How to Ship Camping Gear

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If you’re planning an outdoors trip, don’t let the required camping gear weigh down your travel plans – shipping these items can be cost effective and reduce hassle.

Having camping gear delivered to your hiking or camping destination allows you to travel with only what’s necessary and without worrying if your items will make your flight or if your vehicle can hold it all. With planning and a few pointers, your items will be waiting at the location you choose.

Airline flights pose many hurdles to successfully transporting your camping gear. First, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has safeguards in place that limit what can be inside checked baggage. Any kind of cooking tools (stoves, fuel, etc.) are not allowed, as well as aerosol repellants for insects and wildlife. Knives and any kind of blade will increase scrutiny of your items, which you don’t want to happen if you’ve meticulously sorted and stowed your gear, particularly backpacks.

Then there’s the airlines’ 50 lb. per bag weight limit, as well as the two-checked bags per passenger policy used by most carriers. Also, some airlines are now charging fees for even one checked bag.

Remember that transporting camping and hiking gear is a specialized shipping situation. Be sure the things you want delivered warrant using an online shipper. Once you decide to do it, there is no limit to what can be transported. Choosing the online shipping method will allow you to have tents, cooking supplies, hiking tools, fishing equipment and even a small kayak at your outdoor destination.

Once you’ve decided to ship camping gear ahead of time, sorting out the logistics becomes the primary focus. You not only need to ship it to the destination, but also home. Including a definite delivery date in a shipment listing is the best idea. Unless you have other plans, the return trip can take longer but a plan to get your supplies back should be in place.

So where will your stuff be shipped? If you’re staying in a hotel before heading into the wilderness, they will gladly hold your belongings until you arrive. If you happen to have any friends that live near your destination, it’s possible they could watch your equipment. There are some alternatives, however. For a small fee, local camping and hiking shops can store your items until your arrival, and storage facilities are always willing to temporarily store any item.

Here are a few tips for packing your camping and hiking gear for online transport:

-Use hard plastic containers with a hinged lid to hold equipment

-Use duct tape around the entire lid to make it water tight, then wrap tape a few times around the entire container

-Load your backpack the way you want it on the trail, then wrap with a few layers of packing plastic before placing inside shipping container

-Place all cooking stoves, tools and fuel together in a single container, and ensure they cannot move during transport

-Be very specific in your listing. Drivers need to know the definite delivery date, as well as how many containers will be transported and the weight of the entire shipment.

-Ensure your gear will arrive ahead of you by 4-7 days.

Shipping camping and hiking gear ahead of time is a great idea that can save you money and worry, and CitizenShipper can help you get it there.

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