5 Alternatives to uShip [ Pros & Cons ]

For Shippers · Pet Shipping · 11 November 2020

5 alternatives to uShip

Transporting a pet, a piece of large and bulky furniture or simply moving house will require hiring some sort of shipping or moving company. A quick Google search reveals an incredible variety of ways to move things! One high-ranking search result is uShip – a shipping platform in the USA. Like so many things in life, taking a few extra minutes to understand the full scope of possibilities can pay off in the long run – so with that in mind, this article will outline 5 uShip alternatives with pros and cons for each. 

1. FedEx

Pros: FedEx is a brand synonymous with shipping. A huge advantage of FedEx is they can arrange for your package to be delivered anywhere in the world. This is an excellent option if you are sending Christmas gifts to relatives overseas.

Cons: A massive downside to FedEx is that they don’t always offer door-to-door service. Depending on your location you may need to take your package to a FedEx depot or drop-off point. 

Pet Shipping with CitizenShipper

2. UPS

Pros: UPS is one of the leading worldwide shipping companies, for packages, but also specialized logistical and transportation services. Like FedEx, it is very good for international shipping and another big advantage is that the company has a well-functioning tracking number system, so you always know where your package is and when it arrives.

Cons: While UPS has a great reputation, they have also a long list of items that they refuse to ship. This can be a huge downside if you are trying to send something, which is especially fragile or demands special care.

3. Using general classified ads

Pros: There are various online marketplaces, like Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace, which offer an alternative to professional providers. A great advantage of using open marketplaces is that they are often cheaper than professional shipping alternatives and offer more flexibility for special care objects and individual needs.

Cons: The downside of this option is that you have no security if something goes wrong and you work with non-professional drivers who might have less knowledge and experience in taking care of your shipping.

4. CitizenShipper

Pros: CitizenShipper is an online market space-based provider. You just have to post your shipping details online and professional drivers will contact you with an offer. You can choose the driver, which fits you the best and negotiate the details of your shipping using the chat function of the homepage. One of the best benefits of the marketspace structure is that it offers you a shipping experience that is customized to your individual needs while keeping the price low. The platform allows you to be in direct contact with the driver moving your goods so you can check on your transported goods or pets anytime throughout their journey.

Cons: While CitizenShipper has drivers all over the U.S. and some drivers in Canada, the provider doesn’t cover a broader range of international transports yet.

5. Renting a U-Haul

Pros: It’s always a possibility to take on the responsibility yourself and make DIY shipping with U-Haul. With this alternative, your shipping is under your own control and you can give your shipping the care that it needs. 

Cons: Organizing your U-Haul takes more work, energy, and definitely more time, which can be overwhelming in tight time schedules. You also take on a lot of risk for yourself by hiring the vehicle and moving your beloved items.


The listed options are all good alternatives to uShip and will get your items to where you need them to go. Shipping big items or pets don’t happen every day so take the time to do the research to find an option that suits you the best. Whether you want the big name of FedEx or the personalized service of CitizenShipper research now for relaxing later!

Updated September 17, 2021

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