The Journey of a CitizenShipper Driver: Charles Phillips – Single Father, Passionate Driver and Guide

Cagri Sarigoz Cagri Sarigoz · Updated November 30, 2023

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Charles Phillips, a dedicated CitizenShipper driver

With seemingly endless highways and innumerable trips, transporters have incredible stories to share. Charles Phillips, a single father and dedicated CitizenShipper driver, is no exception. In this blog post, we uncover his journey, insights and the sheer joy of this profession, which he lives every day. You can find trustworthy, animal-loving drivers like Charles on the CitizenShipper dog transportation marketplace.

From Single Father to CitizenShipper Driver

Charles’s story is one of transformation from being a single father of a teenager daughter to finding a rewarding career that aligns with his passion. An online search led him to the CitizenShipper platform. The promises it held of good, legal money and an opportunity to travel were too irresistible.

“This career has changed my life. We’ve met some awesome people along our journey. This has also changed the lives of people close to me. I love it,” Charles affirms.

Sailing Through the East Coast

Residing on the East Coast, Charles opts for routes that don’t involve mountains as they can be hard on trucks. His primary vehicle? He prefers to leave that as a surprise for his clients. Safety and comfort, however, are prominent in his choice of transport.

A Focus on Communication

Charles firmly believes in seamless customer communication, which he accomplishes through frequent texts, calls and GPS tracking. “The impact of communication on customer satisfaction is unquestionable,” Charles asserts. His advice is simple to new drivers: “Bid high. Don’t worry about the competition. Drive safely. Remain professional and kind.”

Dealing With Challenges

Charles candidly admits that despite the coaching calls and interactions, nothing really prepared him for real-time challenges. But he doesn’t allow setbacks to stop him. His truck is equipped with essential emergency supplies including a first aid kit, cones, extra gas and tools all that he needs to keep moving forward.

The Pros and Cons of CitizenShipper

While Charles voices his concerns over the monthly fee of CitizenShipper and feels other platforms like UShip offer a competitive alternative, he still believes in the potential for earning good money and the joy of meeting new people on CitizenShipper. The platform could improve by providing more consistent loads, he suggests.

Pricing, Bidding and Reviews

His pricing strategy is simple  he goes by the mileage. As for bidding strategies, Charles keeps it uncomplicated: He bids high, mindful of his needs and worth. Despite having no structured system for encouraging customer reviews, Charles enjoys a healthy relationship with his clients due to his diligent services.

A Rewarding Job

The most rewarding part of his job? Charles keeps it simple, “It’s the sheer pleasure of being on the road, delivering shipments, and meeting new, incredible people.”

Keeping Up with CitizenShipper

Charles tracks his performance metrics weekly, ensuring he is on top of his game and continually improving. Though he’s not too keen on networking with other drivers, Charles focuses on delivering the best service and maintaining strong relationships with his customers.


Despite the challenges, Charles Phillips continues to be an integral part of the CitizenShipper community. His story is a testament to the possibilities that CitizenShipper can bring into the lives of committed and passionate drivers. From exciting travel opportunities to the potential for earning, from meeting incredible people to carving a space for oneself the journey with CitizenShipper is worth every mile, as Charles has experienced. His journey gives new and aspiring drivers a glimpse into the highly rewarding and fulfilling profession of a CitizenShipper driver.