Looking for Hot Shot Loads in Texas? Read This First!

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A flatbed truck transporting hot shot loads of colorful motorcycles in Texas.

Not many jobs in transportation are as rewarding as being a hot shot hauler. You set your own schedule and your own price, working full-time or just earning extra cash on the side. Best of all, you don’t need to invest in a big rig – a pickup or van will do you just fine! If looking for hot shot loads in Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Hot shot drivers on CitizenShipper can do anything from transport boats to haul construction materials and everything in between. The best part of being a transporter is that, according to ZipRecruiter, transporters can make upwards of $60,000.

CitizenShipper operates an online marketplace where freelance drivers can quickly browse hundreds of listed shipments. There’s a wide array of shipment categories, from pets and small parcels to furniture and vehicles. Hot shot loads are also available, especially in the Texas area. You bid on the jobs you like and negotiate the payment with the customer on your own. CitizenShipper does not take a cut!

If you’re a transporter searching for hot shot driving jobs, it’s easy to get started. Sign up for free and join our community of drivers – you’ll be on the road in a matter of days.

How Exactly Does Hot Shot Hauling Work?

Hot shot loads are shipping jobs that need to be delivered quickly, generally less than a full truckload. Urgency is key here – it’s why the jobs pay so well. Flexibility also helps – planning ahead, you can haul multiple hot shots along the same route and save on fuel costs.

Why Are There So Many Hot Shot Jobs in Texas?

It’s the nature of the business in the area. There’s a lot of oil fields here, and a lot of construction work. These industries often require freight to be moved quickly, and along well-trafficked routes. That’s why there are plenty hot shot loads in Texas available, and why hot shot brokers in Texas make good money.

How Much Do These Hot Shot Loads in Texas Pay?

Now, that’s a tricky one. Your quote will depend on the size of the shipment, how far it needs to travel, and how quickly. As a rough estimate, hot shot rates are usually in the $1 to $3 per mile range. So an average hot shot driving job in Texas might net you a couple of hundred dollars… But if the job takes you across state borders, this can easily go up to thousands.

As an independent transporter, you’ll be setting your own workload. If driving full-time, you could easily be raking in $100,000 a year on hotshots. But if you do it just as a side-hustle, you might be making only a tenth of that.

If you’re new to the business, we advise you to figure out what your cost per mile is early on. There are thousands of shipments posted daily, so you need to plot your routes. With careful planning you could stack hotshot loads in Texas and beyond, saving money on fuel.

What’s the Best Vehicle For Hot Shot Hauling?

This depends on how much time and resources you plan to invest. Generally speaking, your average hot shot load driver operates a medium-size pickup truck (Class 3-4). The weight limit of up to 16,000 lbs. gives you a nice range able to handle most hot shot loads. Going heavier increases your fuel expenditure, and might require a different shipping strategy that avoids empty runs. Going lighter, meanwhile, can make you miss out on many hot shot loads.

But these are just broad guidelines. Owning a smaller van or a massive flatbed shouldn’t keep you from pursuing hot shot driving jobs! The beauty of the bidding approach to shipping is that you can always find the shipment that suits you.

What Kind of Paperwork Do I Need For This?

As an independent interstate transporter, you’ll need both a DOT registration and MC number. If operating within state limits, your standard hauler license might suffice. In Texas, for example, it’s fairly easy to get one, while the federal licensing might take up to eight weeks.

You’ll also need to file for IFTA fuel taxes, and of course proper insurance coverage. Don’t be discouraged by having to jump through all these hoops. The time you spend is an investment – it’ll all pay out once you start clearing those boards!

Ready to Start Working Those Texas Hot Shot Loads?

CitizenShipper’s online marketplace is open to just about everyone. You might be a professional hauler trying to score big on the Texas hot shot load boards. You might be a casual snowbird, enjoying the outdoors and just looking to make a little extra on the side. Either way, hot shot loads are a great earning opportunity.

If you’ve got the wheels and the willpower, it should be easy to find the perfect hot shot job. Just visit our registration page and access our shipment listings, completely free of charge. Join the CitizenShipper community of independent drivers today!

Once you start bidding on hot shot driving jobs in Texas, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Need help building your transporter profile? We’ve got you covered. Tips on shipping motorcycles? Not a problem. And if you run into trouble at any point, our support teams are available 24/7.

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  1. Looking to get into the hotshot industry.
    I process a cdl B with endorsements.
    I have a small 2017 SUV and are ready to hit the road.
    Can you please help???

  2. I have 1 ton 2014. With trailer
    Looking to find side work hot shoting loads

  3. I have a 2017 2500 Dodge with a diesel and right now to small trailer a 14’ flatbed and 16’ flatbed I have a gooseneck hook up and a weight distribution hitch for travel trailers no gooseneck trailer right now but I’m looking

  4. I am looking to do hot shot I have a 2018 dodge dually I would really like to not only do oilfield I have two Rigs pulling sand anybody know a good company for hot shot

  5. Dodge diesel with 20 foot low boy flat bed 14,000 pound load max. It cost me 1 dollar to operate , so would need 2 bucks a mile or don’t waste my time

  6. I have a 30″ ft flat bed (up to 10,000 lbs) a 40′ flatbed, and a 13 foot box truck. Could us the work…Kndly let me know what I need to do to contract with your company

  7. Have a Calss A license, Single axle semi and a 52’ flatbed. Currently DOT authority but I’m looking to lead on with someone in the next couple of weeks. If anyone is looking, I’m capable of carrying any hot shot load.

  8. 3/4 ton with 24 gooseneck , sleeper conversion quad cab . Texas area between Houston and corpus Christi ready to roll

  9. Looking to start doing hot shot. I have a 2015 Dodge 2500 but thinking about getting a 3500 and 40′ trailer.

  10. I have 2500hd gmc and trailer that I need I want to put to work. I live in Houston,tx . I really want to work. please help!

  11. wanting to do hot shots. I have a 2016 F-250 now with years of experience towing my own campers and trailers.

  12. Have a 9 ft. Flatbed ready to put to work ASAP. Have insurance, Dot , etc. willing to drive in Houston locally / surrounding area day / night . Scorpio hotshot delivery services

    1. Hey Rosalinda! Welcome to the CitizenShipper Community. You can get started by creating a driver account here: citizenshipper.com/register
      If you need anything else or have any questions, just shoot us an email at support@citizenshipper.com and we’d be more than happy to help:)

  13. I have a Ford F-250 long bed w/overload springs , no Trlers , will lease if need to I have A Twic Card , Dot.Medical Card , Trying get CDL back ,can haul less than 26001 for now Been hauling Hot Shot for 20 yrs

  14. I’m a retired trucker. Thinking of putting my cabover to work Hot Shoting in Texas.
    Experience in Wedge & Flatbed. Etc. Can set up tractor as two axle for redge or Gooseneck flat bed.

    1. Hey there Dennis, that great to hear! We have many retirees and drivers who ship heavy loads on our site. You can learn more about becoming a driver here: citizenshipper.com/new-drivers

  15. I own 1 Peterbilt 587 for power only work & 1 3500 crewcab Dooley truck with a 40ft. Big Tex mini float , with dove tail ramps that fold out !!!! The name of our company is PRN Trucking . And we also have our own Authority and insurance as well !!!! Thank You on behalf of our team !!!!!

  16. I have a 1 ton dually 3500 and a 30 foot gooseneck with mega ramps,
    looking for work

    1. Hi Jecobbie,

      Glad to hear you’re interested in transporting through CitizenShipper! Please visit https://citizenshipper.com/register to sign up and choose your preferred category! Upon registering, you may check out our driver courses to learn more on how to get started on CitizenShipper – https://citizenshipper.teachable.com/courses/.

      Additionally, to learn more specifics on pet transportation, check out the CitizenShipper knowledge base on our help center – https://citizenshipper.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/200211225-CitizenShipper-Knowledge-Base

  17. i have a 18ft trailer and a 2019 ford dually f 350 super duty and ready find solid work and make good money , and willing to go outside of texas

    1. Hi Tyre,

      Glad to hear you’re interested in transporting through CitizenShipper! Please visit https://citizenshipper.com/register to sign up and choose your preferred category! Upon registering, you may check out our driver courses to learn more on how to get started on CitizenShipper – https://citizenshipper.teachable.com/courses/.

      Additionally, to learn more specifics on pet transportation, check out the CitizenShipper knowledge base on our help center – https://citizenshipper.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/200211225-CitizenShipper-Knowledge-Base

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