When, And How Much, To Tip An Online Driver

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By Ron Watson, Jr.

You’ve planned your move to the finest detail, but something has come up at the last moment that requires assistance from your driver. Your mover has gone through extraordinary weather to get your load delivered as expected. Or you must get cargo to a destination quickly and on time, without fail.

These are few scenarios where tipping your online mover would be appropriate. Typically, both the driver and the customer approach a haul as a simple transaction: an item will be picked up at a specified place at a certain time and deliver it securely by a firm date. A bid price is set, the haul is completed and the agreed-upon amount is paid. A small gratuity here would be appropriate.

In a traditional shipping deal, tipping the driver isn’t expected but simply your choice as a service customer. Maybe you customarily tip someone an extra $10 or $20. Perhaps you’ve done the job before and appreciate the effort. Occasionally it’s a good business decision to assure future shipping arrangements. However, there are a handful of situations where a decent tip should be offered.

When They Really Help You Out

Sometimes you just can’t help but call on your driver to give you a helping hand at the last minute, particularly when you’re moving households. If you must vacate a house or apartment and five or 10 boxes are left over, you could ask for assistance. Chances are the driver will help out (if there’s room in the hauling vehicle) and chances are a tip should be offered.

Another consideration would be when the terms of a contracted listing have changed by the time your online mover has arrived for pickup. Perhaps the original listing stated help was not needed to load a vehicle but that’s changed and the haul can’t happen without the driver’s help. A tip would be in order.

Extraordinary effort

Every so often a situation can arise where the driver will to extensive lengths to complete a shipment on time.

CitizenShippers have driven through snowstorms, overcome huge traffic jams, and fought past other unavoidable issues to complete shipments on time. If they’ve stayed in touch with you, and you know they have gone above and beyond what a normal shipping company could, give consideration to offering a tip.

To Insure Promptness

The word ‘tip’ is actually an acronym for “To Insure Promptness” that dates back to the hospitality industry. In the online shipping world, a tip can just be an agreement to guarantee an item will be at a certain location at a certain time. If the cargo doesn’t arrive at the specified time, no tip will be given.

This could also work at the beginning of a trip when a tip is offered to give extra incentive that the shipment be completed on time and in good condition.

So, how much?

Tipping amounts will vary, depending on the value, condition, and size of an item as well as promptness and amount of effort given by your driver. Tipping for a job well done could be a token amount ($10 or $20, as mentioned).

If the shipment has taken turns that were unexpected and your driver has gone above and beyond expectations, 5% to 10% of the contract price is a fair amount. Ultimately, when (and how) to tip is completely up to you, the customer.

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