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How much does it cost to transport a pet?

Successful pet transports from our marketplace for as little as 54 cents per mile.

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The shipped Tank, Max, Roo, Cali, and Atlas

Fresno, CA Morris, OK



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Dave shipped Jasper

Spanaway, WA Claremore, OK



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Jarred shipped Athena, Nike, and Smash

Yakima, WA Nichols Hills, OK



Types of animals and pets we transport

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Factors affecting the cost of shipping pets

Here's what you need to know about safely transporting your pet to Oklahoma City.

Mode of Transportation

Ground travel

Cost $


Air travel

Cost $ $ $


Ground and air travel have different associated costs. Flying is typically the fastest option, but also the most expensive and taxing on your pet.

Travel Distance

The further you need to transport your pet, the more it'll cost. If you're using ground transportation, you'll have to factor in fuel costs, lodging, meals on the road and wear-and-tear on your vehicle. These costs are applicable whether you drive the pet yourself or you hire a transporter through CitizenShipper. Airlines charge more for longer plane rides as well. This is due to the cost of fuel and the need compensate pilots and flight attendants.

Pet size

Smaller pets are easier – and less expensive – to transport. If you’re flying your pet to Oklahoma City, they’ll need to travel in the cargo hold if they’re over 20 pounds. You’ll also need to buy a USDA-approved crate, which can cost around $200. With ground transport, it’s easier for drivers to accommodate small pets.

Health clearance and travel equipment

The first step to transporting your pet to Oklahoma City is ensuring they’re healthy enough to travel. Most species require a vet-issued health certificate to cross state lines. This will cost $50 to $300. You’ll likely need to purchase some equipment too – such as a crate and travel supplies.

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Melissa Chenevert

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I had my puppy ship from Illinois to Georgia. The driver was very courteous he kept me informed with calls text and pictures of my puppy along the way. I highly recommend them.

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How expensive is it to own and care for a pet in Oklahoma City?

Good news! The Oklahoma City area is not only great for your pup, but it’s easy on your wallet. The cost of living in Oklahoma City is below the national average, making pet ownership within reach for most people. Here’s what you can expect to spend on common pet expenses.

First year of pet ownership
  • $60 - $1,200Purchase/acquire pet
  • $60 - $180Average of first year vet bills
  • $22 - $126Licensing/registrations
  • $75 - $420Average food costs (dependent on size of dog/brand of food)
  • $12 - $30Dog walking supplies
  • $15 - $90Toys and treats
  • $390 - $450Grooming (once a month)
  • $634 - $2,496Total yearly expenses

How Transporters Get Your Pets to Oklahoma City and surrounding areas?

Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas have great highways and airports that make it easy for transporters using CitizenShipper to get your pets and precious items to their destination.

For instance, the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City is one of the largest in the state, and it offers a direct route to major cities such as Dallas, Houston, and Chicago. This makes it simple for transporters to get your pets and other items to Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas with ease.

The Turner Turnpike is another popular route for transporters using CitizenShipper. This highway runs from Tulsa to Oklahoma City and is one of the most efficient ways to get your pets and other items to their destination. It also has exits to various suburban cities, such as Edmond, Yukon, and Moore.

In addition, the Kilpatrick Turnpike is an important highway for transporters using our platform to get your pets and other items to Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas. This highway starts in Oklahoma City and runs through suburban cities such as Shawnee, El Reno, and Guthrie.

Finally, transporters using CitizenShipper can also take advantage of the H.E. Bailey Turnpike to get your pets and other items to their destination. This highway runs from Oklahoma City to Lawton and also has exits to suburban cities such as Chickasha and Anadarko.

Ultimately, Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas have great highways and airports that make it easy for transporters using CitizenShipper to get your pets and precious items to their destination. From the Will Rogers World Airport to the Turner Turnpike, H.E. Bailey Turnpike, and Kilpatrick Turnpike, transporters have plenty of routes to get your pets and other items to Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas with ease.

Navigating the Final Mile and Reducing Wait Times

To ensure that your driver reaches the destination the quickest, provide them with instructions on navigating the house or building's exact location. Additionally, you can request your driver to provide you with a tracking link using Google or Apple maps. This will not only reduce wait times at delivery but also reduce any anxiety you may have.

How CitizenShipper Works

No matter what you’re transporting, CitizenShipper has got you covered. We connect you with professional drivers eager and able to meet your requests.

Here's how.

Step #1: List your transport for free

Step #1: List your transport for free

What is the cost to ship your precious items to Oklahoma City, OK?

What you're transporting to Oklahoma City and how you choose to do it will determine the cost. Check out the examples and breakdown below.

cost to ship


Lacey, WA Oklahoma City, OK

2,004 mi

animal shipping


Denver, CO Oklahoma City, OK

678 mi

Cost to ship a car


A host of factors determine how much it’ll cost to ship your vehicle to the Oklahoma City area. This includes its size and condition, the time of year, pickup and drop-off locations, travel distance, whether you use an open or enclosed trailer and mode of transport.

Vehicles include:

Cars/light trucks, RVs, camper trailers, oversized/lifted trucks, antique/special care vehicles, and others.

Cost to ship a motorcycle


The origin state and transport distance will impact the cost of shipping your motorcycle. An enclosed trailer will protect your bike much better, but an open trailer costs significantly less.

Motorcycles include:

Racing bikes, dirt bikes, scooters, cruising bikes/choppers, ATVs, 3-wheelers, and others.

Cost to ship a boat


Your boat is an investment – finding safe transportation should be too. The cost will vary based on your boat’s measurements, the season, and other factors, such as the mode and method of shipping.

Boats include:

Power/motorboats, fishing boats, sailboats, and others.

Cost to ship freight


Numerous variables determine the cost of freight shipping to the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, such as how far it needs to go, its density or volume, whether you need extra accessories and the type of carrier you choose.

Freight include:

Less than a truckload, or a full truckload.

Cost to ship household items


You can use various options to move your household items to the Oklahoma City area. The most common choices include renting a van and doing it yourself, hiring a furniture-moving company and utilizing peer-to-peer platforms like CitizenShipper to connect with qualified experts.

Household Items include:

Furniture, kitchen appliances, and boxes.

Cost to move


Moving homes is a hassle. Transporting your belongings doesn’t have to be. You can rent a van and move everything yourself or hire a company. Using professional movers will make the transition to the Oklahoma City area less stressful and help prevent damage.

Apartment and House Moves include:

1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom house, 4 bedroom house, and a 5 bedroom house.

Cost to ship heavy equipment


The size of your equipment will directly affect the shipping cost. Flatbed hauling is the standard solution and sufficient for most heavy equipment transports.

Heavy Equipment include:

Tractors, excavators, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, forklift/telehandlers, and others.

Cost of running errands


The average cost of hiring an errand service in Oklahoma City is around $30 per hour. Depending on the type of service you need, when you need it and how far the driver travels, you can spend as little as $15 per hour or as much as $100.

Local Errands include:

Grocery and meal delivery, office supplies shopping, sending and receiving packages and moving services.

Cost to ship fragile items


Transporting fragile items requires extra attention and care. The travel distance and mode and method of transport will determine the cost. CitizenShipper can connect you with qualified drivers who specialize in safely handling hard-to-ship items.

Special Care include:

Antiques, heirlooms, musical instruments, artwork, wine & spirits and other fragile items.

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Really appreciated the sheer AMOUNT of transporters on this site to choose from - they made the selection easy, and the communication a breeze.

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I really like CitizenShipper, they are amazing

I really like CitizenShipper because i can ship anything by them and its easy to use. I shipped my Jetski from Kansas to Iowa. I would use them again and again for anything i want to ship.

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Trusted pet transport

Whitney was amazing! Very friendly, she arrived promptly and provided updates & pictures along the way; we felt very comfortable knowing she took great care of our puppy! Beyond happy and I totally recommend her!

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Will be recommending CitizenShipper!

Love Citizenshipper! They do a fantastic job in weeding out great trustworthy drivers for your precious cargo. I have recommended them several times already. It's a very fast and efficient process. Thanks again!

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