10 Best Pet Transport Services in 2021

For Shippers · Pet Shipping · 21 April 2020

10 Best Pet Transport Services in 2021 | Citizenshipper

10 Best Pet Transport Services in 2021 | Citizenshipper

We love our pets; it is as simple as that. This very love will prompt you to move your pet with you whenever you are moving to a new home or even going on a trip. Thankfully, there are services available for pet moving. In this post, we list some of the best domestic and international pet ground transportation businesses in the United States, so you can find the perfect provider and avoid pet scams.

You need to keep in mind quite a few things before choosing a pet shipper so make sure to read about each service in-depth and do the required amount of research before making a decision. With this information, nothing should interrupt your pet’s journey.

10 Best Pet Transportation Services

1. CitizenShipper

As a ground transportation company, CitizenShipper sets the standard for affordability, flexibility, and overall quality. Operating within the continental United States, CitizenShipper aims to satisfy your pet transportation requirements. They have great reviews on Trustpilot and are one of the best online marketplaces that connect transporters to customers

Pet Shipping with CitizenShipper

What makes them stand out from the crowd is the fact you have a lot of control over your pet’s transport experience. Start by listing the transport details, including the start and end location, size and breed of your pet, and any other critical information such as dietary or health needs. After this information is submitted, experienced, trusted drivers will contact you and offer a bid to transport your pet. You can read reviews of these potential drivers, ask them questions and weigh up your options before accepting the best bid for your trip. The personalization doesn’t stop there: While your pet is en route, you can request location updates, road trip snaps, and even call your driver to get reassurance. 

2. Animals Away

Animals Away is a US-based professional pet ground transport firm with offices in Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, and New York. It was established in 1992 and has provided logistics service for over fifty thousand pets and is shipping them domestic and international shipping all around the world. The door-to-door service offers easy-to-use first-class packages to facilitate all of your pet relocation needs.

Animals Away will help you to navigate the bureaucratic aspect of pet shipping.

3. Pet Pros

Pet Pros provides easy, convenient, and reliable moving services for your pets in the USA and some parts of Canada. In terms of door-to-door delivery, this company prides itself on being a safe, reliable, and convenient option that facilitates all reasonable needs in the pet relocation field.

Pet Pros offers door-to-door delivery of your pets by utilizing IATA-approved transportation crates, including pet air travel. Your pet will be happy, stress-free, and comfortable for long or short excursions, as trained coordinators are provided to cater to individual needs. Pictures are sent to pet owners every four hours to ensure transparency.

4. Happy Tails Travel Inc

As a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) since 1996, Happy Tails Travel Inc offers a pet courier service within the United States. Happy Tails Travel provides fast and free estimates to facilitate your queries.

The IPATA member Happy Tails Travel is very flexible. It offers facilities for large breed dogs and limits the number of animals in each vehicle. Further to this, Happy Tails Travel also offers private or group dog or cat transportation services, with group rates available. 

5. Four Paws on Wheels

Four Paws on Wheels is a pet travel firm operating in the United States. They offer a wide range of features for the convenience, health, and happiness of your animal.

Since its inception in 2007, this company has successfully transported over one thousand pets. It offers secure, reliable, transport packages tailored towards individual requirements and budgets. You can call for a quote.

6. Starwood Animal Transport Services

Starwood Animal Transport offers ground pet and animal transportation within the continental USA. It offers hub services akin to those found in airports, with its primary hub cities being New York, Portland Oregon, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

Starwood Animal Transport offers a safe, door-to-door shipping service for your pet at a flat rate. The drivers are well trained in the art of pet grooming, comfort, and overall animal care. Trips include comfort stops at four-hour intervals.

7. Royal Paws Pet

A name with regal authority, Royal Paws Pet provides private door-to-door international pet transportation for puppies and dogs within the United States and Canada. The fact that this company is USDA APHIS licensed speaks to the level of emphasis placed on health with regards to your dog or puppy.

Trips are manned by two-person teams with the aim to ensure that your dog is comfortable and happy for the duration. Clean bedding is provided for healthy relaxation. Your dog will even be able to take its personal belongings to facilitate calmness and comfort.

8. Exec Pet

This Atlanta-based pet ground transportation service focuses on speed, comfort, and health as it primarily serves the lower forty-eight states. It offers a luxurious, safe, and reliable service with certification as a USDA Class T carrier.

All drivers are professionals. Special attention is paid to animals with certain characteristics such as deafness, blindness, anxiety, mobility issues, and others. Transportation vehicles are spacious, lending themselves to the overall comfort of your pet.

9. Pet Van Lines

As one of the most trusted pet ground moving service providers, Pet Van Lines Luxury Pet Mover offers safe, reliable transportation for all dog and cat breeds. After all, it has been reliably transporting pets for over fifteen years.

Trips are facilitated with efficient climate-controlled vehicles manned by animal care providers. But that is not all. Stops are scheduled based on trip duration to facilitate dog walks for comfort and exercise. All services are fully insured.

10. En Route Pet Transportation

En Route Pet is a pet ground transportation company that operates exclusively in the USA. It offers a convenient service to make monthly payments instead of one large lump sum, collected in increments after the actual shipping.

En Route Pet will deliver your dog anywhere nationwide. It offers the option of having an individual vehicle or utilizing a group plan. In addition to this, pictures are taken at intervals to facilitate transparency. 


Which is the Best Pet Ground shipping Service Provider?

We have no qualms about recommending CitizenShipper as the best option for both you and your pet. It is the best option for getting a personalized quote that takes into account the particulars of your trip.  Each driver on the site offers a competitive deal that meets the specialized requirements of pet transport.  The personal interaction means you can talk directly with your driver, and you are never treated like just another number, nor your pet as just another animal in a group delivery. No matter the animal, the distance, or the special needs, CitizenShipper can help you find a secure and comfortable method for moving your pet.

What is the best pet transport company?

The best pet transport firm has to be CitizenShipper due to its seamless web interface. From entering your pickup location to reading the driver’s reviews to leaving your own review and rating once a trip is completed, CitizenShipper makes the process for finding a pet transporter easy, fast, and worry-free. 


Your pet is a cherished part of your family, and making sure it is always safely transported is essential. You always want your pets by your side. Choose the best pet ground transportation service to facilitate your family’s perfect pet shipping experience. 

Updated November 22, 2021

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Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Miller
1 year ago

Requesting a quote from shipment of one 19 lb, 9 year old dog, good health, from Lodi, CA to Austin, Tx as a new owner.

Richard Baker
Richard Baker
7 months ago

Great Information! Thanks for sharing.

Reply to  Richard Baker
6 months ago

Thank you Richard, in case you are interested in receiving a quote from qualified transporters using our marketplace, please visit https://citizenshipper.com/shipments/new, choose your shipment category and then follow the prompts to specify more details on your pet. If you need any additional assistance in the process of making a decision on your preferred transporter, visit https://citizenshipper.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015998911-The-CitizenShipper-customer-interface. Happy shipping!

4 months ago

very good website i see first time.

CJ Kennedy
CJ Kennedy
23 days ago

All pets? What is the price for1 dog and 1 cat? Travel from WEST PALM BEACH to ATLANTA. Do not have a confirmed date.

Reply to  CJ Kennedy
23 days ago

Hi CJ,

In case you are interested in receiving a quote from qualified transporters using our marketplace:
Please visit https://citizenshipper.com/shipments/new, choose your shipment category, and then follow the prompts to specify more details on your pet.
For 1 dog and 1 cat, you can create a separate shipment listing, or just create a shipment listing that includes both the dog and the cat.

If you need any additional assistance in the process of making a decision on your preferred transporter, visit https://citizenshipper.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015998911-The-CitizenShipper-customer-interface.

Hope this helps.

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