What Is the Cost to Ship a Large Piece of Furniture? A Detailed Guide

Rochdi Rais Rochdi Rais · Updated: May 31, 2023 / Published: May 20, 2023

What Is the Cost to Ship a Large Piece of Furniture? A Detailed Guide

Choosing the Right Furniture Moving Company dining table, a couch, or a bed frame, can seem like a monumental task, especially when the move is across state lines. One of the main concerns for many is the cost of shipping a large piece of furniture. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the different elements that define this cost.

Deciphering the Factors that Influence the Cost

To understand the cost to ship a large piece of furniture, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the variables that moving companies take into account when formulating their quotes.


The distance between the pick-up point and the delivery destination dramatically influences the cost. A longer haul typically means furniture shipping costs tag due to fuel costs and the mover’s time.

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Furniture Size and Weight

The dimensions and weight of the furniture piece also significantly impact the cost. Larger and heavier items are more challenging to transport and require more space, leading to higher costs.

Pick-up and Delivery Conditions

The ease or difficulty of pick-up and delivery also plays a part in determining the cost to ship a large piece of furniture. Difficult conditions, like narrow staircases or doorways and a lack of elevators, may increase the cost due to the extra labor required.

Time of Year

The time of the year can also influence costs. Peak moving seasons, usually during the summer and around major holidays, can bring about higher costs due to increased demand.

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Protecting your valuable furniture with additional moving insurance will also add to the overall cost. It’s worth considering if your furniture is particularly valuable or sentimental.

Shipping Options

There are different ways to ship furniture, and your chosen option will affect the cost. Full-service movers offer a comprehensive solution, handling everything from packing to delivery. Less inclusive services, such as freight or consolidated moves, might be less expensive but require more effort.

Choosing the Right Furniture Moving Company

When considering the cost to ship a large piece of furniture, one can’t ignore the importance of selecting a trustworthy moving company. This is where CitizenShipper, an online marketplace for shipping and moving services, comes into play. It connects you with vetted movers who can cater to your unique needs. The platform’s transparency allows you to compare quotes and pick the best value for your money, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to ship large furniture.

Preparing Your Furniture for Shipping

Efficiently preparing your furniture for shipment is a pivotal step that can influence the overall cost to ship a large piece of furniture. Here are some tips to ensure safe and cost-effective furniture shipping.

Firstly, clean your furniture. Remove dust, dirt, or any particles that might scratch or damage the furniture during transportation. This also makes the furniture easier to handle for movers.

Secondly, disassemble your furniture if possible. Items like bed frames, tables, and some sofas can be disassembled, reducing the space they occupy and possibly lowering the cost.

Next, invest in quality packing materials. Furniture blankets, bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard sheets, plastic stretch wrap, and sealing tape are all useful in protecting your furniture. Securing sharp edges and glass parts with corner protectors or bubble wrap can prevent damage. Using mattress covers and sofa covers can keep them clean and protected.

Finally, accurately measure your furniture. Providing precise dimensions to your movers can help them give you a more accurate quote, preventing unexpected costs later on.

Why Citizenshipper Is Your Best Choice for Furniture Shipping

When considering the cost of shipping a large piece of furniture, choosing the right moving company becomes a critical consideration. CitizenShipper stands out in this regard, offering several advantages.

Transparency: CitizenShipper allows you to post your moving job, upon which multiple vetted movers will bid. You can compare their quotes, ratings, and reviews, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Vetted Movers: All movers on CitizenShipper undergo background checks, ensuring they are professional and trustworthy.

Customer Support: CitizenShipper’s customer support is always ready to assist, providing peace of mind throughout your move.

Price: By allowing multiple movers to bid on your job, CitizenShipper ensures competitive pricing, helping you find the best deal.

Ultimately, CitizenShipper takes a customer-centric approach to ensure you get a smooth, cost-effective, and stress-free moving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses some common queries regarding the cost of shipping a large piece of furniture. From ways to lower your moving costs to the logistics of moving large furniture, these FAQs provide quick answers to your pressing questions.

Is It Cheaper To Buy New Furniture or Ship My Current One?

It depends on several factors, like the value of your current furniture, the cost of new furniture, and the shipping costs. Consider all these factors to decide what suits your budget and needs.

How Can I Reduce the Cost to Ship My Large Piece of Furniture?

Reducing the cost of shipping can be achieved through several methods. You can disassemble your furniture to make it compact, compare quotes from different movers, and avoid peak moving seasons.

How Much Does Insurance for Shipping Furniture Cost?

The cost of insurance varies depending on the value of the furniture and the insurance coverage. It's best to discuss this with your chosen mover or insurance provider.

Does CitizenShipper Provide Packing Services?

CitizenShipper is a marketplace that connects you with multiple movers. Some movers may provide packing services as part of their quote. It's best to check this directly with the mover.When shipping large furniture, preparation and choosing the exemplary moving service can significantly influence your overall costs.

Can I Ship My Furniture via a Parcel Delivery Service?

For small pieces of furniture, parcel delivery might be a feasible option. However, specialized furniture moving services like CitizenShipper are more suitable for large furniture.


Several factors influence the cost to ship a large piece of furniture. By understanding these elements and working with a reliable moving company like CitizenShipper, you can ensure a smooth, efficient, and budget-friendly move. Happy moving!