1,000 Pet Protection Plan, a Booking Assurance Guarantee and convenient SMS messaging. Our partnership with FirstVet also ensures that your horse gets the best care possible, especially if any medical emergency occurs during the trip.

So, if you’re looking for horse transportation near you, CitizenShipper is the way to go. With our cutting-edge marketplace, you can easily and conveniently find experienced horse transporters who can safely transport your horse on time, every time.

How Much Will Horse Transport Near Me Cost?

The cost of horse transportation depends on various factors, such as the horse’s size and weight, distance, type of transport vehicle and more.

Sometimes, horse owners are expected to pay for the horse’s food, bedding and other supplies needed during horse transportation.

At other times, you might have to pay an additional fee for an overnight stay if your horse will be traveling a long distance. Fortunately, horse transportation with CitizenShipper won’t break the bank. Since horse transporters compete for your business, you can get the best deal possible.

So, if you’ve been wondering, “how much will horse transport near me cost?” post a horse transport request on CitizenShipper and receive quotes from  horse transporters in your area.  That way, you can find the best horse transportation option that suits your budget.

Equipment Recommendations for Horse Transport

While horse transporters have the necessary horse transportation equipment to ensure your horse’s safety and comfort during transit, there are some horse-related items you need to provide as a horse owner.

Here are a few must-haves:

#1. Horse Halter

A horse halter helps to control the horse during transit. It can help minimize horse stress and make sure your horse is safe during horse transportation.

Usually, a leather halter can be expensive, especially if you purchase it at the last minute. In that case, you can go for a fuzzy halter, which usually costs less, or a shipping halter specifically made for horse transportation.

Whichever one you choose, ensure that it fits appropriately and is high-quality.

#2. Horse Blanket

For winter travels, horse owners need horse blankets that are waterproof and have insulation. But if your horse travels in the summer in an open trailer, choose a lightweight blanket to keep them cool and comfortable during transit.

To avoid overheating during summer, you may have to forgo horse blankets or opt for lightweight, breathable horse sheets instead.

Since horse blankets come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and types — such as wick-away horse blankets, horse turnout sheets, and horse rain sheets — you need to ensure that the horse blanket you choose fits your horse properly.

#3. Horse Shipping Boots

Horses are prone to injuries during horse travels, but you can reduce the risk by ensuring that your horse has the right horse shipping boots.

You can purchase these boots with the assurance that your horse’s hooves won’t get damaged during horse transportation.

Choose a set that can cover your horse’s hoofs and the coronary band completely to ensure they are comfortable. The horse shipping boots should be well-fitted and closely trimmed to the horse’s hoof. If the horseshoes are ill-fitted, it can cause your horse discomfort during the travel.

To get them used to such shoes, try them on your horse days before moving and get the horse accustomed to them.

#4. Grooming Supplies

Get extra horse grooming supplies like brushes, combs and hoof picks in case your horse gets dirty during horse transportation.

A horse grooming kit that is easily portable and comes with all the necessary horse care items is ideal, so consider getting one.

You can also contact your horse transporter ahead of time to get a list of horse grooming supplies you should bring for the transportation.

#5. Leg Wraps

Leg wraps are horse bandaging materials that protect horse legs during transportation. Due to the nature of the trip, your horse may step on himself or get kicked by another horse, so getting some horse leg wraps for your horse is crucial.

Though leg wraps are essential, be careful with stretchy types as they can cause pressure points or uneven tendons.

Also, consider whether or not you can properly wrap your horse’s legs. If you are unsure how to wrap them, it is best to get the horse leg wrap done by an experienced horse veterinarian or transporter.

Doing the wraps with little or no experience can give your horse bandage bow — a painful tendon inflammation — something you definitely want to avoid.

#6. Bell Boots

Bell boots help cushion and guard the horse’s front legs against overreaching. They also protect horse legs during horse transportation against unexpected movements that can cause horse leg injuries.

When shopping for bell boots, always go for one that you can easily remove. This is important because transporters may have to take horse hoof protectors off often during the journey.

#7. Lead Rope

Horses need to be secured during horse transportation, and a lead rope is an essential horse accessory for this. 

A lead rope should be durable and long enough to allow horse handlers or transporters to work with your horse safely.

When shopping for a lead rope, get one that is light, pliable and comfortable for your horse.

#8. Head Bumper

Young horses or horses prone to transportation panic should have a head bumper.

Also, consider horse head bumpers if you are transporting a horse that is not used to horse transportation.

You can protect your horse from unexpected transportation movements with horse head bumpers, thereby reducing stress and horse injuries.

Horse in a shipping trailer

#9. Horse Trailer

If you are transporting your horse by yourself, you must make sure that the horse trailer is suitable for horse transportation.

Check if the horse trailer has a good ventilation system, soft walls, and horse trailer mats that can provide cushioning. In addition, ensure the horse trailer is equipped with safety devices such as an emergency brake system.

But if you are using horse transportation services, you can ask the horse transporters the type of horse trailer they use and its horse transportation safety features.

Final Thoughts

Horse transportation is necessary if you are considering going for that horse show or horse event.  Thankfully, you can use CitizenShipper to find horse transport services near you at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you can rest assured that horse transportation safety is taken care of.

Just make sure to double-check about horse transport gear such as horse leg wraps, horse hoof protectors and horse head bumpers, as well as horse trailer safety features. Doing this will give you the peace of mind that your horse will arrive in the best condition possible.

So don’t wait; post a listing for horse transportation and get connected to experienced horse transporters near you today!

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