How can I ship my dog to another state? Answered!

Every day, hundreds of pet owners across the country are looking for new ways of relocating their pets safely and swiftly. Moving across state lines is already restricted in some areas, so your options may be limited. So let’s break down some of the most popular methods of pet transportation, and offer expert advice on how to ship a dog to another state.

Air Shipping

1. Ship your dogs as checked baggage

The most direct way of shipping your dog to another state is flying. This tends to be expensive, with airline fees ranging from $80 to several hundred dollars. But the main concern isn’t affordability — it’s safety. Checking your dog into the plane’s cargo hold can be risky, as the change in temperature and pressure causes breathing problems. Every year, dozens of animals die in the cargo compartments of commercial airplanes. This health hazard is why many airlines simply refuse to transport dogs.

2. Travel with the dog in the cabin

Luckily, there’s an alternative for smaller dog breeds. If your furry friend weighs no more than 15 lbs. and its crate can fit under a seat, they could fly in the cabin as carry-on baggage. The fees can still be prohibitively expensive, and the health hazard is still present. But if this option is acceptable to you and your airline, consider hiring a flight nanny to ship your dog to another state this way. 

Road Shipping

1. Driving the dog in your own vehicle

In case flying pets to their destination sounds too risky, there are alternatives. If you’re asking yourself, can’t I ship my dog to another state by simply driving, the answer is yes. Fuel is cheaper than ever, but you’ll still need to invest plenty of time and effort. Make sure you have the necessary veterinary certificates when crossing state lines, and plan your route carefully. As mentioned before, certain states are currently restricting road travel, so stay on top of things to avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

2. Contract a professional dog transporter

Of course, if it’s too much of a hassle to personally drive your pet to another state, you can always hire a professional. List your shipping requirements for free on a dedicated online marketplace, and independent transporters will get in touch. Before choosing which one to hire, be sure to browse through their ratings and reviews. Feel free to exchange messages and get all the information you need, from the size and type of their vehicles to their preferred payment processors. 

So if you’re wondering “how can I ship my dog to another state”, the answer should be clear. All the standard methods are still available, but some are less practical than others. CitizenShipper recommends finding a reliable pet transporter that operates in multiple states. They should have all the information on specific requirements for secure interstate pet transport in your area and beyond.

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