How to Ship a Television

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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So you’ve finally bought a television that is perfect for the big game or guilty pleasure Netflix marathons. Who knew the Golden Girls could seem so…lifelike? But now your company has transferred you halfway across the country and you can’t bear to entrust a $2,500 high-end television to a moving company, plus it’s too big to haul in your car. Listing your television for bid with an online shipping company linked to a community of drivers is an ideal solution.

The personal attention your television gets with an independent driver is the biggest advantage of going with online shipping. The driver you select will take charge of your television at the point of pickup and keep a watchful eye on it until it reaches the destination. Your package won’t languish on a corporate loading dock or be wedged into a small delivery truck.

Preparing your television for shipment begins with acquiring a proper box for shipping. Hopefully you were able to save the original box and the custom Styrofoam blocks that came with your television. If that’s the case, you only need to ensure the fit is snug – if the box has loosened, place some bubble wrap into the long ends of the package. Stay away from packing peanuts; the static electricity the generate generate can affect the sensitive components inside your TV. It’s also a good idea to re-tape the entire box with quality packing tape.

If you can’t locate the box your television came in, try to find an appropriate one at your local electronics retailer. Similar-sized boxes can be sourced from bicycle shops, and have the added advantage of being made of double-walled, heavy duty cardboard. Once a box is ready, remove all cables and plugs, as well as the base attached to the unit. Seal all of these items into a small plastic bag and place it in the carton on the side opposite of the screen after the television is boxed. Wrap the length of the TV with bubble wrap, then rotate 90 degrees and cover the width of the unit with another section of bubble wrap.

Next, use a thick blanket or other durable padding as a second layer of protection and place in the box, ensuring more bubble wrap is at the bottom and cushioning the television’s base. Fit more bubble wrap around the unit. Finally, re-tape the entire box, adding a couple of strips around the middle of the box for good measure.

When listing your television for online shipment, be sure to mention the date you’ll need it delivered, its dimensions and that covered transport is a must. It may seem obvious, but a television cannot be delivered in the open air. Advance planning on specialized items helps ensure timely delivery.

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