On the Road to Rescue: The Heartwarming Journey of Janet Smolko

Cagri Sarigoz Cagri Sarigoz · Updated January 5, 2024

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A typical furry passenger on pet transporter Janet's route.

At the heart of any successful community whether it’s a bustling city or a digital platform there always lie dedicated individuals whose passion and commitment truly make a difference. One such person is Janet Smolko, a devoted CitizenShipper driver who has found her calling in transporting animals. For over 30 years, Janet drove professionally, but it wasn’t until two years ago that she was able to merge her love for animals and her experience on the road into a fulfilling business. CitizenShipper’s dog transportation marketplace is where you can find and book animal-loving drivers like Janet.

Meet Janet: Driver, Animal Lover, Lifesaver

Rescue is the best breed, as pet shipping expert Janet often says.

Steering Towards a Purposeful Journey

Janet discovered CitizenShipper on an Uber ride, of all places an encounter that would change the course of her life. Motivated by the prospect of helping dogs get from point A to point B safely and efficiently, she joined our community, embarking on a heartwarming journey. “This company is my heart and soul,” says Janet. “Helping to save so many rescued animals and get them to safe, loving homes is my absolute passion.”

For Janet, pet transportation is about making the animals and owners comfortable.

Navigating the Way with Compassion

Janet recounts her first experience with CitizenShipper as nerve-wracking but enlightening, revealing a path she could take to improve the lives of pets. Among her most memorable experiences is the joy of transporting rescue dogs, mostly pit bull dogs, or a mix of the breed, from high-kill shelters to new, caring homes. The moment they realize they’re safe, she says, is what makes her work immensely fulfilling.

A Pit Bull from one of Janet's prior dog transports.

A Smooth and Comfortable Drive

Driving her reliable Honda Civic, Janet ensures the safety and comfort of her furry passengers by using tethers for all trips, except for animals with an aggressive history which are delicately crated. Her GPS-enabled service offers peace of mind to pet owners, with regular text updates and prompt communication on any unexpected circumstances.

Janet ensuring a comfortable ride for her furry passengers.

Advocating for Honesty and Respect

To new drivers, Janet advises being honest with potential clients. She believes in respectful, caring, and regular communication with pet owners, acknowledging that the pets they’re entrusting are indeed members of their family. She also stresses the importance of being transparent about the fact that the booking fee does not go to drivers, a point she’d like to see CitizenShipper clarify more.

Janet firmly believes in transparency and regular communication with her pet transport clients.

Conveying a Lifesaver’s Legacy

Janet plans on continuing her rewarding work, transporting animals, primarily dogs, across the continental U.S., and cherishing the impactful moments on the road. Every rescue mission she undertakes is not just a trip but a life-saving journey, an effort to change her little part of the world by ensuring each paw finds its way home. Janet reveals, “The most rewarding part of my job is saving shelter animals.”

Every rescue mission is a cherished accomplishment for Janet.

From Every Paw, a Heartfelt Thank You

In every journey Janet takes as a CitizenShipper driver, she impacts countless lives. Her devotion to rescuing animals, exceptional service, and heartfelt care inspire other drivers in our community and showcases the true essence of CitizenShipper connecting communities, bridging distances, and delivering joy one journey at a time.

We thank Janet for sharing her incredible journey and continually reminding us about the transformative power of compassion. Whether you are an existing driver or considering joining our community, we hope Janet’s story encourages you to discover your own path to fulfilling journeys on CitizenShipper.