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How to Choose a Piano Moving Insurance?

Pianos are beautiful instruments that are used to create some of the world’s most popular music. But they are also heavy, bulky, and fragile. So if you need to move a piano from one place to another – it’s important, not to make it essential that you have piano moving insurance. Here are the basics

For Customers » Household Items · Updated March 08, 2023

How to pack a computer for shipping

Having a home office is more and more common these days. As video calls and remote working grow in popularity many jobs that used to require a commute to the office can now be done from home. This is awesome for wearing your pajamas for work and balancing children raising etc, but it does pose

A couple relocating and shipping furniture to a new state.

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How to Pack a TV for Transportation: The Ultimate Guide

Are you moving to a new house and don’t know how to transport your TV in a safe way? TVs may be hard to move and can be easy to break or damage – especially if you own a flatscreen! It is important to prepare these fragile items well and pack them in a secure

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How to Ship Scuba Gear

For scuba divers, there’s no greater joy than exploring an underwater reef that’s been on their bucket list for years. There’s a lot less joy, however, when divers have to plunge into their pockets to pay rental fees for scuba gear they’re not familiar with and won’t be able to use like their own. A

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How To Ship Baked Goods

There’s nothing like your mom’s baked goods, but getting a taste of home when you live several states away can be a challenge. Because of their perishable nature, shipping baked goods takes planning and timeliness. Here’s a few tips for shipping baked goods. First, you’ll need to determine if the treats you want to ship

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How to Ship Camping Gear

If you’re planning an outdoors trip, don’t let the required camping gear weigh down your travel plans – shipping these items can be cost effective and reduce hassle. Having camping gear delivered to your hiking or camping destination allows you to travel with only what’s necessary and without worrying if your items will make your

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How to Ship Vinyl Records

The resurgence of vinyl records has hipsters, hippies and everyone in between scouring thrift stores, poring over online outlets, and crowding into independent shops in search of their favorite titles. Prized for their cover art and unique sound, vinyl records in good shape can fetch surprising sums of money – the trick is they must

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How to Ship Vintage Audio Items

While digital music dominates popular culture, a growing number of people are returning to their analog roots, buying and selling vintage audio equipment like turntables, receivers and speakers that have unexpected values. For example, a mint condition Sansui 33000 receiver recently sold for $27,000 and a Mid-Century Modern JBL Home Stereo Console fetched $65,000 last

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How to Ship a Painting

Transporting a painting – like other fragile and valuable items – is a task that involves careful packaging and choosing the right carrier. And unless your painting has its own waterproof stainless steel case, it’s a good idea to steer clear of large shipping companies. Shipping fine art is a very specialized field – the

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How to Ship a Television

So you’ve finally bought a television that is perfect for the big game or guilty pleasure Netflix marathons. Who knew the Golden Girls could seem so…lifelike? But now your company has transferred you halfway across the country and you can’t bear to entrust a $2,500 high-end television to a moving company, plus it’s too big