How to Access Nationwide Horse Transport

Adaeze Nwakaeze Adaeze Nwakaeze · Updated: June 20, 2023 / Published: December 15, 2022
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Are you looking for horse transportation companies to move your horse across the country? Whether it is a short trip or an extended journey, nationwide horse transport can be a daunting task.

From horse transportation companies to trailers, many factors must be considered before you embark on your horse’s journey. Knowing what transportation companies offer and how to access them makes horse transport easier and more efficient.

This article will discuss the key steps you need to take to access horse transportation companies nationwide. We’ll also provide an overview of the equipment you need to transport your horse and guide you in choosing the best horse transportation company for your horse’s travel.

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What is Nationwide Horse Transport?

Nationwide horse transport is a service that covers horse transportation throughout the entire United States and beyond.

As a horse owner, part of your activities may require moving your horse from one state to another. For instance, you may need to take your horse across state lines for shows, horse auctions or horse sales. Think Texas to Florida or Montana to Arizona.

When transporting your horse across long distances and through multiple states, nationwide horse transport companies are your best bet. 

These horse transporters have the necessary skill, expertise and equipment to make horse transport a safe and comfortable experience for your horse.

Whether one horse or several, horse transportation companies are equipped with the right trailers, vehicles and knowledge to ensure your horse arrives at its destination safe and sound.

But when does using a nationwide horse transport company make the most sense? Here are a few scenarios:

  • Getting your horse to shows, horse auctions, horse sales or horse training.
  • When you need to transport your horse in extreme weather conditions.
  • Transporting your horse for long distances, such as from one coast to the other.
  • When you need to transport your horse from one continent to another.

Now that you know why you need horse transportation companies let’s look at how to find the best horse transportation company.

How Do I Access Nationwide Horse Transport?

One of the easiest ways to find horse transportation companies is through online marketplaces like CitizenShipper. CitizenShipper is a horse transport marketplace that connects horse owners with horse transportation companies throughout the country.

You simply need to enter your horse shipping information, including the horse’s origin, destination, and horse details. Then, horse transporters will contact you with quotes, and you can pick the horse transporter that best meets your needs.

On CitizenShipper, each booking comes with a $1,000 Pet Protection Plan, Booking Assurance Guarantee and an SMS feature that allows you to communicate with horse transporters in real time.

There is also a Firstvet feature with which horse transporters access veterinary care in case of emergencies or horse health issues during horse transport.

Whichever horse transporter you go for, make sure they are licensed, insured and experienced in horse transportation services and can take your equine friend on the country-wide horse transport journey.

Also, make adequate preparations to ensure horse safety, health and comfort during the journey. That way, you can be sure your horse will reach its destination in the same condition it left.

Some necessary steps and precautions to take include:

#1. Take your Horse for a Pre-travel Vet Visit

Before moving your horse, it needs to be certified by a USDA-accredited veterinarian.

  • The vet will also issue you a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), valid for 30 days from the date it was issued. 
  • Also, keep your horse’s current Coggins test results handy. 
  • Check to be sure that it is current. Most states would accept it as long as it has not been more than 12 months.

#2. Get your Horse Documents

You will also need to prepare essential horse documents for horse transport.

Horse transporters may require horse ownership documents, horse registration papers, horse microchip information, brand inspection papers and horse health records.

Some states will require these documents at exit and entry points, so ensure that all the documents are updated, valid and meet the horse transport destination states’ requirements.

#3. Prepare Enough Horse Feed

Your horse will need food, water and hay during horse transportation. So, stock up on enough horse food and treats to last the journey.

While some transport companies provide hay and horse water, bringing your horse’s favorite horse feed is always best. Add bran or supplements if your horse requires them.

It is also advisable to bring feed buckets and troughs that your horse is familiar with to facilitate feeding.

#4. Provide Horse Supplies

Once your horse is cleared for transport, prepare all supplies. This includes horse bridles, halters and blankets for the journey.

Be sure to check your horse’s footwear. If the transport journey is long, your horse may need new shipping boots before traveling to prevent over-stress on the hooves.

Speak with your transporter to find out which supplies are must-haves for the journey.

#5. Plan for Horse Transport Pickup and Delivery

Horse owners must plan how they will get to the transport company before the journey begins.

This includes deciding if horse pick up and drop off is needed or if you will hire a door-to-door nationwide horse transport service.

All these preparations are essential to minimize horse stress and injury while ensuring that your horse has a safe and comfortable horse transport experience.

#6. Check for States’ Requirements Concerning Horse Travel

Always check the horse transport requirements and regulations in your state of destination.

Usually, the specific horse transport requirements may include health certificates and horse identification documents.

Most states will demand these health certificates and other documents as soon as you cross state lines; other states, like Florida, require a mandatory check at Agricultural Inspection Stations. You should also check the USDA APHIS page regarding interstate animal travel.

If you need clarification on horse transport laws and regulations in your horse’s destination state, you can always speak with a horse transport professional to get the necessary information.

So, before booking a nationwide horse transport service, plan ahead and follow the necessary steps.

How Do I Choose the Right Horse Transporter?

Choosing the right horse transporter is key to a safe and stress-free journey. When you’re shipping a horse, there are many things to consider.

You want to factor in horse transporters’ rates and experience, as well as reviews and turnaround time (the amount of time horse transporters take to deliver your horse from its origin to its destination).

Also, check for horse transport licenses and insurance. While licenses are not the only measure of horse transporters’ credibility, they give you an idea of a horse transportation company’s expertise.

And don’t forget horse transporters’ equipment. Make sure the horse transporters you choose have suitable trailers and vehicles for horse transportation services.

Using CitizenShipper for Horse Transport

If you are settling for traditional horse transport companies, you can find lots of them online. Still, we recommend using CitizenShipper for a more convenient horse transport experience.

Here’s why you should book horse transporters on CitizenShipper:

  • You access multiple horse transporters who compete for your business through a bidding system—saving you lots of time and money.
  • You can compare horse transport quotes.
  • You get the assurance that horse transporters have been vetted, licensed, and insured.
  • The horse transporter selection process is much easier.
  • You get value ads such as Pet Protection Plan and Booking Assurance Guarantee when you book horse transporters.

Choosing the right transporter on CitizenShipper’s platform only takes a few steps, which you can cover in only a few clicks. Here are some steps to take:

  • Create an account and input horse transport details.
  • Receive quotes from horse transporters.
  • Compare horse transport quotes.
  • Evaluate horse transporters’ profiles and reviews.
  • Select the horse transporter that best meets your horse transporting needs and book horse transport services.
  • Communicate with horse transporters through the messaging feature.

Post a listing within minutes and get free quotes from professional horse transporters near you!

Equipment Recommendations for Horse Transport

Horse transportation is a delicate process. Both horse and horse transporters should be well-equipped to ensure horse comfort and safety.

Here are some horse transport equipment recommendations:

Horse Trailer

Horse trailers should be spacious and well-ventilated to allow horse movement. If possible, check horse trailers for broken parts or structural damage that may hamper horse comfort and safety.

Even if you are using a horse transport service, you must inspect the trailer your horse transporter will use. Request a virtual horse trailer inspection if the horse transporter is far away.

Horse Halter and Lead Rope

The need for extra horse halters and lead rope depends on the horse transport company’s horse trailer conditions.

It’s best practice to be equipped with extra halters and lead rope just in case the ones on your horse get damaged.

Horse Blankets

Horse blankets are staple items when horse transporting. It provides comfort and protection from cold and wet weather elements.

You can go for horse blankets made with horse-friendly materials such as wool, cotton and polar fleece. 

Be sure to get horse blankets that fit your horse size. Also, don’t forget to take the weather into consideration when making your purchase.

Leg Wraps

Yes, your horse needs leg wraps too, when horse transporting. Leg wraps protect the animal’s legs as horse trailers can be bumpy and shaky during horse transportation.

By using horse leg wraps, the horse can move around the trailer without fear of leg injuries. It’s crucial to choose horse leg wraps with materials that are horse friendly and breathable.

Also, avoid tying leg wraps tightly, so the horse doesn’t get a bandage bow. Get a horse vet or experienced transporter to apply the leg wraps instead if you are unsure how to do it.

Horse Ties

Horse ties are essential to horse transportation tools to ensure added safety and comfort. They keep your horse’s head down during transport, which is vital to help clear airways of dust and hay.

We recommend adjustable ties that can easily release in case your horse panics during the journey and tries to get out of the tie.

There you have it! You now know all the equipment you need to keep your beloved horse comfortable throughout his journey. 

With horse-friendly transport equipment in check, you’re ready to transport your horse safely and comfortably.

Towards a Successful Nationwide Horse Transport!

Now that you know how to access horse transport services, the transportation essentials and the unique value CitizenShipper offers, it’s time to book horse transport services and get your horse to its destination.

Citizen Shipper makes horse transport planning a piece of cake. And you don’t have to break the bank too! So why wait? Request a free quote today and let horse transporters bid for your business.

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