How to Pack a TV for Transportation: The Ultimate Guide

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated May 31, 2023
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Are you moving to a new house and don’t know how to transport your TV in a safe way? TVs may be hard to move and can be easy to break or damage – especially if you own a flatscreen! It is important to prepare these fragile items well and pack them in a secure way. Nobody wants a big scratch on their television screen after moving. Moving a TV is not hard, but it requires some extra time and preparation to do it well, luckily this article will tell you everything about it!

Organize The Cords

The first step of preparation for transporting your television is to unplug and organize all of the external cables. But even before you do this, you should pick up your cleaning gadgets and dust the backside of your device, so your working area is clean. After you have cleaned the forgotten side of your machine, a clever tip is to take a photograph of the way the cords are plugged in so that you can quickly set your device back up without having to consult the manual. Next, unplug each external cord and tape them together as a bunch, and label it TV! if you have more than one TV add the brand of TV or which room it was in to make sure they stay united. 

Wrap the Screen

Now is the time to protect your television. Use folded pieces of cardboard or cushioned tape to temporarily attach to the corners of your tv to avoid any dings. Next find a soft blanket, bubble wrap, or packing felt and tightly wrap your television. It’s important to add several layers to the areas most vulnerable such as the screen and the cable area. Use tape, string, or straps to attach the blanket so that it won’t fall off during transport. 

Find a Box That Fits Your TV

If you still have the original box of your TV, this is the way to go. The packages of televisions are created for transportation, so they should keep your television and all of its parts safe through extra styrofoam and stabilizing cartons. While this is clearly the best option, and something you should remember, whenever you are tempted to throw your brand new TVs packaging out – Not all of us have space to store empty cartons and some of us simply like to get rid of them or recycle boxes in other ways.

 If you don’t have the original packaging, there are lots of other ways to pack your tv for moving house. First, you could ask your local electronics store for a box of the same or a similar model. They may have the box from a floor model out the back. If this doesn’t work, you need to look for a box that is as snug-fitting to your TV as possible. A close-fitting box will be the best protection against your TV moving about the box as it sits in the back of your moving van or truck.

Find a moving box that has two or three extra inches of space left to all sides when it’s inside the box. Use a moving blanket or another kind of blanket to pad the screen. The priority is to give additional protection between the screen and the cardboard, so it doesn’t get scratched or break under outside pressure. If you are using a blanket or sleeping bag here, be careful to check that it doesn’t have zippers, buttons, or anything else, which could be scratchy and therefore damaging for the TV. 

Because it can be really hard to find a perfect carton for television, mainly when we talk about the unusual shapes of a flat-screen, some moving and storage companies offer TV packages, which include all the material you need for packing a TV. Ask an experienced moving company for this option.

How to Put a TV in a Moving Truck

After you did all the preparation, you should slide your television carefully into the moving truck. You should always store your television upright. To make sure it is carried and stored correctly even when outside of your site, label the box well with the words “FRAGILE: and arrows pointing up to indicate keeping it upright. 

Your TV is the safest when positioned between other items, so it can’t slide during the drive. Most suitable for this stabilizing job are heavy boxes or sturdy items of furniture, such a box of books or a chest of drawers. Use bungee cords to secure the TV to the wall of the truck or another anchor but make sure that there isn’t any pressure on the screen. Ensure all of the other items around the TV are secured well, so they are not at risk of falling on your television.

Unpacking with Love

You made it! Your TV is at your new home and you’re probably very excited to put it into its new place. But before you follow this urge, keep a few things in mind and put as much care into unpacking as you put into packing. Make sure that the movers are placing your TV in an upright position and don’t put the box flat on the ground to take it out. It’s not good for the TV. Instead, use two or more people to carefully lift the screen out of the carton. Don’t tackle this task alone, a television can be heavier than you might think.

Before you plug your TV in or turn it on, let your device come to room temperature. If you are installing a new TV bracket, take care that it has a secure and stable construction. Better two check two times more than less. Now you can finally unpack all the cords and install your TV. A cozy movie night is a great way to settle into your new home!