Meet Danielle Burik-Collier: The Traveling Pet Saver, Living Her Dream With CitizenShipper

Cagri Sarigoz Cagri Sarigoz · Updated December 12, 2023

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Our story today revolves around Danielle Burik-Collier, an amazing CitizenShipper driver who has managed to merge her love for animals and travel into a rewarding career on CitizenShipper’s platform. You can find animal-loving drivers like Danielle on CitizenShipper’s industry-leading dog transportation marketplace.

Finding the Perfect Job

When asked how she discovered CitizenShipper, Danielle joyfully stated, “A breeder/ employer.” Fast forward a bit, and you’ll find Danielle and her husband loving every trip, delivering their precious cargo usually dogs but also the occasional batch of baby bunnies. Their motivation to join CitizenShipper was simple and true “Traveling and animals at the same time.”

Making a Difference

But Danielle’s journey is not all furry cuddles and scenic routes. She has faced and overcome challenges. “One rescue we transported to New Hampshire had just been neutered and ended up bleeding,” she recalls, “My CNA experience and the Cat and Dog CPR First Aide came in handy. We got him to a vet right away.” This event stressed the importance of readiness and responsibility on this job keeping a pet in your care safe demands both expertise and prompt action. Thankfully, Danielle was prepared!

Ensuring Safety and Comfort

No journey happens without preparation. Danielle ensures everything is clean, set up and stocked before departure. Striving for comfort, calmness, and cleanliness is key to delivering happy pets, Danielle insists. She also ensures no contact between pets from different households, further supporting their safety.

Staying Connected

Maintaining communication with the pet owners is paramount for Danielle. She introduces herself and answers any questions before the journey and keeps them updated with pictures, texts, videos and Google location updates throughout the trip. Post-transport, she makes sure to thank the customer and checks in on them a few days later. This dedicated interaction has had a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

Beyond Driving: Bidding and Building a Future

The CitizenShipper platform offers much more than driving jobs, as Danielle realized. She has appreciated features like the notifications of jobs and options to search for jobs on a particular route. This, combined with her hope of learning how to win more bids, is helping her plan bigger and farther routes in her future with CitizenShipper. She is keen to expand her experience and the number of adorable passengers she helps.

Advice for New Drivers

Danielle’s words for any aspiring drivers out there? “Don’t get discouraged… everyone starts somewhere and it takes time to get the hang of creating routes.” This morsel of advice is the result of her own experiences, learning the ropes and growing with every new journey.

The Journey Continues

In her Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and now a Dodge Caravan, Danielle continues to build memories and share new experiences. The road to successful pet transportation can be challenging, but also filled with new sights, rewarding experiences and cuddles! Her commitment to this job is evident, and her journey, inspiring.


Danielle Burik-Collier’s story represents the heart of CitizenShipper’s driver community dedicated, passionate and caring individuals who take both their work and their love for animals seriously. As Danielle’s tale unfolds, the road ahead is filled with promise and possibilities, with many more tails wagging happily at the end of a safe journey. At CitizenShipper, we are delighted and grateful to have drivers like Danielle who step up, make a difference and literally keep us moving.

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